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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (Ep.7 Review)

This week, the rappers had to put everything that they’ve learned in the past six weeks to the test, but first they had an interview with The Durtty Boyz at Hot 107.9.

Jermaine told the kids that having a good relationship with a Dj was something that every artist needs because having that relationship can guarantee that your songs will get played on their radio station. Overall, most of the kids did a pretty good job. They said the right things and answered the questions with confidence. They almost made it off mistake free, but you know their had to be at least one that messed up. With the interview behind them, the rappers had to tackle their next task, which was the hardest they’ve had, so far.

The task was to be a feature in another rap group’s song and video. They had to write, record and shoot a video with rap duo, 2 Crucial. We didn’t get to see the writing process, so I’m assuming that they didn’t have too much of a problem getting that done, but the recording and the video was a little rough for some.

Even after working with Jermaine for almost 2 months, some of the young rappers are still have problems with staying on beat and enunciating their words. It wasn’t terrible, but a couple of the sessions took longer than Jermaine wanted them to. Though some of them needed more time to record, their verses were all pretty good.

The video shoot was a little harder because most of them had never shot a real video before. They struggled with their energy, taking center stage and making eye contact with the camera. At the end of the episode, Jermaine allowed the rappers and their managers to view their videos and I was impressed. For that being their first time shooting a video, I think they all did well. Of course, you had one who did better than the rest, but, over time, they’ll all improve.

The issue with the parents got worse and two of them actually had a full blown, yelling and screaming argument. I wasn’t surprised that this happened though because when you continue to talk crap there is going to be a time when someone is going to get fed up and confront you about the stuff that you’ve said or are saying.

I think the parents are starting to get a little uptight because the competition is coming to an end. It’s the week before Jermaine picks the winner and they’ve given up their lives to make their kids dreams come true, so they have a lot riding on this competition.

This episode was good. Next week is the season finale and I am excited because I want to know who Jermaine picks. I already have my suspicions of who’ll win, but, of course, I could be wrong. I mean, I was surprised by the placement of tonight’s Hit List, so it’s possible and, if you didn’t know, tonight’s Hit List was the last one.

Who do you think Jermaine will sign to his label?

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: There was also a special appearance by a well known R&B artist.

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6 thoughts on “Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (Ep.7 Review)

  1. Miss Mulatto, Lil Niqo and Young Lyric are the best but Lyric to shy and Niqo is really good but isn’t as good and talented as miss mulatto


    • I agree about Miss Mulatto and Lil Niqo, but I also think that Supa Peach is talented too. She just needs to fix her attitude. She’s younger than both Niqo and Mulatto, so, given time, she can definitely be groomed into a better artist.


  2. I think the right one won. I couldlnt stand that supa peach. her stank attitude was too much! she thought she was the best over anyone! wrong! did u see her on the reunion show calling miss mulatto trailer trash and all that, wut a sore looser! shes wack,& wut was that “ur heart pumps cool-aid comment?that was sooo stupid,wutta joke she was,i luv Jermaine but when he said o I love the way she acts,thats kinda disturbing,u don’t want sumone ur representing calling others racists things like trailer trash and cant take criticism,who acts like a spoiled brat,she truned me off from day 1 with her stankness.and her style of clothes! lol!haha! anuther joke!pure wackness!-i wont forget that episode when she was in the mall going up to ppl introducing her self as the best rapper in the world! if she came up 2 me with that statement,i wud b like,ur coming up to me whereing a bedsheet for a cape dressed like that claiming u the best in the world? ha! and I would have walked away!i don’t like that selfish stank I’m better than anyone & everything type attitude,from anyone!sum ppl b like well if theyre not talking about u ur not doing anything, no not at all, its an opinion,ppl are going 2 comment on the show! but lil poopy was cute,he looked like he was 7 or 8 not 12 yrs old! lyric was pretty and a very good rapper! lil niqo was great and very sweet! miss mulatto was awesome! none was perfect but mulatto deserved the spot! supa peaches rapping isnt good, she seems to yell out rhymes everytime she spits,anyone can do that, but without all that stankyness for an attitude, lil niqo is very sweet, and humble, being kind and having a heart makes you a winner in all things! even if miss mulatto didn’t win supa peach would still have lost! even lyric beat her! peach was ranked # 4 outta 5! but supa peach was just yuck! her arrogance was to much, through the whole competition her attitude & the way she carried herself was terrible! I don’t care if ur a good rapper if you walk around 24-7 with ur nose stuck up belittling ppl everywhere u go then I would never listen or buy that persons record!but that comment jermain d made bout peach was true,she just walked in from the start acting like she had it all in the bag and everyone else was beneath her. but she acted also like everyone was scum under her ugly unstylish boots, n that she was a queen and everyone should bow down?. that’s not the way to act or think about other human beings! her mother is to blame for all that. but she was a real sore looser,sitten there powting! and she was mad jealous! she made a fool of herself! if I was her I would be so embaressed looking back on the show seeing my bahavior! but seeing how she is, shes prolly like ” i dnt get I why I didnt win it, me me me!”anyone who thinks that supa peach shud have won, their mind is dalooted! and has a bad judge of character! all of them kids was bomb rappers,but their attutudes wasn’t sooo stank & cruel and malicious like supa peaches was, i mean how can u root for sum 1 like that? rappers are4 supposed 2 b inspiration as well to many, who wud want 2 follow sum 1 so nasty acting? its 1 thing 2 be confident, and bring that on stage, but to really act hateful & spiteful & stank 24-7, & act like everyone else is beneath u and is scum, is just insane! i would never root for sum 1 that stank & rude and straight up vile!! she needs sum counceling for real, and so does her mother, and her manager precious peach needs to be fired, and peach needs a whole new and different wordrobe. she dresses like a blind homeless person. I just had to post my comments on the whole thing,that reunion show had me reeling. but the main thing is I didn’t care who won I just knew supa peach did not derserve it and I knew she wont gonna win,sum one who acts like that for real wont get anywhere. she said oo u won 4 t.v but we won the award or sumem like that, anutha fony comment by her n her mother. naw she wanted that spot miss mulatto was in,she wanted that chain and record deal with a contract,who cares if peach calimed had more followers,thats not part of the compeititon, n followers didn’t get her a record deal, and truthfully, she showed her ass on national t.v who in their right mind wud want 2 work with sumone like that? I mean she was just that stank! she acted like a straight up ass on the reunion show,she looked like a clown,being a bully calling miss mulatto names and racial comments and a bunch nonsense,if she was 2 put that type of effort in her music maybe she will have a lil more better chance,but never with that baddd attitude,she got to get rid of that and learn how 2 treat others nicely,and learn RESPECT!so does her mother.all the kids was great but her.but in the end she was a real sore looser about it all.and all of yall have got to see that. her rapping was ok,but just ok, like I said all the did was yell out rhymes,she wud over do it to,i dint see nothing special about her performances.she didn’t stand out in the right way.anybody can sitthere and yell out rhyming words 2 a beat and say o I just rapped.thats not how it works in the big rap game. u got 2 stand out. come one the bed sheet cape,and the weriod 60’s clothes that always didn’t either match or looked shredded up and goofy. I’m sorry but that girl needs comments like this,the was she acted and the things she said to others it was just fowl! she took it way 2 far! but its all good, the right 1 won, she had the look,the style,the RIGHT attitude,the moves,and she can adapt to new ideas that are to her with poise & class. look forward 2 hearing ur future music miss malotto & to all the kids good luck! just supa peach, u need sum serious counceling u and ur mom and etiqete(how ever u spell it!lol) classes. she needs 2 change her name 2 ROTTEN PEACH! lol! but good luck kids, & think with ur heart & be kind 2 others, it will take u so much further!god bless u all! ~SweetAlex~


    • First, I just want to thank you for your very passionate comment. Your opinion is respected and appreciated. Second, I agree with some of the things that you wrote. Supa Peach and her family all need to change their attitude. In one of my other posts, I wrote that while it’s good for Peach to be confident in herself and in her talent, it’s also bad to be overly confident a.k.a. cocky. She is throwing people off and it’s not hard to see why and, to be completely honest, I was disappointed in, both, her and Miss Mulatto’s behavior at the reunion.

      I thought that Mulatto should have let everything that Peach and company said roll off her back. It doesn’t matter how they feel and what they think. Jermaine made his choice and that’s all that matters.

      From their behavior at the reunion, it’s clear that Peach and her team are all upset that she didn’t win and that’s okay, but they should have behaved better by sucking up this loss and keeping the train moving. They were not the only team that wasn’t happy about the outcome of the show, but they were the only ones that behaved horribly.

      It was sad to watch, but I want to end this reply on a positive note, so I just want to say that although I was saddened by what happened at the reunion, I am glad that majority of the cast kept their composure and I’m still looking forward to hearing their new music.


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