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Pretty Little Liars (S7 Ep.13 Review)

A new episode of Pretty Little Liars aired tonight and not only did we have to watch another Liar be forced to play A.D.’s game, but we also had to watch one of our favorite characters suffer a personal tragedy.

Let’s begin with Aria.

So, Ezra’s still in New York, which means that she’s still unsure about where their relationship stands. At the end of the episode, she’s seen calling him about his bookstore, but, for some reason, he isn’t picking up his phone.

If I were in Aria’s shoes, that would’ve pissed me off because even though he’s needed in New York, he still has roots in Rosewood. I mean, not only does he have a fiancé, but he also has a business, so dropping everything for someone else (even if she is someone that you had/have strong feelings for) is not okay. I felt so bad for Aria when she saw Nicole’s TV interview because it clearly added to her uncertainty.

If Ezra’s unsure about what he wants to do, the least he can do is let Aria know and, maybe, Nicole too. Could she be harboring some notion that she and Ezra will be picking up where they left off or is she just as confused as Aria is? Maybe, maybe not, but the fact that she was waiting for Aria at Ezra’s apartment makes me think that she and Aria are in the same boat. It’s either that or she wants Aria to leave Ezra alone.

I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see how this conversation goes. Also, where is Ezra? How was Nicole able to get away without him? Isn’t he supposed to be with her?

Next up is Emily.

Emily spent most of this episode with Aria because they were tasked with following their old friend, Sydney. The girls were supposed to question and follow her to see if she’d be able to lead them to Jenna.

When Emily confronts her, she claims that she thought that she and Jenna were playing a joke on them and that she didn’t have any malicious intent with what she did. Don’t know if I believe her, but while she and Emily were talking, Aria was in the car copying Sydney’s contacts and calendar.

After their talk, she and Aria see that Sydney has an upcoming meeting at some vision center, which automatically makes them think that she’s meeting Jenna, so they continue to follow her.

With some weird listening device they were able to overhear her exchange with the clerk. She was sent to the center to deliver a donation for Jenna. When asked who it was from, she tells the lady to sign “A.D.” for “anonymous donor.” Emily and Aria are instantly on guard and they confront her once again.

Sydney refuses to cooperate, but after Aria roughs her up a little, she claims that she doesn’t know anyone by the name of A.D. She says that she was just making a drop-off for the bank. They don’t believe her so when Aria picks up her bag she slips a GPS tracker in it.

Who knew Aria was so bada**! She put Sydney in some arm lock and then she got all tech savvy on us. I was surprised and impressed by her skills. Way to go, Aria!!

Now for Hanna.

It’s Hanna’s turn to play the game and she’s not happy about it.

The beginning of the episode starts off good for Hanna. She finds out that Mona was able to get her in the Style section of their newspaper. The article praises and showcases the dress that she (and Claudia, her former boss) designed, so she’s on cloud 9. However, shortly after, she finds out that some blogger is calling her out for copying Claudia’s work.

She instantly thinks that Jenna’s behind it, but she’s got bigger problems because the game is calling, literally. The phone that’s linked to the board game notifies her that it’s time to play. She tries ignores it, but it sends a message telling her to open her door and, at that exact same moment, someone starts banging on the door. Hanna doesn’t open it, but Caleb eventually does and he finds a mannequin that looks like her.

She ends up having to tell Caleb about the game and he immediately wants to examine it to figure out how it works, so he goes over to Spencer’s house to study it. While he’s at Spencer’s house, she’s at her apartment trying to figure out the mannequin’s purpose. She eventually realizes that A.D. wants her to cut it open, so she does and she finds a zip lock bag with a mini japanese style dress.

Hanna is heartbroken because she now understands what A.D. wants her to do. He/she wants Hanna to wear the dress to her meeting with some possible Japanese investors. She knows that, after seeing her in the dress, they’ll be offended and, therefore, refuse to invest in her and Lucas. She believes that her career is over, but she does it anyway because, after all, A.D. has the footage of them burying Ali’s ex-husband, Elliot. So, she dresses up and meets Lucas at The Radley Hotel for the meeting, but unfortunately (or rather fortunately) something comes up and she has to leave.

Are you wondering what came up?

Well, Caleb ended up getting rushed to the hospital. He was trying to lift up one of the houses on the board game when some unknown substance sprayed him in the face. He said that he couldn’t breath, think or talk, so it was a good thing that Spencer was there to call the ambulance.

As it turns out, Hanna didn’t complete her task, so she didn’t get her puzzle piece. What does that mean for the game and what will happen to the missing piece? Will it interfere with the final puzzle? We have no idea, so we’re gonna have to wait and see.

Oh, and Caleb and Spencer handled their reunion very well. It started off awkward, but it didn’t take long for them to straightened it out. That might’ve had something to do with the fact that Spencer has her own thing going on.

Shall we get into that now?

Alright, let’s do it. Let’s talk about Spencer.

Spencer didn’t do much tonight, so this should be short and sweet. This episode was all about her and the detective getting to know one another.

At the beginning of the episode, he runs into her at The Brew and notices how stressed out she is, so he asks her on a date. She agrees and he takes her to the community center that he frequented as a child. They laugh, talk, play ping pong and just have a good time.

It was good to see her smile again, however, I don’t know if she should get too comfortable with him. After all, he is a detective and she and the rest of The Liars and holding some pretty damaging secrets. I just hope that she doesn’t do something that’ll get them all hurt. For all we know, he’s only hanging out with her to get her to trust him, so she needs to be careful!

Moving on.

Toby had a lot of screen time in this episode, so let’s talk about all that happened to him.

This episode started off on a very positive note for Toby because Yvonne, his fiancé, finally woke up from her coma!

After she woke up, Toby decided that there was no better time than now to marry her, so he asked her to marry him right then and there. She said yes and, while still laying in the hospital bed, they were married. So sweet and romantic!

Later in the episode, the happy couple is in Yvonne’s hospital room discussing honeymoon locations and future plans when she starts to look a little funny. Her eyes start to droop and her speech starts to slow and, right away, I knew something wasn’t right, but I didn’t think that anything bad would happen.

Anyway, Toby asks her “Are you happy?” and she replies, “The happiest.” Right after she says that, Toby gets this strange look on his face, Yvonne’s eyes shut and they cut the camera and we see her bouquet hit the floor.

Oh my gosh, so heartbreaking! I instantly teared up. I can’t believe they killed Yvonne off like that, but do you think they’re trying to make Spencer and Toby a thing again?

I’m not sure, but, speaking of Toby and Spencer, that scene where he breaks down in her arms! Another scene that pulled on the heartstrings. This definitely was an emotional episode.

Anyway, the episode ends with the detective (I don’t remember his name) receiving a package from A.D. He and his coworkers crowd around as he opens it and they get a good whiff the stench as soon as he breaks the seal. He wiggles this white cloth out of the package and starts to unroll it. Turns out it’s a finger.

I’m thinking that it’s Elliot’s finger, which will prove that he is, in fact, dead and not on the run. That’ll be bad for the Liars because instead of hunting for Elliot, they’re going to be hunting for his killer(s), so, once again, they’re gonna be on high alert because of Rosewood Police Department. Only this time, they won’t have someone on the inside watching their backs.

Sucks to be them.

Great episode and I can’t wait for next week, so until then.

Amira 😉


A Little Extra: Once again, Alison wasn’t in this episode. According to the girls, she’s out of town filling out paperwork to try to get divorced from Elliot. Also, sorry this is so long. These episodes are so intricate and I just want to make sure that I get all the important stuff.


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