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Blaze: A Dragon Romance (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant (Book Review)

* I was given an advanced copy of this novel for an honest review. 

Blaze: A Dragon Romance (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant

Release Date: May 30, 2017

Page: 400

Price: $7.99 (Kindle Edition)

Rating: 5/5

Review: I was given the opportunity to read another book from Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series and, once again, I was very impressed.

I was completely invested in every aspect of this story. I loved the characters, the plot, the twists, the action and, of course, the romance. Ms. Grant’s writing was perfection!

Blaze was such a fun, action packed story and I can’t wait to read the next book in this phenomenal saga.


This novel was all about Anson, the Dragon King of the Browns, and Devon Abrams, a human woman who just so happen to work for a company that wasn’t as upstanding as she believed.

At the start of Blaze, Anson and two other characters, Kinsey and Esther, whom some of you many recognize from previous books, are staking out Kyvor, a very successful and well known tech company in London. Not only was Kyvor responsible for taking advantage of Kinsey and Esther in the worse way possible, but it was revealed that the company also had information on Dreagan and the Dragon Kings.

Now, if you’re familiar with this series, you know that the DKs do all that they can to keep their existence from humans, so the fact that a human tech company was made aware of their existence didn’t sit well with them. The plan was for Anson, Kinsey and Esther to find out where the higher-ups were keeping the information and destroy it.

However, this wasn’t as simple as it sounds. You see, Kyvor has very good security (cyber and physical), so, even though the DKs have a very talented hacker, Ryder, and tons of physical strength, their mission would be a lot easier if they had someone on the inside.

This is where Devon comes in.

Devon has spent the last six years at Kyvor and has made quite a name for herself. Since she’s started there, she’s been working her behind off to make it to the top of the corporate ladder and she was well on her way, until Anson, Kinsey and Esther snatched off her rose colored glasses.

I really liked Devon. I thought that she was a very strong and independent heroine. She wasn’t the type to fold under pressure, which was great because she was put under tons of pressure throughout this novel. Her ability to keep her cool was definitely an asset, not only in the supernatural world, but also within the corporate world, which is why she was able to go so far so fast.

I read and reviewed Firestorm, the novel that came before this one, and I have to say that Devon is my favorite heroine of the two. Ms. Grant showed a lot of her strength and I really admired that.

As for our hero, I really liked him as well. I loved that Anson was a little rough around the edges because it made him so much more enticing. We didn’t get to see much of what he does in his spare time, but I imagine that he would be a mans man. He’s probably someone who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

As for the romance, we get to watch their love grow. It wasn’t instantaneous, which I absolutely appreciated! It was great to see that they didn’t fall madly in love at first sight. We also find out that he usually keeps his distance from humans, so to have him fall for one was, not only ironic, but really added to the appeal of their romance. I adored them together and their love scenes were great too.

Now that we’ve talked about the main characters, let’s talk about the secondary ones.

There’s a ton of them. We have other DKs, Fae, Druids and, of course, humans. There are a couple of chapters throughout the book that are given to secondary characters. They pretty much give us glimpses into what they’re doing and how their actions are influencing (or are being influenced by) this war between the Fae, the DKs and the humans.

Since we’re on the subject of influencing a war and secondary characters, I just want to touch on a few things. At first, I thought that Ulrik was all bad news, but, now, I don’t know. I’m starting to think that there may still be some good in him and that he may be worth saving.

Also, this love triangle between Rhi, Con and Balladyn is annoyingly intriguing. I know that I want her with Con, but, at the same time, she seems determined to leave him alone and move on with Balladyn. Why, especially after finding out what Usaeil did and what she’s up to?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Blaze and I recommend it to anyone who’s interested. Ms. Grant is a talented storyteller and I can’t wait to see what tales she’ll weave next.

This one needs to be on your TBR List. Trust me, guys, it’s that good!

Be sure to come back and let me know what you thought of Blaze. Did you enjoy it as much as I did and, if so, what were some of your favorite parts?

Happy reading!

Amira 😉


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