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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (S2 Ep.5 Review)

Tonight’s episode of The Rap Game was about appeal.

At the beginning of the episode, Jermaine had the kids participate in a focus group that was made up of about a dozen youth. Not only did he set up the event for his benefit, but he also wanted the young rappers (and their managers) to see how their look, music (or lyrics) and videos resonate with their peers.

I thought that participating in this focus group was really good for them. A couple of the young rappers found out some new things about themselves and their music. For example, one rapper learned that his peers can’t relate to his lyrics and another rapper found out that the kids didn’t care for their delivery. I wasn’t surprised by the first example that I gave because I kind of felt the same way, but I still think that it’s crazy how the smallest things can change people’s opinions of you and your music.

I really liked watching this scene and I just hope that the kids (and their managers) payed attention and took some notes.

For the second challenge, Jermaine tested the managers and their artists by switching up the pairings. This is something that he did in season 1. This was the most interesting challenge thus far because it brought on so much drama.

The managers were supposed to help their new artists prepare for a press conference. It was up to the managers to choose the artists clothes, help them with their delivery and they also had to make sure that they make their artist look as good as possible in front of the press. Majority of the managers and artists did good, but, for a couple pairings, the drama and shadiness was still present.

Once again, Jayla Marie and her manager/father, Jason, got under my skin. Jayla was paired up with Prince of New York’s manager/mother, Yovanka (or YoYo), and I knew right away that that was a recipe for disaster. She and Jason had already got into it a couple episodes back, so there’s some bad blood between the two. Here’s what happened: Jayla wasn’t feeling the outfit ideas that YoYo was giving her, so she went to her dad and complained to him. He, in turn, called Jayla’s mother (and his wife), Latoya, who’s also Jayla’s other manager. Latoya steps in and she and Jason both decide that they aren’t going to listen to YoYo and she (meaning, Latoya) is going to do what she wants with her child.

When this happened I was like “What in the world is he doing?!” Why would you call your wife? She’s not there, therefore, she has no say in what’s going on. Jermaine specifically assigned YoYo to Jayla and I thought that it was messed up of Jason to completely disregard her without trying to talk to her first. He could’ve, at least, came to YoYo with Jayla’s complaints, but, apparently, Jason really isn’t Jayla’s manager. Her mother is, so what she says goes, even if she’s not present.

I’m fed up with Jayla and her dad. However, I can see why Jermaine is keeping her around. She did pretty good with the focus group, so her peers love her, but I just don’t think that she (or her father) are on the same level as everyone else in the house. He doesn’t seem to know how to properly manage her and she’s still falling behind the rest of the artists. I don’t think she’s ready for this competition.

What do you guys think? Am I being to harsh or do you agree?

Anyway, besides having an argument outside of the building that the press conference was in, the event went pretty well for all the kids. Some did better than others, but, overall, it was a decent event.

One manager did taint it by trying to sabotage his new artist and I was, and still am, disgusted by that. I don’t agree with managers trying to come for the artists. Let the kids bicker with the kids and let the adults bicker with the adults. An adult should never come for a kid and a kid should never come for an adult. That’s uncalled for and I definitely thought that there should be some type of punishment for that.

Don’t you agree?

Thankfully, the plan backfired and the artist still came out on top, but I’m still not feeling that. I will forever look at that manager sideways because I just can’t believe that he had the audacity to do something like that and then later brag about it.

Who does that?!

The messed up thing is that he/she didn’t even feel bad for doing it. They tried to explain their “strategy” to the group and everything. I just had to shake my head on that one.

In conclusion, this episode was definitely one for the books. For me, the challenge was overshadowed by the drama. The focus group was good, but the press conference challenge was an after thought. The managers completely disregard Jermaine’s rules and just did what they wanted and, because of that, he dropped another bomb on the group: they will be doing next week’s challenge with the same mismatched managers and artists. Hopefully, this time they’ll play by the rules.

Let me know that you thought of this week’s drama filled episode of The Rap Game in the comment section. 

Until next week.

Amira 😉

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2 thoughts on “Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (S2 Ep.5 Review)

  1. I’ve enjoyed your reviews. I love the show and new Ms mulatto would be the winner from the first episode of season 1. In retrospect I think JD should’ve kept Tally and made Jayla Marie go home. I don’t think it’s good that she doesn’t write her own lyrics.

    I do however agree with her dad pulling her out of the challenge a few episodes ago. Even if he erred on the side of caution I respect him more than some of the parents this season and last season. The most disturbing parents were supa peach, lil poopy, lil key and prince of New York. These parents all put a scary burden of their kids making it so that their child can become the family’s cash cow more than an artist. These kids worry more about their family’s feelings and the bills than they should. This burden is distracting and won’t produce a winner. Honestly it’s better for those kids to blow up as adults with a manager that’s not family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoy my reviews.

      I do agree that maybe he should’ve let Jayla Marie go from the start, but she has the most social media followers of all the artists and her peers love her. So, if he can get her (and her management) right, she can be really beneficial for him and his record company.

      However, I do think that it would’ve been better for her if she would’ve performed something during that challenge a few episodes ago because, by her not doing anything, it made her look like she didn’t care. That was the second time she couldn’t learn her lyrics in time and that’s not good. In a competition like this she needs to always bring her A game, especially when she started out at a disadvantage. She needs to show and prove that she can keep up with the other kids.

      I think the kids on both seasons have had a crazy amount of pressure put on them, but I can understand why because my mom did it to me. Their parents have quit jobs, relocated and probably given up countless of other opportunities that were a sure thing because they wanted to make their kid’s dream come true and I think it’s important for them to know that. They need to know that this isn’t a joke, so they need to be 100% sure that this is what they want. It’s not meant to scare them or pressure them, it’s so they understand the severity of the situation.


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