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Vh1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ (S6 Ep.2 Review)

Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives opens up with Evelyn.

While at a photoshoot with her daughter, Shaniece, she ends up divulging everything that happened at Shaunie’s birthday party. Nothing special was revealed. She just talked about how she thought it was best to walk away from the situation because she didn’t want to get into it Tami.

I can definitely commend Evelyn for doing that because Tami calling her out of her name was extremely disrespectful and any other women would’ve retaliated. It’s good that Evelyn recognized that that wouldn’t have been the best decision.

From there, we jump to Tami, Jackie and Jackie’s friend, Elena, a.k.a. the woman who was dressed as Jackie’s hoe at the party. I didn’t catch much about her, but, apparently, she dated a basketball player back in the day. However, that statement applies to every woman on this show, so, so far, I didn’t see anything special about her.

Right after Elena’s introduction, Tami and Jackie start discussing what happened at Shaunie’s party and Tami isn’t happy about Jackie and Evelyn making up. She thinks that Jackie gave in too easy and she also still believes that Evelyn donated to Takari, Jackie’s daughter, for publicity. To further prove her beliefs, she tells Jackie that Evelyn wrote a long paragraph on Takari’s Go Fund Me page.

Tami made it sound like Evelyn called Jackie all kind of names in that paragraph, but we later find out that that wasn’t the case at all. That was just Tami trying to keep Jackie on her side.

Misery sure does love company, doesn’t it?

After that lunch date, we skip to another one, which includes Shaunie and her friend and new cast member, Bonnie-Jill Laflin. Bonnie-Jill seems to be a really accomplished woman. She’s an actress, sportscaster and the first and only female NBA scout, to date. She’s also dating basketball player, Kareem Rush. I am very impressed by her resume. It’s good to see that she didn’t come up off of social media or reality tv. She’s one of the few ladies who actually works a 9 to 5. It’s surprisingly refreshing!

Something else that was also fresh and new about her was that she isn’t in a hurry to marry or have children. Well, she actually said that she doesn’t want to have children, but she stated that she’s content with where her relationship is at at the moment, so marriage isn’t a priority. I loved that! She’s actually the complete opposite of most of the ladies on this show. She’s just going with the flow!

However, I will say that, at the end of the episode, she looked a little ditzy. She dropped a huge bomb and was just looking around like she had no clue what had just happened. But even with all that, I still liked her. Can’t wait to see how she’ll fit in with the other ladies.

We cut to Jackie and, once again, she’s meddling in someone else’s affairs. Apparently, she doesn’t like the fact that her daughter’s baby daddy is currently playing basketball in the Ukraine, so she wants to call and talk to him about moving back the states. She also wants to talk to him about marrying Chantel. Chantel and Doug tell her to mind her business, but, of course, she doesn’t. She ends up calling and that whole scene was just ridiculous. I’m not even going to waste my time by saying anymore about it.

After that, Bonnie-Jill invites Evelyn and Jackie to some recuse facility where they meet and talk about all the Beagles that they have rescued. She wants them to use their social media to help spread awareness and, hopefully, get these dogs in some homes.

While at the facility, Jackie and Evelyn end up talking about the paragraph that Tami mentioned. Evelyn eases Jackie’s mind by telling her that it wasn’t anything bad. All she said was that she hopes that her grandson gets better. Once again, they make up and move on.

The next lunch date kind of threw me because I didn’t see the point in it, so it was very obvious that this scene was staged for drama. So, Elena and Keonna meet for lunch and, before they can even get comfortable, Elena tells Keonna that she used to text Keonna’s baby daddy, Nick Young, back in the day.

Keonna’s instantly upset and she gets even more pissed when she finds out that Elena and Nick didn’t do anything other than text. She feels that there really wasnt a point in Elena telling her since nothing serious went on. I agree with Keonna on this. There was no point in telling her that and the fact that Elena and Nick never even met, face to face, makes this whole situation even more shady. Elena looked like she was trying to start some mess and Keonna wasn’t here for it.

After that small taste of drama, we get a little bit of good news. Chantel had her baby!! Jackie wasn’t able to make it back to Sacramento in time for the delivery, but she was able to greet Chantel and her baby girl when they came home from the hospital. It was such a sweet moment, but, of course, Jackie had to mess it up with her crazy, unwanted advice. Fortunately, Chantel was able to shut her down before she got too carried away, so we were saved.

Now, for the final scene. We have another lunch date. Gosh, I never noticed how often these ladies meet for lunch!

Anyway, Bonnie-Jill, Shaunie and Tami meet up and this is Tami and Bonnie-Jill’s first time meeting. Things start off well. Theyre talking, laughing and having a good time, until Bonnie-Jill brings up the fact that Evelyn and Jackie had a private discussion at her rescue facility.

Shaunie and Tami want to know what they talked about, but Bonnie-Jill couldn’t give them too much information because she was across the room while they were talking. She did, however, say that she overheard them say “Tami is messy.” After hearing that, Tami instantly went off the handle. She starts yelling and cursing and going all out, so, long story short, she’s now side eying Jackie too.

Overall, this episode was okay. It’s the same old thing. A whole bunch of unnecessary drama. This episode ended on a high note and next week will feature a few altercations between several ladies. From the sneak peek we see that Jackie and Tami have a heated exchange and so does Elena and Keonna.

So, until next week…

Let me know your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives.

Basketball Wives airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Vh1.

Amira 😉


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