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Pretty Little Liars (S7 Ep.12 Review)

A brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars aired tonight and it got us one step closer to revealing A.D.’s identity.

Similar to last week’s review, I’m going to run through this episode by character.

First up, is Spencer.

She begins this episode still at odds with a couple of the ladies because they’re still pissed at her for starting the game, which I can understand. She’s also still very upset with her mom for never telling her that Mary Drake was, in fact, her biological mother.

At this point, Spencer seems extremely lost. She doesn’t really know where she fits in because everything that she thought was true, isn’t. She’s even turned to Detective Furey for help. She tells him about Mary’s letter in hopes of convincing him to make Mary his first priority. Spencer thinks that if she finds Mary than she’ll be able to find herself.

However, during one scene, while talking in his office, Jenna Marshall walks in and starts to tell a very contradicting (and phony) story.

According to Jenna, Noel was the bad guy and she was just playing along because she knew that he was planning to kill her. She pretty much wanted to get him before he got her, which explains why she had a gun. Spencer didn’t believe her, but, of course, the detective did. He says that the bullet that hit Spencer didn’t match the gun that Jenna had. Spencer immediately texts the other girls and they all freak out.

Later on in the episode, Mrs. Hastings tells Spencer that she and Mr. Hastings have decided to sell the house. She believes that Rosewood is toxic (which it is!), which is why she and her husband think that it’s best to get their family out of there. Spencer is still hurting, but Mrs. Hastings ends up sharing a very touching moment with her. She pretty much tells her that all she’s ever wanted was for Spencer to feel loved.

Very heartwarming, but on to Aria.

Aria is still confused about she and Ezra’s relationship. We didn’t see him this episode, so I guess it’s safe to assume that he is still in New York with Nicole.

At the beginning of the episode, Aria runs into some reporter who’s been looking for Ezra and he tells her that he wants to write an article on his and Nicole’s reunion. According to him, Nicole and Ezra were once engaged. Now, I didn’t know that and, apparently, neither did Aria, so she blows up at the reporter and storms off.

Cut to her somehow ending up at Holden’s sister’s wedding venue. Holden’s overwhelmed with the amount of work that he has to get done, so she volunteers to help and, while helping, she gets a link to some article that covered Nicole and Ezra’s reunion (not sure if it’s by the same reporter that she ran into earlier). That immediately knocks her off center and she ends up taking a trip to New York.

Her plan was to visit Nicole, but right when she’s about to walk into the building, Holden shows up and talks her off the ledge. I know in my last review I said that I didn’t trust him (most of me still doesn’t), but he’s starting to grow on me.

He and Aria are spending a lot of time together and he seems to be a great friend. He’s talked her off the ledge when it comes to Ezra on a couple of occasions.

However, with all that being said, this is Pretty Little Liars and I don’t know if he has an agenda, but, so far, he seems cool and I’m glad that Aria has him.

Now for Hanna.

She starts off this episode trying to get her fashion line together. Mona comes across this beautiful dress in Hanna’s closet and Hanna immediately freaks out and tells her that they can’t use it. Well, come to find out, Hanna created that dress with the assistance of her old boss, Claudia. Claudia is very mean and evil, but Hanna needs her approval to use the dress, so she tries calling, but she doesn’t hear back.

She and Mona meet at the Radley Hotel and, while talking about the line, they see Jenna walk in with an exact copy of Hanna’s dress. Mona storms over to ask where she got it from, but Jenna refuses to tell, so Hanna and Caleb (Yay! Still so happy that they’re back together!) decide to follow Jenna and her posse.

They stop at the same shoe repair shop that Hanna just so happens to get her shoes fixed at, so while Caleb distracts Jenna, Hanna follows her two friends into the shop. Well, that was a very bad idea because she ends up getting locked in a cage and someone starts drilling holes through the wall. She wasn’t hit, but they came close.

She’s immediately snapped back to the time when she was tortured and right when she gets a warning text from A.D., Caleb walks in and saves her. It was scary, but I loved seeing Caleb rescue her. It was so sweet and it shows how much he care about her.

Now for the one that this episode mainly revolved around: Emily.

Emily starts this episode vehemently refusing to play anymore of A.D.’s games. However, the jokes on her because she ends up being forced to play.

During this episode, Emily comes across a younger version of Alison. Her name is Addison (even their names are similar) and she’s a nightmare. She’s one of the students on Emily’s swim team and she’s the very definition of a spoiled brat.

From the beginning, we notice that she’s going to be a problem. We see her eavesdropping on Paige and Emily’s conversation, which is how she found out that Emily is a lesbian. Emily confronts her on being absent from school and she lies and says that she was pulled out early because she was sick. Emily, however, doesn’t believe her so she checks with the office.

Come to find out, she was right. Addison never went to the nurse that day, so, because she lied, Emily benches her for their next swim meet. She threatens Emily and storms out of class, but she doesn’t go far because we later find out that she, once again, eavesdropped on Emily’s conversation. She even takes a couple pictures of Ali and Emily hugging.

When I saw those photos, I knew that Addison would try to use Emily’s sexuality against her and that’s exactly what she did. She went to Paige with some bogus story about being uncomfortable around Emily. She stated that Emily was always standing too close or inappropriately touching, both, students and teachers, which is when she showed Paige the photo of her and Ali. She claimed that she felt that Emily was punishing her for not letting her take advantage of her.

So, she pretty much made Emily out to be a predator because she didn’t like being put in her place.

Paige doesn’t believe her (Thank God!), but she informs Emily of Addison’s claims and she convinces Emily to let her handle it. However, later in the episode, Emily sees Jenna in The Brew. She watches her send a text and at the exact moment that she sent it someone else in the coffeeshop received it, so she follows the sound and ends up finding Addison. She starts to wonder if Jenna and Addison are working together, so she rushes to Ali’s house to get the spare key to Spencer’s barn.

They make it to the barn and Emily ends up taking her turn in the game. The game gives her footage of Addison and her boyfriend sitting behind The Brew smoking weed during school hours, so, against Paige’s wishes, she confronts Addison. The girl is unfazed until Paige comes around the corner and reveals that they found emails between her and her friend, where she’s bragging about getting Emily fired. Paige sent a copy of the email to her parents and the principal, so Addison is busted!

I’m not sure if that’s the last we see of Addison, but I hope it is. I felt so bad for Emily because she really couldn’t do anything. However, it was crazy how the one person who was so adamant about not playing the game ended up turning to it to save her behind.

Anyway, the episode ends with Emily finding a puzzle piece in her school mailbox. She takes it back to Spencer’s and it matches the piece that Spencer received last episode. So, I’m assuming that every time someone takes a turn, they’ll get a puzzle piece that’ll eventually make up a whole puzzle that should lead them to A.D.

Overall, good episode and I can’t wait until next week.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? Let me know.

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Amira 😉


A Little Extra: Alison didn’t really do much this episode. She’s still trying to figure out what she’s going to do about the baby, but she mostly supported Emily.



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