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E!’s ‘Rob & Chyna’ (Ep.5 Review)

Tonight’s episode of Rob & Chyna was full of drama between the soon-to-be parents.

The episode started out with Rob and Chyna being on good terms, so much so that they even made the decision to move back in together, but, sadly, those blissful feelings were short lived.

If you remember, a couple episodes ago, Chyna informed her best friend, Paige, that she would have to move out. Paige agreed, so, logically, she would start packing her belongings, right? Well, when Chyna saw Paige’s things in boxes, she immediately started to second guess herself and her decision to have Paige leave.

Now, when I first saw this scene, which was at the beginning of the episode, I was a little annoyed at Chyna because I wanted Paige to move out. I want to see her and Rob work and I thought that it would be hard for them to build their family with her best friend being the third wheel, but, by the end of the episode, I completely understood Chyna’s thought process.

You see, Chyna says that she can’t rely on Rob. He has his moments (and we all know he does) when he disappears and she can’t find him, so she likes the idea of having Paige at home with her, so that she wouldn’t be alone with the baby. According to her, Paige helps her out a lot, so having that reliable help is something that she really appreciates and I get that.

Unfortunately, Rob confirmed Chyna’s feeling by dropping off the face of the Earth in the later half of this episode. He, literally, blocked Chyna (and his sisters and his mom) and left the state. He and Chyna had a really huge blow out in the car over some fries and, I guess, after that he decided that he didn’t want to talk to anyone. The argument wasn’t even about the fries because frustration had been building up between the duo for some time and that day in the car was just when they released it.

To help you understand what happened, I’m going to go back a little and explain where the frustration came from.

The first thing was Rob’s clothing line. He’s been working on it for a few years, but every time things started to progress, he would disappear. And, as we all know, Rob is finally in a semi-good place, so he thought that it would be a great idea to pick back up with the clothing line and release it. However, when he told Chyna about it, she didn’t give him the reaction that he wanted.

She basically told him that he has too much on his plate (i.e. the baby, his sock line, keeping his health and fitness on track and also finding them a new house) and that he should put it on hold, but, of course, Rob didn’t see it that way. He saw it as her knocking him down and he took it as her no longer supporting him.

I have to say that I do understand where Chyna is coming from. Rob does have a lot on his plate and it would be best for him to focus on that stuff first, but, at the same time, I probably would’ve just given him my blessing. Rob rarely shows confidence in anything, so the fact that he was excited about that clothing line would’ve had me agreeing because I wouldn’t have wanted to rain on his parade.

The second and third things are kind of linked. One is Chyna’s backpedaling in having Paige move out and the other is her resistance to move into a new house with him. I told you guys my thoughts on the first one earlier, so I’m going to talk about the second, which is kind of similar to the first.

At first, I didn’t get it, but, by the end of the episode, I understood it a little better. However, if you’re willing to marry and have a baby with someone, than you should, at least, be willing to create a home with that person.

Don’t you guys agree?

However, this relationship is very difficult because Chyna refuses to fully tie herself to Rob because of his flaky behavior. She dosen’t really know what she’s getting from him, so it’s hard for me to fault her for not really wanting to get rid of the only reliable person that she has in California or to be in a hurry to give up a reliable and secure home.

Point blank, I think they moved too fast. They entered into a permanent situation without even fully knowing one another and now their stuck.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agin: these two are too different and as much as I want them to work, I’m not sure if they can. He wants something from her that she can’t give and she wants something from him that he can’t give, so they have a problem.

What do you guys think? Am I on the right track or not? Let me know in the comment section. Also, what you thought of the episode and how are you feeling about the show so far?

The Rob & Chyna season finale airs on Sunday at 9 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: For those who are interested, we did see Kim, Khloe and Kourtney again. Chyna attended Rob’s grandmother, MJ’s, birthday party (without Rob, which was awkward) and they were there, of course. She even had a private conversation with Kim about Rob. It all looked forced and I still think the Kardashians don’t like Chyna.


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