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Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (S7 Ep.19 Review)

Another episode of Pretty Little Liars premiered tonight and I can tell that the end is near because more secrets are being revealed and more lose ends are being tied.

This review may be a little confusing because there was a lot of overlapping, but I’m going to try to make it as easy to understand as possible, so stay with me.

We’ll start this review off with Emily and Alison.

They’re still in the beginning stages of their relationship, so they continue to throw off adorable vibes. However, while simultaneously basking in the joy of finally being able to be together, Ali expresses her concerns to Emily.

She’s worried about what would happen to their baby if she and Emily (and the rest of the girls) were to be thrown in prison. She expresses that she doesn’t want their child to be abandoned like Charlotte was but, before she works herself up too much, Emily assures her that she’ll never let anything happen to her or their child.

They end the conversation with some TLC (tender love and care) and the camera pans out and we see that there’s a hose hidden in the fireplace and it looks like it’s pumping some type of gas into the room.

Fast forward a couple scenes and we’re thrust into someone’s strange nightmare. Ali’s in her classroom and she’s writing different variations of her name on the board, but before she finishes writing the one that she’s currently on, the girls burst in and tell her that “He’s coming for you!” They try to get her to flee, but she doesn’t move fast enough and before we know it, we see Archer’s shadow through the door. They all try to hide, but his hand (minus a finger) reaches through the wall and grabs Ali.

Emily jolts awake and she and Ali are astonished to find out that they both fell asleep. However, before they can really start to yell at one another, they notice that someone has moved the game back into Ali’s house.

I guess, it’s safe to assume that whatever AD was pumping into the living room made both of the girls pass out. Also, it’s extremely creepy how accessible these girls are. AD can practically do anything to them and they would never know. She could’ve been poisoning them!

Anyway, on to the next. It’s time for Aria.

The episode opens with her. She’s just found Archer’s body in the back of her car and just as she opens her trunk a police car pulls up. In her haste to shut the trunk, she ends up dropping her keys and closing them in the car. The officer volunteers to help her get her trunk open, but she declines by saying that she’s already called a friend to assist her.

He still insists that he help her, so he does. He gets the trunk open, but luck must have been on Aria’s side because, for one, the trunk didn’t open all the way and, for two, dispatch called him right as the trunk opened, so she was able to grab the keys and shut the trunk when he turned his back. She gets away from the cop and continues on her drive.

While she’s driving (and having a full blown conversation with the body), she comes up with the idea to take it to the police station and confess to the murder. However, thanks to Caleb, Ezra was able to track her down and get to her right before she walked into the station.

Ezra is pissed at the other girls for shutting Aria out, so he’s officially done with Rosewood. He tells Aria that they should leave, but she declines because, for one, she doesn’t want to leave her friends and, for two, Archer’s body is in her trunk. He looked shocked by that revelation, but he’s willing to help her get rid of it, so they go to her car to deal with it, but it’s gone.

Later, they pick Emily and Ali up and the two lovebirds apologize for shutting Aria out. She accepts their apology and they go about trying to find the others.

Now, I’m going to skip ahead to Hanna.

At the beginning of the episode, Caleb and Ezra tell the girls that Mona has the game and, therefore, is AD. Hanna doesn’t believe it, but everyone else seems to be pretty convinced. So, she and Caleb plan to confront Mona, but when they get to her apartment, they see that she’s leaving.

Apparently, someone took the game from Mona and in it’s place, left a note. She’s been told to meet him/her at a diner. Caleb and Hanna don’t know this, but they decide to follow her. Spencer ends up showing up to the stakeout and they all wait to see who Mona meets. Caleb, however, gets impatient, so, while Spencer and Hanna are talking, he walks into the diner to confront Mona.

She seems really jittery and nervous, but Caleb continues to grill her. He tells her that they are going to walk out of the diner together and that she is going to go with him. She declines, but he wasn’t asking for permission. In the midst of their interrogation, the waitress drops a receipt on the table and walks off. Caleb tries to grab it, but Mona was quicker and she snatches it before he can get to it.

They stand up to leave and she asks to go to the bathroom. He tells her no, but when Hanna and Spencer run into the diner she escapes to the bathroom and vanishes. The threesome (haha!) go to investigate and they find a secret passageway. They all agree that Caleb and Spencer will take the passageway and Hanna will take the car back into town.

Hanna ends up outside of the church that Charlotte was killed at and, while walking, she notices rose petals being thrown out of the bell tower, so she goes in to investigate and finds Mona. Mona is dressed like a high school girl and she’s talking like a child. She looks like she’s having a mental breakdown.

Anyway, she goes on to tell Hanna what happened the night Charlotte died. She says that she met with Charlotte in the church to warn her off of her friends because, apparently, Charlotte tricked her doctors and Ali. She was never really better and she was planning on continuing to play “A.” Mona forced Charlotte to the ledge and placed a screwdriver to her back and told her to jump.

It is assumed that this is how Mona killed Charlotte, but we later find out that there was more to the story.

As Mona is telling Hanna the story, she is also thinking that Hanna is Charlotte, so Hanna is now on the ledge. But, before anything bad happens, Caleb and Spencer show up and save her.

They all (including a clearly unstable Mona) walk out to the car and they notice that AD has left them the final two puzzle pieces. They get back to Spencer and Ali’s motel (I’ll explain that later) and everyone tries to decide whether or not they should turn Mona in. They all decide that instead of turning her into the police, they’re going to turn her over to a psychiatric doctor instead because she needs help and it’s because of them (and that game) that she reverted back to her old ways.

Later, Mona also reveals how Charlotte really died. According to her, she only planned to threaten to kill Charlotte, so she ended up pulling her away from the ledge. In the middle of telling Charlotte that she would have to live with the fear of death for the rest of her life, Charlotte picks up a weapon and hits Mona with it. They got into a fight and Mona ends up pushing Charlotte against the wall and right onto an exposed pipe. It hit her right at the back of her neck and she dies instantly.

I felt so bad for Mona, but she really was a good friend to Hanna. She did what she did to Charlotte because she really believed that she was protecting her friend. This will probably be the last time that we see Mona, but, overall, I liked her. She was extremely smart and resourceful.

Anyway, let’s finish this review off with Spencer.

At beginning of the episode, Spencer meets back up with Mary Drake. Mary wants to give her and Ali a gift: the motel, The Lost Woods. Apparently, Mary owns it and she said that she wanted to give it Spencer and Ali because she thinks that it’ll help them (and the rest of the girls) financially, if they sell it, with their lawyer fees.

Fast forward quite a bit to when Spencer and Caleb are walking through the passageway. The two sort of have a moment here. It wasn’t romantic or anything it was just sort of like their official closure. Caleb reveals to Spencer that he and Hanna are married and she’s genuinely happy for them.

He tries to apologize for their time together and she tells him to never apologize for the moments that they spent together. She’s choosing to remember all the good things and I think he’s going to do the same.

Fast forward some more and we’re back to the board game. The girls have just received the final two puzzle pieces and they are now placing them on the game. The cell phone congratulates them on completing the puzzle and, after some fancy technology, ends up revealing where AD’s hiding Archer’s body. Turns out it’s buried in Charles’ (aka Charlotte before her transition) fake grave. Very ironic.

The plan was for them to dig the body up and get rid of it, but Aria stops them beforehand and says that she doesn’t want to play AD’s game anymore. She says that if they dig him up, they’ll never be free of him/her and, after a little more persuasion, the rest of the girls start to agree. They all turn to walk away, but, before they can get too far, Detective Tanner shows up with her team and catches them.

At the police station, Tanner confirms that the body that they dug up was, in fact, Archer Dunhill’s. She tells the girls to make themselves comfortable and that she’ll be right back. Right as she shuts the door, a light switches on and they can see into the interrogation room that’s right next to theirs.

Mary is sitting in the room and, after a couple seconds, Tanner walks in. She ends up confessing to killing Archer Dunhill and her sister and Ali’s mom, Jessica. Now, she really did kill Jessica, but she didn’t kill Archer. The girls were guilty of that, but she took the fall for them. According to Tanner, her statement had some pretty accurate details in it, so she bought it.

After leaving Mary, Tanner goes back to the girls and releases them. She knows that Mary isn’t guilty of killing Archer, but she doesn’t have enough evidence to pin it on the girls. They all walk out and Spencer asks to talk to Mary, but Tanner tells her that it would be best if she didn’t. Aria consigns and tells Spencer to just take it for what it is and not to ask Mary to explain herself.

Just as she says that, Mary is being escorted out of the room and as she walks out, she looks at Spencer and does their signature shush. You know, the one that each of the girls do at the end of the theme song?

I think it was at the moment that Spencer realized that Mary truly loves her. Even though she didn’t raise her, that still didn’t negate the fact that Spencer is her daughter and that she’s still willing to do anything to give her a better life. I teared up during this scene. It was such a beautiful way to close out Mary Drake. She came in as the villain and ended up making the ultimate sacrifice for her child.

At the end of the episode, the game shuts off. I’m not sure what that means though because there are still some unanswered questions. We still don’t know who was running it and, most importantly, AD’s true identity.

However, I’m 100% sure that those questions will be answered next week because it’s the series finale! That was fast, but I’m ready to know the truth. Aren’t you?

Overall, great episode and I can’t wait until next week’s. I’m curious to get those questions answered and I also want to know how the writers are going to end the show. Will Toby and Spencer get back together? Will we see Aria and Ezra’s wedding? Will we get to see Emily and Ali as parents? Who’s the father of Emily and Ali’s baby?

So many questions that I’m hoping will all be answered in 2 hours.

Pretty Little Liars 2-hour series finale airs next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Amira 😉


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