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Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (S7 Ep.16 Review)

A new episode of Pretty Little Liars premiered tonight and Lucas’ actions and motives were finally revealed. But, before we get into the big reveal, let’s talk about the girls.

The episode starts off with Spencer being held in an interrogation room. She’s being drilled pretty heavily by an unknown detective. He’s asking her all about the night that she met Detective Furey because he wants to know if she’d actually spotted Archer Dunhill while she was in The Radley. She keeps saying that she doesn’t know or doesn’t recall and before long, Furey ends the interrogation and enters the room.

Once again, he pleads for her to talk to him, but she refuses, so he urges her to get a lawyer because if her signature ends up being on Archer’s receipt than she’ll be in big trouble.

She calls the rest of the girls and they have a meeting about her time at the station and she tells them that Furey will find her signature on Archer’s receipt because she accidentally used his credit card. Hanna puts the pieces together and realizes that the reason why Spencer was at the Radley to begin with was because she was hurting over their vicious love triangle (Spencer, Hanna and Caleb). I don’t completely remember what happened, but I think she found out that Hanna and Caleb kissed, however, don’t take that as law.

We’ll get to what Hanna’s guilt makes her do later in the post, but back to Spencer. Later in the episode, she goes to visit Furey’s apartment and begs him to let Archer’s case slide. He, of course, tells her no and asks her to leave, but right when he was about walk her out, his phone rings and he leaves the room to answer it. As Spencer’s leaving his apartment, she sees a thumb drive with Lucas’ name on it and takes it.

She and the rest of the girls open the thumb drive and find out that it’s footage of Lucas incriminating everyone, minus Hanna. They’re instantly pissed and naming Lucas A.D., but Hanna doesn’t believe that he would betray her.

Fast forward a few scenes, and Spencer gets a call from Furey and he’s pissed and demands that she return the thumb drive. She says that she doesn’t have it and pretty much threatens to expose the fact that they have a personal relationship. He hangs up on her and I think it’s safe to say that their relationship is over.

I knew it wouldn’t work!

Now, for Hanna because I feel like she and Spencer’s storylines intertwined a lot during this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, the board game let’s Hanna know that it’s her turn. She’s not happy about it, but she’s terrified to go against A.D. She is told to go to some computer repair shop and steal some type of hard drive and then take it to the school and put it in a locker.

When she tells Caleb, he is instantly on edge and he wants to go with her, but she refuses. As I said earlier, she doesn’t want to cross A.D., so she’s trying to play by the rules. She also tells him that they’re both responsible for Spencer’s trip to the hotel. Consumed with guilt, they decide that they have to save Spencer, which is why Hanna came up with the plan to break into the hotel and steal the receipt and destroy it.

However, that plan becomes more difficult when she find out that she has to do A.D.’s bidding right around the time that she was going to break into the hotel. They other girls step in though and they’re able to work something out. Later, Mona drops by and she wants to know why Hanna has been shutting her out. Hanna tells her that the other girls don’t know that she knows about the game and that they still don’t trust her. Mona’s pissed and right before she storms out, she says that she’ll help Hanna in secret.

Fast forward, to Hanna and Caleb at the hotel. He shuts down the security system so that she can find the receipt, but it’s missing. So, to save time, Caleb throws all the receipts on the floor and turns on the pipes, which ended up flooding the room. At the end of the episode, Spencer’s brought back to the station because of this incident. She doesn’t reveal anything, but Furey is more determined than ever to figure out who killed Archer.

After Caleb floods the room, they go to some office and he tells her to wait in the room while he goes to restart the security system. Right after he does that, Hanna sees Lucas walking down one of the hallways on a security camera.

The girls get an opportunity to confront Lucas and they find out a couple things. 1) He says that, while he and Charles were friends, he didn’t know that he was Charlotte and even though they kept in contact he never saw her face because they communicated through email; 2) there’s a second comic book (or graphic novel); and 3) he’s the one who’s actually responsible for Charlotte coming after them. Apparently, all of his emails were about Ali and her group of lackeys who relentlessly bullied him.

After their talk, Hanna wants to know if their friendship was real and if he ever really believed in her talent. Lucas tells her that it was and that he did. He actually tells her that he was her only investor, which explains why he’s now broke. Once again, she’s riddled with guilt, but he tells her that he’ll make it all back. According to him, it was all worth it because he did it for her.

So heartwarming, but who knew that Lucas was really that fond of Hanna. I mean, he literally lost all of his money. I don’t think I could ever be that fond of someone.

Next is Aria. She still gets on my nerves, but I must say that I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

Aria is still A.D.’s errand girl and she and Ezra are still having to deal with all things Nicole.

Ezra has a book tour coming up and the plan was for him and Aria to go on it together, but now that Nicole is back, his editor wants him to go on the tour alone. And, to make matters worse, the discussion points are all about Nicole.

Ezra tells her that he won’t do it, but Aria tells him that she would prefer if he did. She says that she wouldn’t feel comfortable answer questions about Nicole, which I can completely understand. Who wants to spend all day talking about your fiancee’s ex? Awkward!

So, remember when I said that the other girls stepped in to help Hanna? Well, the other girls stepping in actually helped Aria do A.D.’s dirty work. The plan was for Hanna to take the hard drive from the computer shop and take it to the school, right? Well, the other part of that plan was to have someone stick around and wait to see who showed up to pick up the hard drive.

Emily and Ali volunteered and, while they were doing that, Aria went to Ali’s house and destroyed the nursery that Emily was in the process of decorating. She splashed ‘blood’ everywhere, broke the furniture and she even broke one of Emily’s priceless baby items.

I was so upset at Aria for doing this, but she’s working for A.D., so I can’t really be surprised. I just never thought that she would actually go through with something like that. She really hurt her friends and I, honestly, don’t know if they’ll forgive her.

However, she almost got caught by Emily. She just made it out and during her desperate attempt to make it out of the house, she scratched her arm and dropped her earring, which Spencer ended up finding and returning to her while everyone was inspecting the ruined nursery. She played it off well, but Spencer didn’t look to convinced.

At the end of the episode, Aria ends up on her couch crying. I think she feels guilty and alone. Deep down she never meant to hurt her friends, but A.D. has her in a tough spot and, as I said earlier, a tiny part of me feels bad for her because she’s clearly in way over her head.

Lastly, I’m going to do Emily and Alison at the same time because they spent this whole episode together.

So, as I reveled earlier, Emily started decorating a nursery for the baby. Ali was touched by the gesture and they both decided that it would be best for Emily to live with Ali after the baby is born. They seem like they’re trying to make the best out of their crazy situation.

However, it’s clearly not something that everyone will understand because, while helping Emily assemble some baby furniture, Spencer calls her out for over stepping with her feelings for Ali. She thinks that Emily is assuming too much and that she and Ali need to be more aware of where they’re going to go in the future with a baby (individually and together).

Later, the duo end up getting into an argument because, after noticing that Ali hasn’t been taking her vitamins and is neglecting her diet, Emily starts to think that Ali is going to flake on her. Ali storms off and the conversation is over.

Later, while on their stakeout, the girls start to apologize, but is interrupted when they hear something in the hall. They go to investigate and end up getting separated. Ali gets shoved by someone (later revealed to be Mona) and Emily comes to her rescue and they decide to abandon their mission.

They make it home and hear the intruder (Aria). Emily chases her off and they call the other girls over to look at the damage that A.D. has done. Later, when their alone, Ali ends up confessing her love for Emily and the two kiss and they both decide that they’re ready to be a family.

Such a touching scene and I’m glad that Ali finally admitted how she really felt about Emily. Now, they can really start to build a home for their baby.

Overall, this was a good episode and I can’t wait until next week.

Let me know your thoughts.

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Until next week.

Amira 😉


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