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Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (S7 Ep.15 Review)

I want to make this post as short as possible, so let’s skip the introduction and get right to the review.

First up, is Spencer.

She starts the episode off by questioning her detective boyfriend about the finger that he received and he goes on to tell her that he believes that Mary Drake is responsible for Elliot’s (or Archer Dunhill’s) death. I also think that he might be starting to suspect her and the rest of the girls, so she better keep and eye on him.

Going back to Mary, she tried to make contact with Spencer this episode. Spencer walked into her barn and noticed that someone had been there. There was a wine glass on the table and a bottle of wine just outside the patio doors. Spencer notices a note sticking out the bottle, so she grabs it and reads it. It’s from Mary and she tells Spencer that she wants to talk. Spencer replies using the same method and, at some point, Mary comes by to get the note. She leaves another note with a key.

Later, Spencer takes that key and lets herself into someone’s home. They never revealed who lived there, but I’m assuming Mary. She waits for about an hour before she hears movement in the house. She thinks it’s Mary, but it turns out to be her detective boo. Come to find out, he was suspicious of her and he’d been watching her home. When he saw her leave the barn he decided to follow her.

Unfortunately, the detective is getting closer to finding out what happened to Archer. He’s following the paper trail that the girls created and it’s starting to lead right back to them.

At the end of the episode, we see Spencer sitting in the airport talking to Wren. Remember him? He was Melissa’s ex-fiancé, who ended up developing feelings for Spencer? So awkward.

Anyway, she met with him because she thought that he might’ve had some information for her, but it turns out he didn’t. However, when she gets back home, she find another note from Mary. Mary believes that Spencer tried to set her up, so she made it clear that she will not be trying to contact her anymore.

So sad for Spencer, but maybe it’s for the best.

Now for the character that’s really starting to get on my nerves: Aria.

At the beginning of the episode, she gets a video call from A.D. You can’t really tell who the person is because it’s a computer operated avatar that looks like Aria. Aria instantly starts asking questions and, in order to get her to cooperate and spy on her friends, she/he threatens Aria with Ezra and the girls’ freedom.

After that, she ends up meeting the rest of the girls for coffee and they discuss Lucas’ involvement with A.D. Hanna doesn’t think he’s guilty, but everyone else isn’t so sure, so they decide to search his condo.

All thorough that meeting, A.D. was blowing up Aria’s phone. She couldn’t answer, of course, so she sent him/her to voicemail. However, later, when she was finally alone, A.D. called again and scolded her for not picking up her phone. She/he also wanted to know what they talked about over coffee. She eventually cracks and ends up telling A.D. that Spencer and Hanna found Mary’s hiding spot.

We also see Aria handle some of A.D.’s dirty work. She had to go to the school to drop of an envelope in a specific locker, which she did, but it seemed like she started to have second thoughts because when she went back to the locker to take the envelope back, it was gone. There was, however, a black hoodie in its place.

Congratulations, Aria. You’ve now gone rogue.

In addition to all this, Aria and Ezra are still dealing with Nicole and her family. Ezra tells Aria that Nicole’s parents want him to go back to New York to continue to help with Nicole’s recovery. At first, he declines, but he later decides to go. He and Aria get in a huge fight because of it and, in this situation, I can completely understand where she was coming from. She wanted him to choose them and he didn’t, which sucks.

He leaves for the airport, but all the flights are delayed. He turns around and notices Spencer and Wren. He tries to walk away, but Spencer sees him. They chat for a couple minutes before he leaves and we see him reunited with Aria. He tells her that he didn’t stay because all the flights were delayed, he stayed because he wanted to. Apparently, his flight was still one time.

Cute, but I’m still side eyeing her. I don’t really know whose team she’s on. I get that she’s being threatened, but, when you think about it, didn’t she willingly seek out A.D. first? And the fact that she did it without telling the others doesn’t make her look any better.

Enough of Aria. Now for Hanna.

As I said before, even though she’s suspicious of Lucas, she doesn’t think that he would hurt her. She believes that he’s a good friend, but she still had to go with Emily to search his condo.

After a long search, they end up finding a comic book that he and Charles made together. The book tells the story of some kid who keeps getting bullied. He ends up finding some strange alien woman in the woods and she goes about exacting revenge upon those who bullied him.

Doesn’t that sound similar to what A.D. is doing? The Liars were terrors in school and now it seems like someone is coming back to get revenge for those that they hurt in the past.

Aria ends up telling A.D. about the comic book, so when Hanna goes back for it, it’s gone. They still don’t know what Aria is doing, so they think that Lucas came by and took it.

After this happens, Hanna finds out (through Mona) that Lucas sold the building that she was supposed to run her fashion business out of and, by this point, Hanna has had enough, so she takes Mona to the game and has her look at it. This makes complete sense because, let’s be honest, Mona is the only one that is capable of thinking like A.D.

None of the other girls have been on the other side (minus Aria), so they don’t really get it. Hanna’s plan ended up working because after only seeing the game once, Mona tells her that it’s battery operated and that they need to solve their puzzles before the batteries run out. Mona is also almost stabbed, but instead of being frightened, she amazed because that game is a work of art.

Hanna asks Mona to help her play the game. Mona says no and freaks out, but I think she’ll end up doing it.

Now, Emily.

She ends up confiding in Paige. She tells her all that happened with Ali and her pregnancy and Paige seems sympathetic, but, at the same time, she’s put in a tough spot.

As we all know, Paige doesn’t really like Ali, so to find out that her girlfriend might, possibly, be having a child with a woman that she can’t stand is going to be an awkward disaster.

They later confirm, through a blood test, that they baby is, in fact, Emily’s and they also find out that Archer is not the father. That completely throws both Emily and Ali through a loop because they know how manipulative A.D. can be, so they are completely terrified to find out who fathered the child.

After some soul searching, Emily realizes that she doesn’t want Ali to abort the baby. She wants her to have it, so that she can have a chance at raising it. She tells Ali this and Ali freaks out, but promises to think about it.

From there, she tells Paige and Paige can’t do it. Emily thinks that she, Paige, Ali and the baby can all be one big happy family, but Paige knows better, so she tells Emily goodbye and, once again, decides to leave Rosewood.

Such a sad breakup, but I can get why Paige had to leave. I think deep down, she knows that Emily and Ali have feelings for one another and if you add a baby to that, the attraction and bond just gets stronger. Therefore, Paige would always be the outsider.

Lastly, Alison.

Like Emily, she is also still reeling from last episode’s big reveal and she is at a complete loss for how to handle it. She doesn’t know if she should have the baby or not.

Now that she knows that the baby is Emily’s, she feels like Emily’s opinion matters more than her’s does. I feel like Ali wouldn’t mind keeping the baby, but she’s scared of what else A.D. has under his/her sleeve. Not mention that the child could be a constant reminder of the fact that her ex-husband played her for a fool.

All throughout this episode, she was filled with doubts, but Paige made her realize that she wasn’t as alone as she felt. Emily was always there and she would always be there for her, so she tells Emily that she will have the baby, as long as they raise it together.

That was sweet and it makes me think that she and Emily might actually be a couple in the future. I always wondered if there was more going on between those two.

Also, in addition to the pregnancy stuff, Ali also talks to the detective about her late husbands case. He informs her of the homicide and that he suspects that there might be more than one person at work here.

Anyway, good episode and I can’t wait for next week. What did you all think of tonight’s episode?

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Amira 😉


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