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E!’s ‘Rob & Chyna’ (Ep.3 Review)

In tonight’s episode of Rob & Chyna not only did we get to witness Rob stepping out of his comfort zone a little more, but we also got a glimpse into Chyna’s past.

The episode started off with Chyna making arrangements to go back home to Washington, DC to visit her mother, Tokyo Toni, on the Fourth of July. She hadn’t see her in a while, so she was really looking forward to going back home to not only visit her mom, but to also visit friends and other family members that she hadn’t seen in quite some time.

She stated right from the jump that she really wanted Rob to come with her and if he bailed on her again than she would really have to rethink their relationship, but before she was able to jump that hurdle, she had to tackle another issue all together.

So, apparently, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian sisters came to Rob to invite, both, he and Chyna to Khloe’s birthday party, but Rob, being the introvert that he is, didn’t say anything to Chyna about it because he’d already decided that he didn’t want to go. She ended up finding out about the invite from the Kardashian sisters because they called her and invited her personally.

She was a little hurt that he didn’t bring the initiation up to her, which I can kind of understand. Chyna has had a really rocky relationship with the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, so I think she took this invitation as an olive branch. At the end of the day, she wants them to accept her and their relationship, and, I think, she saw this invitation as them making a step to doing just that.

However, I can also understand why Rob wasn’t to keen on attending the party. He knows how his sisters roll, so he knew that there would be a lot of people and cameras present, which are two things that he’s been trying to avoid because he isn’t happy with his appearance. So, even though they ended up leaving early and he had a mini meltdown before they arrived, I was still proud of him for going because the very situation that he was afraid of being in was the same situation that he found himself in as soon as they walked in the door. So, kudos to Rob!

After they made it through that, Chyna had to try to convince Rob to go to DC with her and I’m happy to announce that, with much convincing, he eventually decided to go.

While in DC, in addition to giving Rob a rundown of her past, Chyna arranged a dinner with a few of her family members. Besides Rob, she asked her father, mother and three of her half siblings to attend. The half siblings that she asked to attend are all from her father. According to Chyna, he actually has 12 kinds (10 girls and 2 boys), in total, but I guess she was only close to the three that she invited.

The dinner started off good, but it got a little awkward when her mom walked in the door. She hadn’t seen Chyna’s dad in over 10 years and I don’t think they ended on good terms, so there was still some animosity between them. She was composed when she first sat down and she was making an effort to speak to everyone, but when she asked what the age difference was between the three girls sitting at the table (Chyna included), that composure went out the window.

Apparently, Chyna’s dad had three kinds within five months of one another. You all know what that means, right? If not, then let me tell you. It seems Chyna’s papa wasn’t being faithful to her momma. He’d had to have been sleeping with (or slept with) someone else (or other people) during that time in order for the kids to be so close in age. Tokyo Toni wasn’t feeling that, so she got up from the table and left.

Chyna chased her out and got her to come back in and she let it go. It happened so long ago that I think she just let it roll off her back. Either that or the whole scene was scripted.

After that, everyone went on a field trip to the strip club that Chyna started stripping at. Not sure if I would’ve taken my parents (or my fiancé) on this trip, but she’s very proud of where she came from and she, obviously, has a different relationship with her parents than I do with mine, so there’s that.

I have no positive words to say about that strip club. It looked so terrible! There were girls hanging off the ceilings (is that even safe and isn’t that a hazard?) and, from what I could see, the establishment looked dingy and dirty. I know Chyna’s happy that she made it out of that place.

This is pretty random, but I have to mention it: I loved that Chyna took Rob to get some crabs! That just proves that she’s really from the DMV. He looked like he wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole, but she couldn’t wait to dig in. Yummy! I guess you can’t get good crabs in LA.

Fast forward to the Fourth of July party that her mom threw for her. Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was definitely a culture shock for Rob, but I think he enjoyed himself. There was a little bit of drama between Chyna’s best friend of 10 years, Treasure, and her LA best friend, Paige, but, before it got really bad, Chyna stepped in and had them squash it.

Overal, the episode was good. It was nice seeing where Chyna came from and I’m extremely curious to know if any of my family members know hers. My dad is from DC and I have a lot of family there, so I wonder if he (or anyone else) knows Tokyo Toni.

I’m also curious to know your thoughts on this episode of Rob & Chyna. Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comment section or through social media.

Until next week!

Rob & Chyna airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉


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