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Who Will Jermaine Dupri Pick? (My Guess)

Since the season finale of The Rap Game is in three days, I thought it would be fun to see if I could guess who Jermaine Dupri would pick to be the next young hip hop artist on his label, So So Def.

I don’t know who he is going to choose for sure, but I would like to breakdown each one and make an assumption. I’m going to do this in list form because, I believe, it doesn’t take up as much space, therefore, the post won’t look like it’s forever long.

  •  Lil Niqo, 15: He is very talented. He has no problem writing, laying down verses in the studio and dancing. We know that he isn’t a dancer, but he showed that if he needed to add a little 2-step to one of his videos, he could. From what I saw on the show, the one thing that went against him was his personality. Niqo is very laid-back. He’s very chill, which is okay, but during some circumstances, you need to be anything but chill. For example, when shooting a video you need to stand out. You need to make sure that you’re the main focus throughout the whole thing. Call their attention and make sure they see you. Nico didn’t do that during the last episode and it went against him.
  • Miss Mulatto, 15: Mulatto is very professional. I think out of all the kids, she is the most well rounded. She can write, dance, record and she did a great job at the video shoot. She has a nice flow, style and her confidence is through the roof. I love it! The only negative that I think she received this whole season was during the branding episode, which was episode 3. The stylist wasn’t feeling the outfit that she picked up, but Mulatto was cool with it. She took the criticism and moved on. While I like Miss Mulatto, her father, Shayne, gets under my skin. He needs to get off that high horse that he’s riding because majority of the challenges that the kids do, they do alone. Plus, the competition isn’t over, so you can’t count your chickens yet.
  • Supa Peach, 12: Peach has amazing energy. She is the complete opposite of Lil Niqo in the way that she keeps your attention on her. She is very loud and over the top and judging by the way her mother behaves, I would say it runs in the family. It was brought to our attention earlier in the season that her sister, Precious Peach, helps her write her raps, which is okay, but we don’t know how much she actually writes herself. We do know that she can dance and that she killed it at the video shoot, but her attitude is what throws me off. She’s very cocky and it can be off-putting at times. At the end of one episode, she actually started rapping while one of Jermaine’s guests was giving feedback. It was completely rude and I still can’t believe that she was bold enough to do that, but she is still young, so maybe they can help her fix her attitude.
  • Lil Poopy, 12: I like Poopy. I think he is very cute with those pretty eyes and that long hair, but I don’t think he is ready for an opportunity like this. He is a good rapper, but he doesn’t outshine anyone. He does just enough to get by, but he doesn’t overachieve like he should, especially in a competition like this. I, honestly, think that he may be a little intimidated by all the possibilities that being apart of this show could offer him. During a couple of occasions, people have said that he looks scared and maybe he is. He is only 12 and Papa Luis has said that Poopy’s family is counting on him to make it, so that they can get out of their current environment. That may be a little bit too much pressure for him to handle and maybe that’s why, in the past, he rejected some advice that was given to him by his manager and a marketing director. Maybe he doesn’t want to change or get better.
  • Young Lyric, 15: She is very talented, but also very shy. Like Niqo, she struggles to stand out and though I like the way she raps, she does have a problem with enunciating her words. She is up against Mulatto and Peach who both have very strong personalities and she continues to come out on the bottom. However, in the fifth episode, she did very well. That was when the kids were split into two groups and they had to perform at a high school pep rally. She and Niqo killed it. She was interacting with the students, dancing and everything. She really stepped up. I don’t really have anything bad to say about Lyric, except that she doesn’t stand out.

With all that being said, I think Jermaine will choose Miss Mulatto. Out of all the contestants, she is the most polished and there isn’t much that she has to learn and, as I said earlier, she is extremely professional and her talent is off the charts. In my opinion, she is ready to go, but a part of me does feel like Jermaine has something up his sleeve.

Maybe he’ll sign more than one rapper or he might even sign them all. I don’t know, but I did read an interview on Billboard where Jermaine said that he has plans of doing a season two and that he plans on taking the kids on tour, so Friday may not be the last time they grace our TV screens.

I can’t wait to see who Jermaine picks and I would love to hear you guys’ thoughts on who you think should win. Comment and let me know.

The season finale of The Rap Game airs this Friday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Amira 😉

A Little Extra:  This is just for fun and I wish all of the young rappers good luck!

 Amira’s Hit List

Miss Mulatto

Lil Niqo

Supa Peach

Young Lyric

Lil Poopy

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