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Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (S7 Ep.14 Review)

We finally got some answers in tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars and all I can say is “It’s about time!”

We rarely get straight answers from the writers of this show, so I am happy that, at least, a couple mysteries were solved. For example, finding out who killed Jessica DiLaurentis and finding out who was responsible for that demonic board game both caught me by surprise.

But, let’s get to the review.

First up, is Spencer.

She’s officially dating the detective, which I still think is a bad idea, and her father is back in town.

Before he walked in the room, she looked through his passport and found out that he had arrived in Philadelphia about a week before he came home and his excuse for not immediately coming to Spencer was that he was out looking for Mary Drake.

Spencer is still reeling from the fact that Mary is her biological mother, so she doesn’t want her father to run her off. She actually wants to get to know Mary, but, later on in the episode, she finds out that that may not be the best idea.

Her father reveals to her that all Mary wants is revenge. When Mary was still in Radley, Jessica lied to her and told her that her son, Charlie, had died, but, somehow, Mary found out the truth about his transition to Charlotte. She was so upset that Jessica lied to her that she killed her and tried to frame Spencer’s father for the murder because he didn’t want to help her.

Spencer didn’t seem like she fully believed him, but we’ll see how things turn out.

Aria is next.

I got to say that Aria got on my nerves in this episode. I think she’s being extremely selfish and, once again, she’s giving A.D. ammunition by keeping secrets from the rest of the girls.

Anyway, this episode begins with Ezra coming back in town to get Nicole. Apparently, she ran away and went back to the last place that she called home, which was his apartment. He tells Aria that Nicole’s therapist thought that it would be best if he didn’t tell her about his recent engagement, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), she ends up finding Aria’s wedding dress at the apartment.

She tells Ezra that she’s okay with his engagement and that she just wants him to be happy. However, right before she leaves town, she finds a copy of his book and flips out. I’m not sure if she flipped out in a good way or a bad way, but she does write a note on one of the pages and when Aria tries to read it, Ezra took the page from her. That was strange, but I guess the note was personal to him and he didn’t want her to see it.

Later on in the episode, Aria gets a strange video message. I couldn’t really hear what was said, but I can tell that it scared her because she threw her tablet and broke a glass. Later, while in the middle of trying to help Ali solve her task, she gets another video message and a text. The text gives her a location and it tells her to meet him/her there, so she leaves Ali and goes to meet this person.

When she arrives at the location, she sees a limo. The back door to the limo opens and she slides into the back seat. She sees someone sitting directly across from her and she asks them if they’re A.D. As she’s talking, the person takes of their hood…

It’s Sydney.

That’s right it’s the same Sydney that Aria roughed up last episode. Aria quickly puts the pieces together and realizes that Sydney is the one who shot Spencer, helped Jenna escape and made up the game. Wow! She has definitely been busy. Although, I am curious as to how she came up with the idea of the board game because that game is nuts! Also, I wonder how she controls it.

Moving on. So, Sydney asks Aria to join A.D.’s team. According to Sydney, the only reason why she revealed herself was because Aria is desperate and A.D. can use that. Aria turns down her offer, but, at the end of the episode, when the game skips her turn and goes back to Hanna, she changes her mind and decides to switch teams.

I’m extremely disappointed in Aria right now and I hope that she gets her stuff together. She’s playing on the wrong team and she isn’t going to do anything but mess things up for, not only herself, but for the other girls as well. And I don’t put it pass A.D. to throw Aria under the bus in an upcoming episode. She’s definitely playing with fire and I hope she doesn’t get burned.

Now for Hanna.

So because Hanna missed the meeting at the end of last week’s episode, the investors pulled out and now Lucas’ business is bankrupt. That horrible and Hanna is furious.

Like everyone else, she really wants to find Mary because she thinks that she knows something, so she and Spencer end up going on their own hunt. They knock on a few doors and eventually find an old friend. I don’t know him, but apparently, they do. He looks familiar, but so many characters come and go in this series that I can’t keep up.

Anyway, they ask him about Mary and he says that he doesn’t know her, so Hanna leaves her contact information and tells him to contact her if he sees or hears anything from Mary. Right after they leave, Mary walks to his front door. She’s been at his house and she was listening to their whole conversation.

Later in the episode, he comes to visit Hanna and he tells her all about Mary. He also reveals that she’d been staying with him for the past couple days and that they had a child, Charlotte, together. He shows her a picture of three people. It’s the man and Charlie (Charlotte before her transition) and another boy. Hanna asks who the other boy is and he tells her that his name is Lucas.

Yes, were talking about Hanna’s Lucas. You know, the guy whose condo she’s currently staying in? Apparently, back then, Lucas was Charlie’s only friend and, since he’s never mentioned it, she’s now suspicious of him and his motives.

This is crazy. Why is everyone in Rosewood always linked to everyone else?! Jeez! This is a mess, so now we have to try to find out the real deal with Lucas because, apparently, he’s been keeping his own secrets.

Anyway, now for Emily.

Most of this episode, from her perspective, was about her and Paige.

Paige got an offer for a new job in Iowa and she was really considering taking it because she said that she can’t live in Rosewood. According to her, it brings her back to her high school days when she used to feel small and insecure and the fact that Ali and Emily are still very close doesn’t make things better.

She was practically out the door, until she snooped though Ali’s purse and found a pamphlet with her clinic appointment on it. You see, Ali had decided to get an abortion and, after Paige found that pamphlet, she realized that maybe there was a valid reason why Emily was always standing up for Ali.

Paige and Emily ended up getting together later on in the episode and Paige lets Emily know that she’s decided not to leave Rosewood. They have a race on their bikes for no apparent reason, since Paige had already made her decision, and they share a passionate kiss before Emily’s world comes crashing down.

And, lastly, Alison.

We find out early on in the episode that it’s Ali’s turn because, through some strange way, the board game had made its way to Ali’s dining room.

But, before we get into her task, lets talk about her pregnancy. So, as I said earlier, Ali has decided to terminate her pregnancy. In her eyes, the baby was made under false pretenses and she just feels like the baby is a constant representation of Elliot and his lies. She also feels that if she keeps it than it’ll just be a constantly reminder that Elliot won.

I’m not going to judge her for her decision because that’s a tough position to be in and I have no idea how I would’ve reacted if that were me, so I’m just going to let her do her. However, right after she tells Emily about her decision, the detective (I still don’t know his name) comes to her classroom and tells her about the finger. I was right! That is Elliot’s finger and the police are treating his case as a homicide, which, once again, sucks for the girls.

They all freak out after she tells them the news and, right in the middle of this huge meltdown, the game starts acting crazy. It pretty much lets the girls know that if they don’t ALL solve their puzzles from here on out, the cops will find out what they did. Point blank, there’s no more room for error!

Later on in the episode, Ali gets some coordinates from A.D. and she and Aria end up at a baby clothing store. Like I said earlier, Aria ditches her, so Ali ends up going in alone and, as soon as she steps in the store, she’s approached by an employee. The woman gives her a scanner and shows her how to scan items for her baby registry. As soon as the woman leaves, she gets a text that says that she has to pick 10 items, so she does.

Being surrounded by all those happily pregnant women, babies and baby items seems to be getting to Ali, but she proceeds to scan stuff and right before she leaves, she gets the shock of her life.

When Ali was handing the woman back the scanner, she stopped her and told her that she’s wrapped the present for her donor. Ali is confused, but the woman clarifies and says something along the lines of “Your egg donor.” and right at the moment things start to fall in place.

Do you guys remember that time when Emily was in desperate need of money and she decided to donate her eggs? Well, apparently, A.D. stole Emily’s eggs, fertilized them and implanted one in Ali when she was in Radley. So, Ali is actually pregnant with Emily’s baby.

Ali freaks out and asks the lady did A.D. give her a puzzle piece. Of course, the lady doesn’t know what she’s talking about, so she looks around the store and she spots the puzzle piece. It’s attached to a baby mobile.

After finding out, Emily was extremely freaked out and she and Ali ultimately decided to cancel the abortion because they both need time to think about what to do next.

A.D. is extremely devious! I never would have thought of that. However, I do think that Ali should have the baby and, maybe, give it to Paige and Emily. If she doesn’t want it, maybe they will. I mean, that’s if they’re ready for that.

There were some crazy twists in tonight’s episode and I was very impressed and shocked.

What did you guys think of this episode? Did you love it or hate it? Also, let me know what you thought of the secrets that were revealed? Did you see them coming because I know I didn’t? Let me know.

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Amira 😉


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