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Season 7 of ‘Once Upon a Time’ Might Not Be Too Bad… (Chat)

Some of the cast of ‘Once Upon a Time.’ Top, left to right: Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue, Josh Dallas and Jared Gilmore. Bottom, left to right: Lana Parrilla, Emilie de Ravin and Rebecca Mader. I do not own the rights to this photo.

I just finished watching the season 6 two-hour finale of Once Upon a Time and, judging by my last post on this subject, you all know that I didn’t believe that OUAT could continue on without Jennifer Morrison’s involvement, but the writers might’ve proven me wrong.

Last week, ABC renewed OUAT for a seventh season and, along with that announcement, they also gave us some details on what to look forward to in the upcoming season. I’m not going to go too deep into everything that they revealed because I don’t want this post to be extremely long, so, if you’re interested in finding out those details, click here.

In this post, I’m just going to talk about my thoughts, feelings and concerns on next season’s cast and story lines.

First up, is the cast.

In addition to Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), Jared Gilmore (young/teenage Henry), Emilie de Ravin (Belle) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena aka The Wicked Witch of the West) will not be returning in season 7. I’m not upset about that because, as seen in the finale, they all got their happy endings.

However, if you noticed, there are a couple cast mates missing from the in crowd, which means that they’ll still be apart of the upcoming season.

Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma just got married and we saw their happy ending, so how is he going to be fighting evil without her? The same could be said for Rumplestiltskin (played by Robert Carlyle). He and Belle finally got their happy ending too, so how is he going to be fighting evil without her and their son (who now, thanks to Emma breaking the Black Fairy’s curse, is a baby again)?

Regina (played by Lana Parrilla) will also be returning, but, unlike Hook and Rumple, I can see her continuing on because she never really got a full happy ending. She was content with Henry, the Charmings and the rest of Storybrooke’s residents, but she was still alone. Meaning, she didn’t get a lover/boyfriend/husband, which she desperately wanted, so I’m all for her story continuing on.

My second, and final, concern is Henry’s involvement.

At the conclusion of the finale, we found out that an older Henry (played by Andrew J. West) will be present in season 7. From the looks of it, he and his daughter (played by Alison Fernandez) will be the ones racing to save the day.

Now, what confused me was the fact that he didn’t know about her, but, at the beginning of the episode, we see him (or someone who looks exactly like him) give her the storybook, right before he is “killed,” and tells her to run away and keep it safe. How is that possible?

How did he end up in Fairytale Land with a child and then was somehow zapped back into the present world? Henry was born in the regular world, so how did he end up in a magical land? Did someone cast another spell and, if so, who and will Henry have to go back to Storybrooke to get help from his family?

Also, who is his daughter’s mother? That was never mentioned and I got a feeling that that information is going to cause a stir because they deliberately avoided saying her name.

I wasn’t holding out too much hope for season 7 of OUAT, but after watching that finale, I can’t wait for it to start. As you’ve read, I have so many questions that I need answers to. I’m extremely curious and I hope that this new reboot of the show works out because, as I said in my previous post, this is one of my favorite shows and I don’t want it to end.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you have the same questions as me and, if not, let me know what some of your questions are.

Amira 😉


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