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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (Reunion Review)

Tonight, The Rap Game’s reunion special aired and, I must say, that I was shocked at how things turned out.

The night started off good. Tanika Ray was the host and during the first half she asked the kids and their managers/parents how they felt about the events that happened on the show. She also asked what happened after the show and, in my opinion, that’s when things started to go left.

She started off asking the kids if they thought the right person won and, of course, they all (minus one) said no. I, literally, started sweating because I knew that Miss Mulatto would take what was said personally and I was hoping that she wouldn’t clap back at anyone. I also knew that putting all the managers, especially Shayne and Supa Peach’s mother and sister, together would be a horrible idea.

Things were already bad between some parents and I really wish that they all would have handled themselves better. It got so bad that Jermaine stepped up and said that they all needed to learn to compose themselves when in public. At this point, I thought that that was the end of the drama, but I was oh so very wrong.

Putting the managers and artists together and letting everyone speak about Supa Peach’s attitude and the very noticeable tension between her and Miss Mulatto was like throwing gasoline on an already burning fire. From that moment, things moved to the point of no return. I actually thought that a physical fight was about to happen between a couple of the artists, but, thankfully, they calmed things down.

The whole show wasn’t bad though, so don’t fret. There were still some good points. Besides the short performances that each rapper did before the commercial breaks, Jermaine had Bow Wow make an appearance. Since things got a little heated before he was welcomed on stage, he only got the chance to speak with three of the rappers.

He gave them advice on how to better themselves and their careers and he also told them about his experiences with growing up under Jermaine in the rap game. They were also given the opportunity to ask him some questions and I think having him on the show was good for the kids. Since he was about their age when he came out, he can relate to them and their situation and, hopefully, help them prepare for the industry that they’re trying to break into.

I also think that he and Lil Niqo could be cool and keeping in contact with him could be good for Lil Niqo in the long run. I hope they made that connection backstage.

Overall, the show was good. I just wish that it would have turned out differently. The behaviors of both some managers and artists was a little too much for me. I feel like a couple of them really need a lesson in how to be professional in a business setting.

At the end of the show, we go to watch a special performance and, during that performance, we missed two of the young rappers. They got pulled from the show and I hope that Jermaine gave them all a firm talking to.

That definitely wasn’t a good look for a couple of people, but, with that being said, I’m still looking forward to season 2

What did you guys think of the show? Let me know in the comments.

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: The song that was performed at the end of the reunion was called “Cool With Me” and it’s available for purchase on iTunes and you can view the music video as well. Miss Mulatto also has a new single out. It’s called “No More Talking” and you can buy this one on iTunes too. Young Lyric posted a YouTube video for her new single last week and it’s called “Won’t Ever Lose.” I haven’t heard anything from Lil Niqo, Supa Peach or Lil Poopy, but I’m anxiously waiting and when I do hear something, I’ll be sure to spread the word.

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