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Can Women Really Have It All? (Chat)

The cast of Little Women LA. Left to right: Christy McGinity Gibel, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, Briana Mason, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant and Terra Jolé. I do not own this photo.

I love watching the Little Women franchise and, every season, each city seems to have a running theme. For Little Women LA, it seems like one of this season’s major plot lines is Terra and her decision to have a career after the birth of her two children.

Obviously, the choice is completely up to her (and, maybe, her husband, Joe), but there seems to be one cast mate, in particular, who’s completely opposed to Terra being a working mom.

I’m not going to discuss the whole plot line for you, but, to make a long story short, Elena thinks that Terra should focus solely on her family.

At one point, Elena was thinking about naming Terra and Joe as the godparents of her twin sons, but she changed her mind after she and Terra had a difference of opinion about Terra continuing to participate in Dancing with the Stars.

Here’s what happened.

At the beginning of the season, Terra was asked to participate in DWTS and, being as though it had always been a dream of hers, she accepted. Now, she was told that she needed to begin training two weeks after giving birth to her second child, which she didn’t have a problem with, but her doctor recommended that she wait six weeks before doing any extensive work. However, Terra being the headstrong individual that she is, went against her doctor’s recommendation and reported for duty two weeks after she gave birth to her son.

From what I understand, being on DWTS is very labor intensive and, according to Terra (and Wendy Williams), the competitors are in the studio everyday for up to 14 hours. They only have about a week to rehearse for their next performance, so rehearsals are extremely important.

Now, after hearing that, can you picture how tight her schedule was? I’m not judging, I’m just giving you all the facts.

Another thing that she had to deal with was her health. Since she started DWTS four weeks before she was supposed to, she developed a few hernias because she didn’t give her abdominal area enough time to heal.

After telling her friends (and fellow cast mates) this, they were extremely vocal about her continuing to compete. They thought that she was crazy for, for one, putting her health at risk and, for two, barely spending any time with her toddler daughter and newborn son.

I can kind of agree with them on this, but, like I said earlier, the decision is Terra’s and she decided to keep going until she was eliminated.

After she was eliminated, most of her friendships with the rest of the ladies went back to normal, minus one: Elena.

Elena and Terra were really close and, as I said earlier, Elena was thinking of asking Terra and Joe to be the godparents to her children. She has since decided not to give Terra and Joe that honor and her reasoning for doing so is what inspired this post.

Point blank, Elena feels that Terra is to “busy” to be a godparent and she also thinks that Terra puts her career before her family.

I disagree.

I see nothing wrong with a mother wanting to have a career and if she can balance it and her family, why not? I don’t think women should be punished, which is what Elena is doing by not naming Terra and Joe the godparents of her boys, for wanting to be more than just a mom. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with focusing all your time on being a mom.

What do you guys think? Is there a way for a mother to create a healthy balance between her work like and her home life?

Also, for those of you who watch Little Women LA, what do you think Elena’s deal is? I don’t understand why she took Terra’s decision to stay on DWTS so personally. Terra’s home life does not involve her, so why is she so bothered by the fact that Terra wants to have a career?

As far as I know, most of the things that Terra has done (minus DWTS) has only kept her away from her home for a couple hours and if she has to go somewhere overnight, who cares? That’s why she has Joe. When she needs him to step up and take the reins, he does and the same goes for when he needs her to step up. They’re a team and, as long as he’s supportive, she shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions.

It also bothers me that another woman is judging her! Isn’t having the right to make our own decisions one of the very things that women fought for? So why is it that when a woman takes advantage of said rights, she is almost instantly accused of neglecting her children or being called a bad mother or wife?

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this subject. I know that it may be touchy for some people, but I’m very curious.

Amira 😉


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