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NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ (Ep.2 Review)

Tonight’s episode of This Is Us provided a little bit more insight into each character’s past. It was really good and it also ended with another plot twist, but, instead of giving us answers, it left me with many more questions.

We’re going to do the same thing that we did for my last review. To make it easier for you to read and for me to reiterate, I’m going to list each character and discuss what happened with him/her during this episode.

We’ll start with Rebecca and Jack again. Their story picked up 8 years after she gave birth and we can see right away that she’s having a tough time. It’s difficult to raise one child, so I can only imagine how much of a struggle it is for her to raise three.

In addition to worrying about Kate’s weight, she’s also struggling with getting the boys (Kevin and Randall) to get along. Randall is getting teased in school because his peers don’t understand how a black child can have a brother (and sister) who’s white. Kevin’s friends are making him choose and he’s actually siding with them, so, as a result, his relationship with Randall suffers, which leads to them fighting.

Jack isn’t to involved with raising the kids because, according to Rebecca, he isn’t around enough. She eventually confronts him about this, which I had to give her a round of applause for. She believes that her kids deserve better and she’s fed up with his behavior (apparently, he has a drinking problem?), so she called him out on it and let him know that he needs to straighten up. Jack knew that he was wrong and I don’t think he needed his best friend, Miguel, to tell him that.

They end on good terms and he gives her a gift: a crescent shaped necklace that she vowed to never take off.

Next is Kate and her awesome ‘almost boyfriend,’ Toby. She is still struggling with her weight. She’s getting really frustrated about it and, at one point, she blew up at a couple of the people that attend her support group.

But, on a good note, we get to see Kate kind of loosen up. Kevin convinced her to attend a ‘Hollywood party’ that his agent ended up throwing for him and, although she didn’t want to go, she did it for her brother (and for Toby). They get there and she automatically notices how people are looking and laughing at her, so Toby decides to get her drunk to help her loosen up. It works, but not for long. She eventually sobered up and the problems that she was trying to drink away came back.

One thing that we learned while watching this episode was that Kate has always struggled with her weight. All through her childhood, Rebecca was always trying to get her to watch what she was eating because she wanted her to be ‘healthier,’ so I can understand why her insecurities run so deep.

However, I completely adore Toby! He is so funny and he’s, literally, the perfect guy for her. He’s so confident in his skin and I love how he tries to get her to be the same way, but it’s not that easy for her and, according to her, it’ll NEVER be that easy for her because she’ll always be consumed with thoughts about her weight. Such a touching scene between those two.

Now on to Kevin. This episode was all about his career. We start with him meeting with his agent and she, for one, expressing her anger at him for walking off the set of his sitcom. She (or some random guy that works for her) also lets him know that he is contractually bound to that show for another two years and if he doesn’t get back on that show, than he could be sued. His agent ends up hosting a party (the same party that Kate went to) for him, where the whole point was for him to beg his boss to let him back on the show.

The talk with his boss doesn’t go well (he threatened to ruin Kevin’s acting career if he didn’t return to work) and he ends up calling Randall, not only for advice, but also to apologize for how he treated him when they were little. Randall ends up reminding him of the type of person that their parents raised and Kevin grows a pair and ends up telling his boss off. Good for you, Kevin!!

I just want to say that I loved the little chant that Jack created for them when they were little. It’s so sweet and it helps remind them that, no matter what, they’re family. It was like their anthem and it’s kind of cool. This is how it goes:

“First came me and dad said, ‘Gee.’ Then came me and mom said, ‘Wee!.’ And then came me and they said, ‘That’s three!’ Big three!”

So sweet! Now let’s get to Randall, and the stuff that he and his wife, Beth, went through during this episode.

Other than Beth’s suspiciousness toward Randall’s birth father, William, they didn’t have much drama. I completely understood why she was so suspicious toward William though. They don’t really know him and he’s staying in their home with their children. It also didn’t help that he asked Randall for money and they have no solid proof that he actually has stomach cancer.

Like Rebecca, she goes straight to the problem and confronts him about his authenticity. William, of course, has a very convincing explanation ready, so she lets it go, but, even though she felt bad about questioning him, I’m glad she did. I think it’s better to ask than to have not asked and sit back and let your suspicions fester and grow. Now that she knows, she can move on.

But, with all that being said, I can’t help but think that maybe William’s lying. Could he still be on drugs? Is he taking advantage of Randall and his kindness? I’m not sure, but I will continue to watch in hopes of finding out.

What do you guys think? Is William lying to Beth?

Overall, this was a good episode and and I can’t wait until next week.

That ending really threw me and its got me worrying about Jack and his future. I know I’m not alone. Doesn’t it make you guys worry about him?

Anyway, what did you all think of tonight’s episode of This Is Us? Did you love it or hate it? If you loved it, let me know why in the comment section. I’m also curious about those of you who didn’t like it. You can let me know why in the comment section as well.

Until next week!

This Is Us airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Amira 😉

PLEASE NOTE: This Is Us doesn’t air again until Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. They’re skipping next week. 


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