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Katy and Nicki Surprise Fans with New Song! (Song Review & Wrap Up)

“Swish, Swish” is the third single to be released from Katy’s upcoming fifth album, “Witness.” The above photo is the official artwork for “Witness.” I do not own the rights to this photo.

Early yesterday morning, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj surprised their fans by releasing a new song and I really like it!

The song, “Swish, Swish,” is very relatable and the hook is extremely catchy. I definitely like it more than Katy’s other song, “Bon Appetite.” It’s filled with nothing but attitude and sass.

However, one thing that I wasn’t impressed with was Nicki Minaj’s verse. Her lyrics seemed kind of juvenile, but, thankfully, they didn’t take away from the song. The production and Katy’s delivery kept my attention and I’ve had it on repeat ever since I purchased it.

Since its release, “Swish, Swish” has caused quite a stir because people are speculating that it’s aimed toward Taylor Swift.

If you remember, a couple years ago, Taylor released a song called “Bad Blood” and it was believed that it was geared toward her and Katy’s friendship. Well, I guess, after a couple years, Katy finally decided that she’d had enough of Taylor’s behavior and “Swish, Swish” was born.

And although Katy didn’t mention any names or obvious details, it isn’t hard to put the pieces together.

“A tiger don’t lose no sleep/ Don’t need opinions from a shellfish or a sheep/ Don’t you come for me, no not today/ You’re calculated/ I got your number/ ‘Cause you’re a joker and I’m a court side killer queen/ And you will kiss the ring, you best believe…”

A couple years ago, Katy referred to Taylor as a mean girl in sheep’s clothing, so that whole line about not needing opinions from a shellfish or a sheep made me think of Taylor.

People really believe that she’s this innocent, sweet girl, but I don’t buy it. I’m sure she has a snarky side to her. You can’t be as successful as she is and not have some type of attitude. Having a backbone is NEEDED when you’re in the entertainment industry because, from what I’ve heard (and experienced), it’s filled with dozens of snakes. Taylor’s just smart about keeping it hidden because it goes against her image, but I’m sure insiders, like Katy and/or her clique, see the real deal.

Speaking of Taylor’s clique, Ruby Rose decided to speak out against Katy on Twitter yesterday. I didn’t understand why Ruby decided to step into an issue that had nothing to do with her, especially since Taylor is known for writing songs about other people, but okay. She ignored Ruby’s tweet and kept it moving.

In addition to Katy, Nicki also had a couple things to say to one (or two) of her haters.

I’m pretty sure most of you know what happened between Nicki and Remy Ma, but if you don’t, click here to view a timeline of their beef. But be warned, these women have a long history!

So, after the release of both of their diss tracks (Remy with “ShETHER” and Nicki with “No Frauds“), I thought that the two rappers were done going at one another, but it seems I was wrong.

“…Silly rap beefs just get me more checks/ My life is a movie/ I’m never off set/…/ Don’t be tryna double back/ I already despise you/ All that fake lovin’ you showin’ couldn’t even disguise you…”

It’s also being speculated that, in addition to Remy, Nicki was also taking shots at Taylor because, apparently, they were beefing at one point. I don’t remember this, but people are saying it happened, so alright.

Overall, I love the song. As I said earlier, I adore Katy’s delivery and the production changes are amazing. Whoever produced and mixed this track did a great job. I might try to get them to produce one of my songs one day..if I can afford them. Lol.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on “Swish, Swish?” Do you love it or hate it? Also, what do you think about all the drama that’s been surrounding it? Do you think Ruby Rose had the right to try to check Katy or do you think she should’ve stayed out of it? Let me know.

Amira 😉


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