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Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Series Finale Review) Bye PLL!

Well, guys, tonight was the series finale of Pretty Little Liars and I was very pleased with how it ended.

They revealed AD’s identity, tied up all lose ends and gave The Liars the endings that they deserved. It was a very bittersweet episode, but I’m glad that it happened the way that it did.

Anyway, enough gushing. Let’s get into the review.

The episode picks up one year after the ending of last week’s episode, so, although they never figured out who AD was, the girls have all started to move on with their lives.

Let’s start with the lovebirds.

Alison had twin girls, Lily and Grace. She and Emily are still going strong and they’re both still working at Rosewood High. Their lives seem to be going pretty well, but they are both having problems with a certain student: Addison.

To help refresh your memory, Addison was the student that tried to get Emily fired at the beginning of the season. Her plan backfired, of course, but it seems like she’s still up to her evil ways. The only difference is that her anger isn’t directed toward Emily because she’s now bullying a deaf student at her school. Now, I’m not a big Jenna Marshall fan, but I did a happy dance when she put Addison in her place. You go, Jenna!!

Anyway, Ali ends up going to a secret meeting with Emily’s mom and the way that they were taking kind of made me think that something was wrong. It sounded very cryptic to me, but we later find out that it wasn’t cryptic at all. You see, Ali was trying to surprise Emily with a proposal, but Emily saw Ali and her mom secretly talking and she thought the worse, so when she confronted Ali, Ali just told her what was up and proposed. It was a cute scene.

These two did really have a big presence in this episode, but I was happy to see them together with their baby girls. It was a sweet ending to their story.

Now for Hanna.

She and Caleb are still living in Rosewood. Her fashion business is doing great and they were able to buy the loft from Lucas, so they SEEM to be on good terms. However, we later find out that they’re actually going through a rough patch.

You see, Mona is getting out of the hospital and she needs someplace to stay and, since Hanna feels guilty about Mona’s situation, she immediately invites Mona to stay with her and Caleb. The only problem is that she didn’t inform Caleb and, as it turns out, he isn’t okay with Mona staying with them because he doesn’t trust her. So, since Hanna isn’t willing to tell Mona to leave, a rift forms between them.

We also find out that they’re trying to have a baby. Now, my first thought after hearing this was “Oh God no!” because bringing a baby into a situation like that wouldn’t be wise. They were barely speaking and when they did speak they were taking verbal jabs at one another. It got so bad that Spencer and Hanna’s mother stepped in (on separate occasions) and tried to give them advice.

Fortunately, the tension didn’t last too long because Hanna finally bit the bullet and agreed to ask Mona [we’ll talk about her later in the review] to leave. Caleb was happy, she was happy and, at that point, they were free to make as many babies as they wanted.

At the end of the episode, Hanna revealed that she was, in fact, pregnant! She seems ecstatic and I was happy for her and Caleb. I love them as a couple and I am very happy that they were end game.

Next up is Aria.

She and Ezra are still together.

The book that she helped him write is being made into a movie and they’re days away from their wedding, so they’re living on cloud 9. Ali and Spencer end up throwing them a dinner party at the newly renovated The Lost Woods and they seem to be having a great night.

Things, however, take a turn for the worse when Aria gets a phone call from her doctor.

Spencer finds her in the living room crying and she immediately gets the rest of the girls and they all crowd around Aria. She ends up revealing that she can’t have children. The girls tell her that she can’t keep this from Ezra and that she needs to tell him ASAP. Aria is, of course, afraid of his reaction, so she keeps it in until she and Ezra are alone.

He reacted exactly how I thought he would: he didn’t care. He said that they could adopt or find a surrogate. I loved his character so much more for that because she was so worried that he was going to leave her. He and Aria have been through too much for him to leave her without even trying to make it work, so I loved seeing them have that moment.

But even with him telling her that he was fine with her being barren, she continued to struggle with it internally. The night of their engagement party, he finds out that she’d known about it for some time and that she’d had a 2nd and 3rd opinion without him knowing. He was hurt and angry and they ended on bad terms.

Fast forward to their wedding day and Ezra is a no show. Apparently, he sent Aria a message telling her that he wasn’t coming. She’s heartbroken and thinks that it has everything to do with the fight that they had the night before. The wedding comes and goes and still no-one has heard from Ezra.

The girls stay overnight with Aria because she’s clearly devastated. However, Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment the next day and notices something strange: his packed bag is still at the house. Why would someone plan to leave town and not take their luggage?

Things start to look a little more strange when a balloonist (a person who flies a hot air balloon?) knocks on the door. He says that, on the morning of their wedding, Ezra called and made a reservation for he and his wife to take a trip on a hot air balloon. Now, if Ezra was planning to leave why would he have made that reservation?

It’s at this point that Aria realizes something is off.

We’ll pick back up with this later, but let’s get into Spencer.

Spencer starts this episode in a good place as well. She isn’t in a relationship, but she’s got a great job, she’s a full time law student and she and her sister, Melissa, are finally on good terms. Toby comes back into town and he visits Spencer and I notice that their feelings for one another seem to be rekindling.

As I said earlier, she and Ali redid the motel that Mary Drake gave them and it looked nice. They hosted a dinner for Aria and Ezra and everyone (minus Hanna and Caleb) was enjoying the night. They’re all thinking that AD is gone, so their guard is down. But, sadly, that isn’t true because as they’re celebrating, we see Melissa (who we later find out is actually Mona with a very convincing mask on) watching them from the woods, while wearing a black hoodie.

Fast forward and we see Spencer visiting Mary in prison. Their relationship has gotten so much better and it kind of struck me as odd, but I left it alone. She asks Mary for help and they cut the scene. I’m instantly curious because what on Earth could Spencer want from Mary?

Fast forward a couple more scenes and we see Toby in his hotel room. There’s a knock on the door and he tells room service to leave the cart at the door. They knock again and he goes it open it and it turns out to be Spencer. She’s giving him ‘The Look’ and they end up doing the nasty. I was very confused by that because that was so unlike Spencer, but, once again, I let it go.

Now, we skip to the end of the episode and Spencer is now at her house. I didn’t know how she got home so fast, but I just assumed that she left right after they finished. Kind of bummed because that seemed so impersonal, but okay.

Anyway, Spencer hears a noise in the other room, so she goes to check it out and it turns out to be Mona. Mona walks up to her and says something about payback and delivers a blow that knocks Spencer out.

That’s how the first episode ends.

Now, the second episode picks up with Spencer waking up in a strange room and as she’s coming to, she looks to her left and there’s a mirror. She’s watching herself as she sits up and, at first, the image in the mirror is doing exactly what she’s doing, but then it stops and we find out that it’s actually another person.

That’s right, Spencer has an identical twin sister and her name is Alex Drake.

After seeing the other person, Spencer starts to freak out and Mary (How is she not in jail?!) steps into the room and knocks her out with some type of sedative. When Spencer wakes up we’re able to get more information on Alex.

So, unbeknownst to the Hastings, Mary was actually pregnant with twins. She gave them one baby and, with the help of her greedy doctor, sold the other baby to a wealthy British family. Mary wasn’t proud of what she did, but she said that the money that she got from the family helped her get out of Rosewood. Plus, she believed that Alex would be put in a position to lead a better life, but what she didn’t know was that the family ended up giving Alex back. Apparently, Alex had some ‘issues’ that they didn’t want associated with their name, so they turned her over to an orphanage when she was young.

Alex was working as a bartender in London when Wren spotted her. He, of course, mistook her for Spencer and when she told him that she wasn’t Spencer, he was amazed. Her showed her Spencer’s photo and she was instantly curious about who she was. I don’t remember why, but he ended up arranging for Charlotte and Alex to meet.

The two instantly hit it off and they became extremely close or, rather, Alex because extremely close to Charlotte. Coincidentally, Charlotte met Archer Dunhill on the same day that she met Alex. He was extremely infatuated with her and, according to Alex, they ended up falling in love. So the four of them (Alex and Wren; Charlotte and Archer) lived in London and did everything together, but Charlotte got bored and wanted to go back to Rosewood. She didn’t want to bring Alex with her, but she promised to come back. We all know that she didn’t and Alex was pissed about that, so she decided to get ‘closure,’ which is how AD was born.

Alex also revealed that she’s already played Spencer on numerous occasions. Some examples include: most of the times that ‘Spencer’ has slept with or kissed Toby (which is quite unnerving and I wonder how Toby’s going to react when he finds out the truth) and also that time when Ezra ran into ‘Spencer’ and Wren in the airport a couple episodes ago. That was extremely random, but, to be honest, I completely forgot about it.

But, let’s backtrack a little. I mentioned earlier that Mary was present when Spencer woke up in the strange room. Well, if you haven’t guessed already, Alex broke Mary out of prison. I’m not sure how she did it, but she got it done and now Mary is confined right along with Spencer. The only difference is that Mary has free reign of the place, she just can’t leave the house because the cops are looking for her.

While Spencer and Mary are stuck inside, Alex is out living Spencer’s life. She’s hanging with the girls, putting the moves on Toby and making small talk with Spencer’s frenemies. One in particular being Jenna and the crazy thing is that it’s Alex’s interaction with Jenna that ends up being the start of her downfall. Jenna was able to smell her perfume and, apparently, it was different to what Spencer normally wears, so she called Toby and told him that she doesn’t think that Spencer is Spencer.

Toby does some digging and he finds a couple red flags, so he goes to tell the rest of the gang what he’s found and they start to realize that it could make sense. But what solidifies their theory is when Mona comes to them and tells them that she’s been working for AD again. She says that she’s only been doing it because she wants to know who AD is and they’re still skeptical, but she tells them that she has AD’s location, so Caleb puts it in his computer and, come to find out, it’s the house that Toby built for Spencer.

That makes perfect sense because, for some reason, Alex is obsessed with making Toby fall in love with her. I’m not sure when her goal went from revenge to completely taking over Spencer’s life, but it did and she’s determined to have everything that Spencer has.

For those who are wondering where Wren is, well he got in the way of Alex’s plan, so she killed him. She said that he would never be able to fully see her as Spencer, so she got rid of him and put his ashes in a diamond necklace that she wears. Creepy, I know!

Anyway, so while Mona, The Liars, Caleb and Toby are all on their way to AD’s supposed location, Spencer and Ezra (yes, Alex had him too. That’s why no-one could find him on his wedding day.) are trying to make their escape. I didn’t mention this earlier, but early on in the episode, Spencer (the real one) and Mary had lunch together (kinda) and, during that lunch, Spencer broke down. This break down caused Mary to enter Spencer’s cell to hug her and Spencer was able to lift a hair pin off of Mary. We all know that Spencer is great at picking locks, so when I saw this I did a happy dance.

So, Spencer uses that hair pin to pick the lock and she was able to let Ezra and herself out of their cells. She did it just in time too because it was at that exact moment that Alex decided that she was going to kill Spencer. According to her, she needed to get rid of all the evidence. I’m not sure what her plan was for Ezra because she never revealed that, but it doesn’t matter now.

The duo get loose and they start to look for a way out. They reach a dead end and realize that they’re actually underground and that Alex has somehow build a whole world down there. She was seriously originally planning on keeping Spencer down there forever! Anyway, the two are stuck and they don’t know where to go, but it’s too late because Alex has found them and she’s determined to get the job done.

She swings (she’s got an axe) and Spencer pushes Ezra out of the way. He hits his head on a rock and is down for the count. They twins eventually get into a scuffle and the gang arrives. The only problem is that the girls are dressed exactly alike and they can’t tell them apart.

While this is going on, I’m thinking that there’s got to be something that someone can ask that only Spencer would know and right as I compete my thought Toby steps up and grabs on of the girls and asks what Spencer’s favorite poem is. The real Spencer answers just as the police arrive and they cart Alex (and Mary) off to jail.

Yay! It’s over and now The Liars can live a normal life. FINALLY!

The episode ends with Ezra and Aria finally getting married and we see the girls walking through Rosewood together.

This is when Hanna reveals that she’s pregnant; Aria reveals that, after their honeymoon, she and Ezra plan on looking into adopting; and we find out that Toby plans on staying in town for a little longer. Not sure if it’s to get closer to Spencer, but I like the idea of things going either way with them. Emily and Ali were already doing good, so nothing has changed with them. Although, Alex did reveal that Wren is actually the biological father of their twins.

Next scene is of Mona and she’s in Paris. It looks like she owns some type of shop and it’s around closing time. Her boyfriend (?) comes in to see if she’s still meeting him and she says yes, but that she needs to take care of something first. He leaves and she closes the shop and walks down to the basement. She enters the basement and there’s a dollhouse with miniature food, furniture and dolls placed in it. I’m automatically thinking that Mona is up to her old tricks again and that The Liars will never be rid of this mess, but the camera zooms in on one particular room in the miniature house.

There are two similar looking dolls sitting at a table. Mona pours the tea and says that it’s teatime and the camera starts to focus in on what’s behind the dollhouse. We see a life-size replica of the room that the two dolls are sitting in and we also see that Mary and Alex are playing the dolls. I guess the plan is to keep them locked up forever. Not sure how Mona’s going to swing that, but I don’t have a problem with it, especially when it comes to Alex. She did those girls wrong and I’m all for Mona getting her revenge. However, I am curious as to how she was able to get them out of prison. Mona is extremely smart and crafty, but I wish I knew how she pulled this one off.

Overall, I was please with how the series ended. It was nice to see the girls get their happy endings and I also liked seeing AD get what she deserved as well. I have to say that I felt bad for Mary though. I felt that she kind of redeemed herself toward the end of the season, but I guess she did more harm than she did good.

The ending with the new group of girls (Addison and her clique) kind of has me thinking that the writers were leaving the story open for another installment. It was kind of odd that their story began in the exact same way that The Liars’ did. It was the same scenario with a younger group of girls.

With that being said, I hope they let the show die. Pretty Little Liars had a great run and I don’t think it would be as interesting if they tried to recycle the concept with a different group of girls. I just don’t see it being interesting.

What do you think?

Great show and I will definitely miss it! I’ve been watching since the beginning and it’s going to be hard getting used to it not watching it, but it’s time to let it go.

Bye PLL!

Amira 😉


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