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Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (S7 Ep.18 Review)

Another new episode of Pretty Little Liars aired tonight and things are definitely starting to heat up.

Let’s begin with Hanna.

Like the rest of the girls, her home is being raided by the police. Tanner has warrants for all of them, so they’re homes are simultaneously being searched.

Hanna’s mom gives them (everyone minus Aria because she’s never around) a suite to share for the time being and they’re all grateful. However, their joy is short-lived because AD somehow gets a phone into the room and tells them that they have 40 hours to choose one Liar to put in jail or they’re all going down. However, before they can fully freak out, Mona walks in and tells the girls that if they want answers they might want to start talking to Aria.

They immediately start questioning her and she tells them that she thinks Aria is playing on the wrong team. She gives them evidence, including a recording of a phone call between Aria and AD, and they’re still skeptical, but they later find out the truth.

Later in the episode, we see Hanna’s mom questioning Caleb again. She truly believes that Hanna is hiding something big from her, so she tries to go through Caleb to get answers and it works. He tells her everything and Hanna’s upset when she finds out, but she quickly gets over it.

Toward the end of the episode, Caleb takes Hanna to the Justice of the Peace and they get married (with her mother present, of course)! That scene was so cute and I’m glad they tied to knot.

I didn’t mention earlier that Caleb is tracking the game and at the end of the episode, he finds it. Turns out Mona has it.

I don’t know how or why, but I’m starting to look her sideways. She’s really infatuated with that game and it’s giving me weird vibes. I don’t know if she’s apart of AD’s plan or if she’s just trying to pick the game apart to figure out where it came from.

Next is Emily and Alison. It’s hard for me to separate these two because all of their scenes are together, so we’ll just lump these lovebirds in one.

Ali is back in Rosewood and she and Emily are spending the morning together. Things quickly heat up between these two and they make their way to the bedroom, but they notice that someone has placed the game on their bed. They freak out because that means that someone has been in their house and they also notice that there is another piece (Aria’s piece) added to the puzzle.

They go to further inspect the game, but before they can get to far in their inspection, the cops start banging on the door. They flash the warrant and Ali tries to get away to hide the game, but a cop stops her. However, when they finally enter the bedroom, the game is gone, which means that AD had someone in their home the whole time. So creepy!

At the hotel suite, Emily ends up spilling the beans about she and Ali and everyone is happy for them, which was sweet. Later, we also see these two spend a romantic late night picnic together.

They seem really happy and in love and I’m here for it. It’s nice to see Emily finally get Ali because she’s always wanted her. And although it never occurred to me that Ali would return her feelings, I’m glad that she does and I hope we get to see them as parents.

Now for Spencer.

Like the rest of the girls, this episode begins with her home being raided by the police. She’s, of course, pissed off, so she immediately heads down to the station to talk to Detective Fuery, but she’s surprised to find out that he is no longer a part of the investigation. Apparently, he didn’t like being threatened by Spencer, so he exposed their relationship and took himself off the case.

The Liars’ old friend, Detective Tanner, is now heading their case and she’s extremely determined to get to the bottom of things.

Speaking of Tanner, she calls Toby back to Rosewood for questioning and he and Spencer end up running into one another. They talk a little bit and he tells her that if she need some peace and quite, then she’s more than welcome to come to his cabin. She turns him down and starts questioning him about Tanner. He tells her that he doesn’t know exactly what Tanner has planned, but that she’s building a solid case and that she looked ‘encouraged.’

She asks if she should be worried and he asks if she had anything to do with Archer Dunhill’s murder. She dodges the question and makes her exit.

Fast forward to almost half to episode and Spencer takes a trip to Toby’s cabin. I think Spencer is sick of fighting. She’s probably come to a point where she’s just going to let the chips fall where they may. Anyway, she and Toby start talking and before we know it, they’re kissing and they make their way to bedroom.

I thought that this scene was sweet because, in addition to seeing Toby and Spencer, we also saw the other couples (Aria and Ezra; Emily and Ali; and Hanna and Caleb) spending their last nights of freedom with their significant others as well.

I’m also wondering if this is the official beginning of Spoby’s second chance at love? Are they together for good or was this just a one time thing?

Moving on, right after everyone spends time with their significant others, they all meet back at Spencer’s to watch the remaining seconds of their 40 hour time limit tick down. However, before the time runs out, they all make a promise that no matter what happens after this moment, they will never judge one another.

They all agree as the timer reaches zero.

Very touching scene and I hope that they actually hold up to that.

And, lastly, for the one with the most drama: Aria.

Like the rest of the girls, this episode begins with her home being raided by the police. She’s freaking out, of course, but she was warned by Spencer, so she had time to shred the police report that she filed on Ezra.

The police still take a bunch of her belongings, including her phone, so she’s paranoid that they’ll find something. However, right after the police walk out with her stuff, she hears a phone ring. Come to find out, AD hid another phone for her.

After she finds the phone, she calls AD and demands to meet. AD obliges and tells her that she/he will send the address and that she needs to show up in uniform (aka her black hoodie), so Aria does. However, AD isn’t the one that she runs into. It’s the rest of The Liars.

They question her and she fesses up, but everyone is PISSED, especially Spencer. She blames Aria for her parents’ divorce. Aria tries to reason with them, but they’re not having it and, after Ali lets everyone know that they’ve been summoned by Tanner, they leave her in the woods alone.

Everyone goes to the police station and it’s completely awkward. No one is speaking to Aria and she’s officially on her own. Tanner tells them a bunch of crap about some evidence that they found at Spencer’s house, but the true reason for her call is that she wants them to confide in her. She wants them to tell her the truth before she finds out on her own and, of course, they aren’t going to do that, so she lets them go.

While driving home from the station, Aria calls AD and curses him/her out. She tells him/her that she’s done with playing their games, but she can’t hang up the phone. Aria tries to throw the phone out the window, but AD stops her and tells her that ‘tomorrow is a new day.’ So, apparently, something is supposed to happen tomorrow. We’ll get to this in a second.

Aria makes it home and she sits down to talk to Ezra. Come to find out, he already knew about the police report and he isn’t upset at her for it. He still feels guilty about what he did and she tells him that he shouldn’t. It’s at that moment that she decides to tell him everything, but before she does, she decides to spend one last night with him before everything hits the fan.

Now, back to the whole ‘tomorrow’ thing. The day after everything happened, Spencer actually came to Aria’s house and looked like she was going to apologize, but, like Emily and Ali, they were interrupted by the cops. Tanner stopped by to return all of Aria’s belongings because they found video footage of her in another city, so, according to Tanner, it would’ve been impossible for her to be in Rosewood at the time of the murder. AD gave Aria a solid alibi and Spencer storms out.

At the end of the episode, Aria tries to stand up to AD. She tells him/her that she’ll turn herself in to protect her friends, but AD tells her that it’s too late for that. Aria is confused, so she gets in her car and starts to drive toward Spencer’s house, but before she reaches her destination, she notices that something is in her trunk. She gets out to see what it is and it turns out to be Archer’s rotting corpse. She screams and just as she does that a police car pulls up. I’m extremely curious to see how she’s going to get out of that.

That was a crazy ending and I’m starting to wonder if AD will have Aria go to jail. She/he made it seem like they were going to protect Aria, but they flipped the script extremely fast.

Great episode and I can’t wait for next week. We’re getting closer and closer to finding out who AD is!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? Let me know.

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Amira 😉


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