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Severed: Alien Mate Index Book 4 by Evangeline Anderson (Book Review)

*I was given an advanced reader’s copy of this book for an honest review.


Severed: Alien Mate Index Book 4 by Evangeline Anderson

Page: 368

Price: $3.99 (Kindle Edition); $14.99 (Paperback)

Rating: 3/5

Review: This is the 4th book in Evangeline’s AMI series and it was okay. I thought that this would be my favorite, but it ended up being the complete opposite.


Severed told Rylee Hale and her two Denarin mates, Drace and Lucian’s, journey to love and acceptance.

Now, I’ve read triad (1 female, 2 males) romance novels in the past, so I wasn’t put off by the thought of this type of relationship, but what did strike me as odd was the way the Denarin society worked. They had so many rules and regulations as to how their relationships should work and it really reminded me of how people react to things that they don’t understand in real life. But, let me give you the synopsis of this story before I start on what I thought about the status quo of Drace and Lucian’s home planet.

Drace and Lucian are both from the planet of Denaris and Denarins are known for always being in triad relationships. Being in a triad is so ingrained in their DNA and history that they feel incomplete if they aren’t included in one. They can’t even reproduce with just one male and female because the female needs a combination of both males’ DNA in order to create a baby. Shocking, but very creative.

There also isn’t just one race of Denarins. They are split up in clans with each clan having their own rules, regulations, appearances and just overall way of living and it just so happened that our two male leads are from enemy clans.

Lucian is from the Fang Clan and from my understanding he’s apart of the upperclass. His mother is a socialite, his fathers are two very important members of their society and he’s a litigator who lives in a high rise apartment in the middle of the city. Drace, on the other hand, is from the Claw Clan and I would consider them middle class. We didn’t meet his parents, but we met his older brother and from what I can understand, while they aren’t poor, everyone has to work to stay comfortable. Drace’s clan lives in the jungle and they seem to be a hardworking bunch.

However, with all that being said, I didn’t really get a clear picture on their personalities. The above paragraph is about the extent of my knowledge about each of them. Besides them both being alpha males who, at first, were determined to be separated from one another, all I really know about them is that they live to love and protect their female. Ms. Anderson didn’t go deep into their individual backgrounds.

Anyway, these two were accidentally bonded at a party and, once they realized what had happened, they instantly started looking for ways to break their bond because, as I mentioned earlier, not only are their clans are sworn enemies, but they’re both alpha males and it’s unheard of for two alphas to be in one triad. There’s supposed to be one alpha, one beta and their female, so I can kind of understand why they were so determined to break their bond. The looks and reactions that they were getting from other citizens reminded me of the reactions that some homosexual and interracial couples get when they’re in public. It’s that terrible mix of confusion, shock and disgust that really makes those in receipt of it very uncomfortable. While those looks on Earth are few and far between, Lucian and Drace received those looks from everyone.

However, a sea witch told them that they needed a Pure One to break their bond, so, of course, they went searching for one, which is how they made it to Earth and the AMI program.

After watching Rylee interact with two of her clients, they decided that she was the perfect one to break their bond, so they had her transported from Earth and this is where their journey begins.

Out of the previous 3 books, this one wasn’t as complex. The whole novel was based on them trying to get separated from one another, so there really wasn’t a villain. There were people who didn’t agree with their relationship and who tried to talk them out of being together, but they weren’t as bad as the villains from the previous books.

I don’t really have too much to say about this book because it didn’t fully connect with me. I finished it, but when I was done I was kind of left feeling incomplete. It just didn’t pack the same punch as the previous books.

Although I did find Rylee’s character courageous and nice for wanting to hep Lucian and Drace on their quest, I still don’t have anything else to say about her. She kind of faded to the background for me and, like her two males, there wasn’t much depth to her. Now that the novel is over, if I was asked to give an overview of her character, I wouldn’t be able to because nothing about her really stuck out.

Since the novel was about these three trying to break their bond, there were very little secondary characters. We did come into contact with a couple family members from each male, but other than that we just read about Rylee and her men.

However, I will say that I didn’t like Lucian’s mother at all. I thought that she was a horrible excuse for a parent and I, honestly, thought that his fathers were just as bad. The sacrifice that they made him make so that they could solidify their place in the clan was unacceptable. No self-respecting parent would ever expect that of their child. I was VERY bummed that we didn’t get to see how he dealt with them at the end of the novel. His mother was very manipulative and I hope that Lucian ended up putting her in her place.

I also didn’t really care for Drace’s brother and his female. They were exceptionally rude and not open to change and the way they treated Drace and his bond mates was terrible. However, their beta was very sweet and I instantly liked him. I’m hoping his behavior will rub off on them, eventually.

Overall, this book was okay. I liked the plot and the idea of doing the triad relationship, but I just couldn’t connect with the characters. This book wasn’t my favorite, but I got through it and I’ll still read the next one in the series. If book 5 is about Lord Mandrex then I will definitely check it out because his story seems like it’ll be good.

Severed is now available for purchase, so feel free to check this one out and come back to let me know what you thought of it.

Happy reading!

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: There was mention of the ladies from the previous stories, but, besides Leah, they didn’t make an appearance. Also, I have written reviews on all of the previous books, so here are the links for them, if you’re interested: Book 1; and Book 3. I wrote a review for book 2, but I posted it directly on Amazon.


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