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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (S2 Ep.6 Review)

This week’s episode of The Rap Game was all about standing out and Jermaine had celebrity dancing duo, Les Twins, give the young artists a couple pointers before he revealed the challenge.

It was definitely entertaining watching them dance because most of the kids aren’t dancers, so some of the “moves” that they were doing was just plain comical. Some struggled to find the rhythm, but they all played it off. They looked very confident in what they were doing and Les Twins gave everyone great advice that they were expected to utilize during the challenge.

Speaking of the challenge, the kids were given the opportunity to shoot a music video. They had to write and record a verse for hip hop group, We Are Toonz’s, new song, Drizzy, and then record that verse for their music video.

If you aren’t familiar with We Are Toonz, they were the original group that came up with the NaeNae. I’d never heard of them before this, but, from what I’ve seen, they’re all very talented dancers.

I don’t have much to say about how the kids did in the studio this week. They (including Jayla Marie) didn’t have trouble writing (or learning) and recording their verses. Everyone had enough time to get prepared and it really showed in their performances. I think having different managers helped a lot too because their new managers were able to bring each artist out of his/her shell. Even though their managing methods were different, I still think that each rapper did really well and I was proud of everyone.

The music video went good as well, but, of course, there was a couple of mishaps. There was one rapper, in particular, who couldn’t stay on beat. That was painful to watch, but they made it through. Jermaine also wanted the kids to take Les Twins’ advice and try to come up with their own signature move. Sadly, everyone didn’t do that and it ended up going against them in the end, which sucked.

But, overal, all of the kids did well at the video shoot (minus the one that was off beat) and all the drama that was present last week didn’t make an appearance tonight.

Personally, I didn’t agree with this week’s Hit List. Once again, I thought that Lil Key should’ve been number one. He really killed it tonight and I, wholeheartedly, thought that his video and verse was so much better than the person’s that was number one.

What do you guys think? Do you agree?

However, with all that being said, I am still proud of everyone and I hope the person that won this week will enjoy seeing themselves in We Are Toonz’s new music video. It was a huge accomplishment for them and I hope they enjoy it.

Let me know your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Rap Game in the comment section.

Until next week!

The Rap Game airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Amira 😉

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