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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (S2 Ep.3 Review)

This week’s episode of The Rap Game was all about image and it was pretty interesting to watch. Along with all the knowledge that Jermaine (and the celebrity stylist that he invited) was dropping on these kids, we also got to see a little bit more drama unfold between, not only the parents, but also between a manager and a rapper. It wasn’t anything over the top, but it was still shocking to watch it all unfold.

Jermaine brought back celebrity stylist, April Roomet, to help the young rappers and their managers hone in on the right style and look.

I remember April from season one. She had a not so pleasant interaction with, both, Supa Peach and Mama Peach. She lucked out with this bunch, though, because she didn’t have to deal with too much attitude. She did, however, have to watch an overbearing manager at work and even though she looked like she was at a loss for words, she was probably still happy as hell because all that aggression wasn’t directed at her.

Anyway, this week’s episode had a couple challenges involved in it. For challenge #1 the rappers were told to use their own clothes to dress like they were going to a photoshoot to take a photo for their album cover. This was when they first met April. She used her phone to take photos of them so that she and Jermaine could use those photos to judge their style, attitude and poses.

Out of all the kids, I liked Lil Key the best (and, no, it’s not because I live outside of Baltimore). It’s because feel like he’s the only one who really knows what he’s doing and he just seems so much more seasoned than the other kids. He’s a great rapper and he takes the advice that’s given to him and uses it to better himself.

After critiquing the kids on the image that they presented in those photos, Jermaine told them what challenge #2 was. April would bring a rack of clothes to the house and the kids would have to pick out some clothes to wear. They would have to pick out some of their own clothes and some of the clothes that she brought.

The idea was to blend the two styles by staying true to who they are, but also being willing to add to their images to make them better. April was also assigned to check out the dynamic between rapper and manager. They weren’t aware of that, so she probably had some juicy tidbits to take back to Jermaine.

They wore the clothes that they chose in another photoshoot. But, the twist to the whole thing is that whomever was at the top of the Hit List would be featured on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

I thought that the second photoshoot was a lot better than the first. For one, the kids were better clothed and they were given the necessary tools to make themselves stand out. Earlier in this post, I told you guys that April (Jermaine, the photographer, the other managers and rappers) got to see an overbearing manager at work. Well, this is the point where all that comes to a head.

It was actually painful to watch and I felt bad for the kid because they couldn’t really say anything. That manager is still their parent, so I’m sure they didn’t want to do (or say) anything that would’ve gotten them in trouble later. Plus, your manager is supposed to know what’s best for you. They’re supposed to know you, your brand and your style just as well, if not better, than you do. Thankfully, the rapper were able to take back the reins and regain control of the photoshoot. It was extremely late, but, hey, better late than never, right?

Sadly, for the first time, I didn’t agree with the outcome of the Hit List. Even though Jermaine threw a slight curve ball this week with the Hit List, I thought that the last two names that Jermaine revealed should’ve been switched. Meaning, the person that got #1, should’ve gotten #2 and the last to be named #2, should’ve been #1. I didn’t agree with Jermaine’s reasoning on this one, but that’s just my opinion.

What did you guys think? Did you agree with the Hit List? If not, let me know what you would’ve changed.

Overall, I did like how this episode went. I thought that bringing Queen Latifah in to talk to the girls was a good idea and it definitely gave Jayla Marie a boost in confidence. Queen Latifah is also the producer of The Rap Game, so it was great to actually see her tonight because we didn’t see her at all last season.

There was a little drama with the parents. It wasn’t anything terrible. I don’t know if they made up or if we’ll revisit in a future episode, but after the initial argument, they didn’t bring it up again. I hope they let it die. It was stupid and they have more important things to worry about.

Let me know what you guys thought of this week’s episode of The Rap Game? Were you feeling any one in particular? If so, who and why?

The Rap Game airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Amira 😉


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