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E!’s ‘Rob & Chyna’ (Ep.2 Review)

This week’s episode of Rob & Chyna was focused on the couple’s insecurities.

We’ve already seen or are already aware of what Rob’s insecurities consist of, so that wasn’t anything new, but being able to see Chyna deal with her insecurities kind of put her on the same playing field as Rob. It showed that everyone has insecurities and that it doesn’t matter how strong you are because no-one is exempt from that type of vulnerability.

The episode started with Rob and Chyna still being on the outs. It took Rob 4 days to, finally, pick up the phone and contact his fiancé. That’s unacceptable to me. I don’t care how mad you are, if we’re engaged to be married (or in any type of relationship, for that matter), the least you can do is return my phone calls. We don’t have to have a long drawn out conversation, but I would expect some type of communication. Don’t just ignore me. That wasn’t cool and I would’ve been pissed if my boyfriend/fiancé/husband pulled something like that.

Anyway, so, like I said earlier, he did end up calling and they decided to meet up to talk. They apologized to one another, but Rob told Chyna that he didn’t think that moving back in with her would be a good idea and I can kind of understand where he was coming from with this one.

Rob has some stuff that he really needs to deal with and he can’t focus on improving himself if he’s too busy fighting with Chyna. I think a lot of the problems that they fight about would be solved if he had more confidence in himself. Rob isn’t at his best right now. Yes, he’s doing better than he was before, but he still has some things that he needs to work on before they can truly be together.

For example, although he’s not totally confined to his home, he still struggles with being out in public. During this episode, he ended up bailing on Chyna to a trip to Cannes because he wasn’t ready for the amount of attention that he knew he would be getting at the event. I don’t really blame Rob for deciding to not attend, but I did feel a little bad for Chyna because, as I said earlier, she was dealing with her own insecurities and I think she would’ve loved having Rob there to reassure her.

Wouldn’t you guys agree? Every girl wants to be able to depend on her man when she’s feeling vulnerable, right?

A couple days (or maybe weeks) prior to the trip, Chyna came across an article where some doctor made some mean comments about her body. He or she said that her booty looked deflated or something along those lines. She was already self conscious about her body because of her pregnancy, so those comments only added to her destress. She went to Cannes anyway because she was set to host an event, but days before and even minutes before said event, she was constantly asking her friend, Paige, how she looked.

I don’t know how it feels to have so many eyes on you and/or to have so many opinions being made about you, but I can only imagine that it’s not easy to deal with. I’ve read some of the things that people say about, both, Rob and Chyna (and any other Kardashian, for that matter) and most of the comments are not nice. In fact, a lot of them are just plain disgusting, but I think having someone by your side who understands what you’re going through should help a little. Right?

Don’t think that this episode was all ‘doom and gloom’ because it wasn’t. There were some entertaining and funny moments in it. For example, having Scott be Rob’s wingman was just plain comical. Scott is goofy as ever and having him try to keep Rob in line is just ridiculous, but, surprisingly, very helpful.

If anyone knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom, it’s Lord Disick, so having him be Rob’s cheerleader creates some type of ‘Judgment Free Zone’ because Scott would never (or even has the right to) judge Rob because he’s been where he is. It’s genius and probably the best thing for Rob.

Don’t you agree?

Rob and Chyna ended on a good note. They made up and, after being chewed out by Paige, Chyna made a point to try to support Rob more and to be more empathetic to what he’s going through. It was a sweet scene and I hope she actually does what she said she would.

Overal, the episode was good and I can’t wait until next week because we get to see Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni. Judging from what I can see during next week’s sneak peek, she asks Chyna’s father a question that she wasn’t ready to hear the answer to and things start from there.

I can’t wait to see that one. But, anyways, what did you guys think of tonight’s episode of Rob & Chyna? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know. Also, are guys excited for next week’s episode too?

Until next week!

Rob & Chyna airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉

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