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Team USA! (2016 Rio Olympics)

The Olympics is the only time when I’m genuinely excited to watch sports. Normally, I’m walking out of the room when anyone turns on any type of sporting event, but I haven’t done that at all this weekend.

I love watching USA teams participate in any type of sport in the Olympics! I’m constantly being caught yelling and screaming at my fellow Americans. It’s actually quite comical because I am not into sports at all, so watching me be so engrossed in these games has to be a shock to my friends and family.

As I said earlier, I’ve been watching the Olympics all weekend long and I am very proud of my American olympians. So far, they are doing very well. They’ve been putting their all into their matches and it shows. USA is now leading in metal standings with a total of 12 metals, which makes me very proud, but we all know that that USA participants don’t win every event that they participate in, which is fine.

I’m just happy when I see them try. For example, the Williams’ sisters’ match against the duo from Czech Republic. They lost, but they gave it all they got. They were fatigued and Venus is currently recovering from a virus, so they couldn’t put as much effort as they should’ve, so they lost and that’s okay. I’m still proud of them for putting up a fight.

I can say the same about the men’s volleyball team. They lost to Canada, but it wasn’t a complete annihilation. They put up a great fight, but, in the end, it wasn’t enough to take home the win.

I was, however, extremely shocked by what happened last night with the female gymnasts. So, as you guys have probably already heard, Gabby Douglas didn’t qualify for the all-around final. I didn’t understand how Aly Raisman’s beam routine beat out Gabby’s when Gabby’s routine was near perfect and Aly lost her balance and came very close to falling off the beam. How did she score higher than Gabby? The judges must’ve seen something that I didn’t because I still don’t get it, but that’s over and I’m moving on.

I’m still proud of them all though. As a whole, they are the highest scoring gymnastics team, so that’s good and I will continue to cheer them on during their upcoming events.

No matter what team and/or individual, I’m just glad when they win and bring the metals back home to the USA! #TeamUSA

Also, how exciting was it to see Michael Phelps assist in bringing home the gold in the 400 freestyle relay?! I was on the edge of my seat watching that event. It was so inspiring!

Amira 😉


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