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Vh1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ (S6 Ep.1 Review)

The season six line up of Basketball Wives. I do not own the rights to this photo.

Evelyn Lozada is back and all the drama in tonight’s episode involved her.

But, before we get into the episode, let’s list the five cast mates that we met tonight:

Evelyn Lozada

Shaunie O’Neal

Tami Roman

Jackie Christie

Keonna Green


The episode picks up with Shaunie and Evelyn reuniting. The two play a quick game of catch up, with Evelyn telling Shaunie that she and her fiancé, Carl Crawford, are having trouble getting pregnant. They discuss her multiple miscarriages and their journey with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). From there, they get into the drama.

Apparently, Evelyn and Tami still have a rocky relationship and haven’t talked in four years. Evelyn thinks that it has to do with Tami’s ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, but we later find out that that actually wasn’t the issue at all.

After Evelyn and Shaunie talk, we cut to Jackie. She and her daughter, Chantel, are looking for a new home for their family. Chantel is pregnant by some basketball player and Jackie’s excited and can’t wait for the baby to be born. While they’re house hunting, they get on the subject of Jackie’s other daughter, Takari.

Takari’s not on the show and she doesn’t live with The Christies, so were rarely hear about her, but, sadly, she’s gone through some tragedy. Apparently, her son got into some kind of accident at daycare and ended up getting burned pretty badly. Since she was in need of money (and her mother refused to give her some), she decided to start a Go Fund Me page. Evelyn ended up donating $3,500 and, for some reason, that pissed Jackie off.

Jackie’s got it in her head that Evelyn only donated to throw shade at her. She thinks that Evelyn was trying to make her look like a terrible mother, which, I think is ridiculous!

I didn’t understand how she came to that conclusion, but that’s Jackie. I don’t care for her and I don’t understand why she’s still on this show because that story actually played out online a couple months ago, so we kind of already know what went on.

Now let’s jump to Shaunie and Tami. They meet to discuss Shaunie’s 70s themed birthday party. They play catch up and everything’s all good until Shaunie tells Tami that Evelyn will be attending. Tami, of course, isn’t happy, but she accepts it.

After that, we get to watch as Jackie and Tami bond over their shared hatred of Evelyn. During this lunch date, we finally get to hear why Tami is so upset. Apparently, Evelyn did some type of interview four years ago, where she pretty much disowned the friendship that she and Tami were building. She said something along the lines of, she would never associate with someone like Tami and that she didn’t respect her. Tami says that after hearing this interview, she tried to get in touch with Evelyn, but she was never able to do so, so she still wants to know why Evelyn said those things.

Jackie, on the other hand, is still pissed about Evelyn giving her daughter money. She and Tami think that Evelyn used Takari for publicity. Once again, still don’t get that logic, but whatever.

Enter in one of the new cast mate, Keonna Green.

Now, I know this girl. She’s Iggy Azalea’s ex-fiance, Nick Young’s, baby’s mother. They were high school sweethearts when she got pregnant with their first child, but, I guess, they didn’t work out. He started dating and, later, proposed to Iggy Azalea, while still messing with her. She says that he would always try to get with her, but she would resist. However, the one time that she did give in, she got pregnant with their second child. Keep in mind this all happened while he was engaged to Iggy Azalea.

She claims that Iggy knew all about their relationship and that she even tried to call her to come and get him at one point, but that she ignored it. She wants people to know that she wasn’t the side piece and that she’s the mother of his children, so she deserves some respect.

Now, this might not be the popular opinion, but I can’t see her as the victim. In fact, I would say that she was the side piece because he was engaged to someone else when she got pregnant. I don’t care how much history you have or how many babies y’all made together, if he is not exclusively yours (FWB); y’all are not in a committed relationship and/or both single, than you shouldn’t sleep with him.

In my opinion, you can’t sleep with a man who is engaged to somebody else and then claim that you were not the other woman. That makes no sense. If he was so unhappy than he should’ve broken it off with his fiancé and then came back to Keonna. He may be the father of her children, but he was no longer hers and she should’ve made that clear when he tried to push up on her.

Not at all saying that he’s innocent in this because he’s just as guilty, but I just can’t take that whole “I’m not the side piece” thing seriously, especially their situation.

Fast forward to this 70 themed birthday party. Now, right from the jump we can already tell that it’s going to be nothing but drama. We got Jackie who walks in the door with a funky attitude. She’s determined to confront Evelyn and tossing back all those drinks didn’t do nothing but give her a ton of liquid courage. Then we got Tami, who we all know is ready. She had a mean look on her face and she even refused to hug Evelyn when she greeted her.

First up, is Jackie. She confronts Evelyn and nothing she said made any type sense. She told Evelyn that she felt slighted and that people were all up in her DMs claiming that she was trying to thrown shade at her and her parenting. She, flat out, told Evelyn that she was wrong for donating that money. She said that if Evelyn wanted to help someone, than there were plenty of other people that she could’ve helped.

This conversation was clearly staged and it went nowhere and, as I said earlier, made absolutely NO SENSE. Evelyn stuck to her guns and didn’t apologize for donating that money and Jackie eventually let it go.

Now, Tami and Evelyn’s conversation was a little more explosive. To make a long story short, they weren’t on the same page. Evelyn thought that Tami was mad that she, unknowingly, slept with her ex-husband, but Tami was actually mad about the interview. Evelyn denied doing the interview, which pissed Tami off and things just went downhill from there. Evelyn eventually got up and left the table because Tami was getting too heated.

The next day, Tami and Shaunie meet for lunch to discuss the events that happened at the party. However, before Shaunie can get comfortable, Tami whips out her phone and actually plays a recording of the interview.

The episode ends with Tami claiming that Evelyn is actually “her current dude’s mistress.” Don’t know what that means, but, according to Tami, Evelyn’s been with three different dudes, in three different sports, in six years. I don’t know where that came from!

Overall, this episode was okay. It was a great opener and I’m curious to see how they’re going to integrate Keonna and Bonnie-Jill Laflin into the fold. They’re the new girls, so I can’t wait to see who they end up clicking with. Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo will also be in this season, but, since they aren’t new to this whole Basketball Wives thing, I’m not really anxious about seeing them.

Anyway, can’t wait until next week. Let me know what you thought about tonight’s premiere episode of Basketball Wives.

Basketball Wives airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Vh1.

Amira 😉


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