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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (Season Finale Review)

The season finale of The Rap Game aired tonight and it was explosive.

Tonight’s episode was all about the young rappers taking everything that they’ve learned in the past eight weeks and bringing it all to the forefront, but, this week, there would be no groups. It was every artist for themselves.

They had to make it through two challenges before Jermaine, ultimately, made his decision on who he would sign to his record label, So So Def.

For the first challenge, the kids had to compete against one another in a rap battle. A couple of them got a bumpy start, but, eventually, they all ended up getting it together and spitting some nice lyrics. Supa Peach was the only one that stood out to me though because her presence from the moment she took the microphone from Jermaine was amazing and the shade that she threw at Lil Niqo was crazy. It was the kind of thing that you would expect to see in a rap battle.

The second challenge, and this one was for that coveted recording contract, was a live performance in front of a packed crowd.

Jermaine gave each rapper a song that they’ve never heard before and it was up to them to write, record and perform it later on in the week. They were supposed to write about their passion, so a couple of them chose to write about some really touchy subjects. For example, Miss Mulatto wrote about her race. She rapped about what it was like for her to grow up actually being mulatto. If you don’t know, the definition of mulatto is someone who is mixed with black and white ancestry; someone who has a black parent and a white parent. Mulatto is who and what she is and I love that she used that anger to fuel her passion.

Lil Niqo chose to write about the health problems that he experienced when he was younger. He seemed a little reluctant to enter such a vulnerable place, but, in the end, Nique, his mom and manager, convinced him to go with that subject.

Now, lets touch on the live performance. I don’t want to give too much away because I want to you guys to actually watch it, if you haven’t already, because every single one of those kids killed it. I really was surprised. They all wrote, recorded and got on stage and brought the house down with those performances. I liked every single one of them. I think having their friends, family and a couple celebrities in the audience hyped them up and also knowing that this performance could really change their lives gave them that extra boost. I didn’t see any mistakes and, at that point, I knew Jermaine had a hard decision to make.

Which brings us to the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It was now time for Jermaine to make his decision, but instead of just straight out saying who the newest So So Def artist is, he made the moment more intense by revealing a Hit List for this week. He did as he usually does, but the only difference was when they heard their name instead of staying  they had to leave the studio, which meant that the last one standing would be getting that chain, signing that contract and receiving that plaque.

Overall, I thought that completion was close. They are all very talented and it would have been cool if they all got a contract to sign, but they didn’t and Jermaine chose the best fit for him and his label.

But, here’s some good news. First, there will be a season 2 of The Rap Game that is set to debut this summer; second, Jermaine revealed on his IG that he will be taking all five of the kids of tour, so stay tuned for that; and third, there will be a reunion special happening next week, where we will probably be getting more information on all the things that are listed above.

Now, tell me your thoughts on tonight’s episode. What did you think of the finale? Did Jermaine pick who you thought he would? If not, who do you think should have won?

The Rap Game Reunion Special airs next Friday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Amira 😉


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  4. It’s comical that “Supa Shit” “Super Shot Managers” wanna talk crap when it’s Maleto that won the Rap Game…regardless of the manager of the artist of the winner of the Rap game that won “Maleto” the Best Rapper
    And Producer of the “Rap Game” still chose Maleto…. The only rapper that that isn’t a”SORE LOOSER” is LIL NIKO and LIL POOPIE


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