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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (S2 Ep.9 Review)

The pressure is officially on!!

Tonight’s episode of The Rap Game was the lead up to next week’s season finale.

Jermaine made it clear that there would be no more challenges and Hit Lists, so, from this point on, it’s up to the kids to put all that they’ve been taught over the last few weeks to the test.

During next week’s finale, the kids will have the performance of their lives. Jermaine let them choose their own beat; write their own rap; and put their own show together. That’s what tonight’s episode was all about. It documented them getting ready for that “big a** performance.”

In addition to the kids writing and learning their rhymes for their performances, they also got the opportunity to meet a couple more big name artists.

First, they met rapper, Flo Rida. When they first met Flo Rida they initially thought that they would be getting the opportunity to open for him at one of his shows, but Jermaine quickly shut that down and let them know that they would be working out (as in exercise) with Flo Rida.

It’s very important for any type of entertainer (especially rappers and singers) to have good conditioning, so the kids had a workout session with Flo Rida. The workout session wasn’t bad. After being active for a couple minutes, it became very clear to all of them that they weren’t ready to perform at a stadium. They were all out of breath and struggling to get through the workout in one piece. However, I do give them all credit for being able to put on a little show after they finished their workout. They all did good, but, sadly, all good things must come to an end or be ruined.

Two of the kids got into a stupid argument. Jayla Marie said that she was the best in the house and Prince of New York disagreed, so he proceeded to tell Flo Rida why HE was the best. Jayla Marie wasn’t having it, so she decided to say a couple things to him. Of course, he returned fire with fire and it just kept going until Flo Rida put a stop to it.

I didn’t understand why Prince of New York got in his feelings when Jayla Marie said what she said. So what if she felt that she was the best in the house. I’m sure they all feel that they’re the best in the house. I wouldn’t have let it get under my skin like he did. He should’ve pushed it to the side like everyone else did. There’s no way I would’ve embarrassed myself (or Jermaine) in front of Flo Rida like that. I’m so disappointed in both of them for behaving that way because it wasn’t necessary.

Wouldn’t you agree?

After their workout with Flo Rida, they were called to the studio where they got the opportunity to meet with singing legend, Mariah Carey. They performed for her and she ended up giving them tips on how to improve their stage presence. They (especially the boys) were all excited to meet (and hug) her and she gave them some good advice. Hopefully, they’ll use it during their performances.

The kids are really starting to feel the pressure of the situation. For example, we really saw Prince of New York’s frustration. He flipped out during this episode, not only toward Jayla Marie, but also on his manager. She didn’t seem to mind because she knew that it was because of his frustration, but he was really on edge.

The rest of the kids were feeling the pressure to, but they seemed to deal with it a little better. A couple of them (mainly Lil Key and Mani) were busy coming up with prop ideas for their performance.

This episode was filled with pep talks and performance ideas. It really made me excited for next week’s episode. It ended on the morning of the performance, so we got to see the excitement (and nervousness) on each young rapper’s face.

We also got to see the chain that will be gifted to one of them at the conclusion of the finale. It looked nice and you could definitely see the sparkle and anticipation in each of their eyes.

Great idea in showing them the chain before their performances because that was some serious incentive!

Anyway, what did you think of tonight’s episode of The Rap Game? Did you like it? If so, what was your favorite part?

Also, who do you think will win this season of The Rap Game? I, personally, am rooting for Lil Key. Let me know who you’re rooting for in the comment section.

Until the finale!

The Rap Game season 2 finale airs next Friday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Amira 😉

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