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Some Kind of Hero by Suzanne Brockmann (Book Review)

*I was given an advanced reader’s copy of this book for an honest review. 


Some Kind of Hero by Suzanne Brockmann

Release Date: July 11, 2017

Page: 352

Price: $13.99 (Kindle Edition) and $27.00 (Hardcover)

Rating: 3.5/5

Review: Some Kind of Hero tells the story of Navy Lieutenant Peter Greene and successful romance writer Shayla Whitman.

The two are next door neighbors who’ve never talked or even noticed one another until Peter’s daughter, Maddie, goes missing.

Not only is Maddie’s disappearance the start of their love story, but it’s also the start of a couple personal discoveries as well.


This book immediately caught my attention because it starts on a high note with Shayla picking Peter up on the side of the road. He claims that he hasn’t seen his daughter in almost two days and that he’s sure that he’d just seen her get into a car. So, Shayla, being the mama bear that she is (she’s got two teenage boys), immediately starts tailing said car.

Right from the jump, I liked Shayla. I thought that she was a very generous and caring person. I mean, she had to be considering she was all for helping Peter find Maddie even though she’d never interacted with either of them before. In addition to that, she also was a great mom to her sons, Tevin and Frankie. However, her “conversations” with Harry, the main character in her book series, was a little concerning. I didn’t think it was normal, but Peter didn’t seem to mind her randomly shushing herself on numerous occasions, so I’ll leave that alone.

Speaking of Peter, I liked him as well. He was a Navy SEAL, so he was very orderly and by the book. Prior to this novel, he and Maddie had never really interacted because she lived with her mom, Lisa, and he and Lisa weren’t on speaking terms. With that being said, I felt bad for him because he was clearly going out of his way to make Maddie feel welcome and comfortable in her new environment (i.e. giving her the master bedroom), but, to me, she just came off as bratty. She was very inconsiderate, rude and disrespectful and I wasn’t a fan of her character at all.

I understand that she’d just suffered a tragedy and that she didn’t know her father because her mom never spoke about him, but that still doesn’t excuse her behavior. I was raised to, not matter what, always respect your parents, so reading about the way she treated and talked about Peter really rubbed me the wrong way. I also wasn’t a fan of her “relationship” with her friend, Dingo, either.

Even though it never went too far, I still believe that a 15 year old should not date a 20 year old. No matter how you spin it, it’s inappropriate and I’m glad that Dingo recognized that. Speaking of Dingo, he was a good guy, who played Maddie’s hero throughout this story. He was also the only person that she really trusted. I liked him and I’m sure he and Maddie’ll get their own story in the future.

Now, back to Shayla and Peter. Their romance was cute, but, to be honest, I wasn’t completely into it. I was more interested in them finding Maddie. However, I did love the fact that they were an interracial couple (she’s black and he’s white). I adore reading interracial romances and I also liked that Suzanne wrote about some of the prejudices that interracial couples sometimes face.

Some Kind of Hero is actually the 19th book in Suzanne’s Troubleshooters Series, so you’ll meet a nice group of characters. They didn’t distract from Peter and Shayla, so you don’t have to worry about that and, also, this book is a standalone, so you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping up with the plot line.

Overall, this novel was okay and I do recommend it.

However, I would like to point out that the story would’ve been so much more intense if Suzanne wouldn’t have added Maddie and Dingo’s POVs. The whole point of the novel was to find out where they were and why they left, but all that stuff was revealed early on or as they moved and it kind of killed the excitement for me. It would’ve been a lot better if we were left in the dark like Shayla and Peter. It would’ve kept the mystery going if we would’ve found out clues with them versus having Maddie and Dingo reveal things in advance. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, good read. Definitely add this one to your TBR List and don’t forget to come back to let me know what you thought.

Happy reading!

Amira 😉


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