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E!’s ‘Life of Kylie’ (Show Review)

E! Network premiered Kylie Jenner’s new reality show, Life of Kyle, tonight and I actually enjoyed it.

I stopped watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians years ago because it started to become too fake and scripted for me and, since Kylie’s a part of that clan, I just assumed that her show would be a replica of KUWTK.

Well, I was wrong because it wasn’t. After watching the premiere of Life of Kylie, I kind of feel like I’ve seen a more open and authentic side of her and I liked what I saw.


The show, which is 30 minutes long (it was an hour tonight because they aired two episodes), is supposed to show the audience a different side of Kylie.

According to Kylie, there are two sides to her personality: her public persona and her private persona. Her public persona is what she showcases to, well, the public. This is the part of her that’s all about keeping up her image. This persona is what keeps her fans entertained on all of her social media sites.

Now, on the flip side of that is her private persona, which she only taps into when she’s around close family and friends. This is the side that she wants her fans to see more of. She wants them to see her having fun and being free. Now, we all know who her family is, but some of us (like myself) may not know that Kylie does have a small group of REAL friends that she keeps close by.

There’s Tokyo, her hairstylist; Ariel, her makeup artist; Victoria, her executive assistant; and lastly (and probably the most important) Jordyn, her best friend. It was cool to see their chemistry together. They all seem to get along and Kylie seems to genuinely care about all of them.

Now, let me give you a brief rundown of what each episode was about.

In addition to episode one being the introductory episode, it was also about Kylie surprising this guy, Albert, by being his prom date. Apparently, he’s a bit of an outcast and his classmates had been bullying him because of his lack of a date. After his mom told Kylie (and Jordyn) his story, she decided to accept his prom invitation because she feels like she can relate to him.

They tell Albert that he’s won a contest for a new tuxedo, so he and his mom go to this hotel to collect his prize. Eventually, after some plane drama, Kylie arrives at the hotel and they surprise Albert. He’s shocked and extremely nervous, but very happy. They go to the venue and as soon as Kylie steps in the room everyone goes crazy! They get out their phones to try to take photos and videos with/of her and some people even start yelling stuff out to her. It was chaotic so, she, Albert and her crew had to be rushed to the balcony for some privacy.

They didn’t really get to have a ‘normal’ prom because all the students were so focused on Kylie, but it looked like Albert enjoyed himself. I mean, he did have Kylie Jenner on his arm, so that’s grounds for having a monumental night, right?

The second episode was about Kylie being Jordyn’s wingman on her blind date and Kylie going to her first therapy session. First of all, Kylie is a terrible wingman and, second of all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone be that excited for a therapy session.

She was, literally, bouncing around with excitement in anticipation for that session. She was so ready for it and, at first, I didn’t get it, but, after hearing her speak, I understood. Being as well-known as she is, she doesn’t really have a lot of people that she can really talk to. I mean, she has her friends, but she feels like they’ll spare her feelings if push comes to shove.

However, with a therapist, you don’t get that. A therapist is supposed to be someone that you can air all your dirty laundry to and they’ll always give you an unbiased opinion/advice. They aren’t supposed to tell you what you want to hear and they’re supposed to keep whatever you say between the two of you. They represent security and I don’t think Kylie gets a lot of that in her daily life, so I get why she was anticipating that opportunity to unload.

That whole session and a lot of what Kylie talked about on this episode was so interesting to me. For example, I would’ve never guessed that she didn’t enjoy what she does. I mean, I know that it has to be hard at times, but she does it so well and she seems to be having such a great time, so it’s easy to assume that she loves being a celebrity, but, in actuality, she doesn’t. She loves her life and she knows that she fortunate, but she would prefer to be normal. The only thing that she says she thoroughly enjoys is makeup, which is why she launched her own makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. It gave her the perfect opportunity to be involved in something that she truly loves.

A lot people assume that just because she’s successful and rich that she and everyone around her is living the life, but that’s not always the case.

“…When I know I can buy any car, any house, that happiness only lasts two seconds. That is not my real happiness. That’s not where I find happiness.”  -Kylie Jenner

Jordyn even mentioned how hard it is to be Kylie’s friend. She talked about how needy Kylie can sometimes be and how she has to be extra cautious of people who will try to befriend her just to get close to her best friend.

So, even though being friends with Kylie gives them access to all of life’s luxuries, being on her team isn’t all about private jets, expensive cars and exotic vacations. It’s so much more than that and sometimes that lifestyle can be very draining.

Now, I must admit that I love seeing how the other half lives, but, in addition to that, I also love seeing them go through some struggles because it makes them more human. It makes me feel like I can relate to them. So, while I may not be a millionaire, I am a woman who has her own set of hardships.

Anyway, so far, so good and I will definitely be tuning in next week. Kylie and her friends all seem cool and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the season.

Did you watch Life of Kylie? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Life of Kylie airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: How is it that most of Kylie’s friends didn’t go to prom? Also, what was up with Victoria placing the stepping stool at Kylie’s feet when she got out of her SUV before her therapy session?! It wasn’t even that far of a jump, but I guess since she’s THE Kylie Jenner they can’t risk her getting hurt. Now that’s high-class!! I got a nice chuckle after seeing that scene.


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