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Famously Single (S1 Finale Review)

The Famously Single finale began with the housemates separating for a girls’ and guys’ night out and, of course, each group got together and talked about their significant others.

Aubrey boasted about how great the sex that she and Pauly finally had was. She also made it a point to let the girls know that Pauly’s penis is pierced. I don’t think anyone cared, but she just had to try and steal the spotlight, but, fortunately, she didn’t hold it for too long because Jessica had more interesting news to share with the group. Apparently, she and Willis had been secretly meeting and making out for some time now.

I (along with the rest of the group) was surprised to hear this because they were never caught on camera and they were pretty secretive when it came to their make out sessions. In a way, I kind of like that because it shows that they weren’t doing whatever they were doing for attention. It made their relationship seem more authentic.

And, for those of you who are wondering, the guys were also talking about their relationships. It wasn’t anything different from what they females were saying. Pauly talked about Aubrey and Calum talked about Brandi.

There really wasn’t an official activity this week, but Dr. Darcy did allow the group to have a party in celebration of their completion of her program and you guys know that there was some drama. Majority of the drama was minuscule and passed within moments, but the drama that was between Brandi and Calum, once again, took the cake.

Calum says all the right things, but when it comes to backing up those words, he falls short and Brandi knows it, which is why she doesn’t get overly excited by his words. So, when she doesn’t give him the reaction that he wants, he feels as if she isn’t taking him seriously and gets pissed off. That’s what happened in the finale. He felt that she wasn’t taking him seriously or giving him credit for SAYING that she was his number one versus PROVING it, so he acted out by getting drunk and flirting with her her best friend.

As I said earlier, this relationship is toxic. To me, he hasn’t changed. He knows that he can get crazy when he drinks, but he still continues to do it anyway. He treats Brandi like crap and then tries to, either, flip it to make it seem like she was the one in the wrong or apologize and expect for her to simply let it go. That’s not right or fair to her and I’m glad that she realized that before it was too late.

Aubrey is still trying to force Pauly into a relationship. According to her, she told him that she wanted him to be her boyfriend, but he let her know that he wasn’t ready for that and, of course, Aubrey being Aubrey (a.k.a Speedy Gonzales) had a problem with that. Y’all already know how I feel about her and her need to move in hyper speed, so I’m not even going to reiterate my thoughts and feelings.

Willis and Jessica had a small disagreement, but it wasn’t terrible. They were able to fix it before things got out of hand. Somaya spent the night trying to hook Josh up with girls, so they stayed out of the drama.

After the party, the group had their last group session and Dr. Darcy went around the room and had everyone reveal something that they’d learned while being in the program. Some of the stuff that the cast talked about were very good lessons. I just hope that they actually use them in real life.

This is the point in the episode where the cast mates depart from the loft. Everyone leaves one by one (excluding Aubrey and Pauly, who left together) and on the way out they give hugs, kisses and promises that they’ll call or text. It was sweet, but apart of me wonders if they actually kept in contact with one another.

At the very end of the episode, we got to see what a couple of the cast mates were up to six months after the show ended. Brandi seemed ok, but, of course, she and Calum met up after the show ended and it didn’t go well. I wasn’t at all surprised and, truthfully, I didn’t understand why she even reached out. They ended things on such bad terms, but I guess she tried to be the bigger person and do the right thing and it bit her in the tush.

Pauly and Aubrey are still together. They made it seem like they were living in complete bliss, but that’s hard for me to believe. I mean, just from seeing how incompatible they were on the show and also from reading what’s being said about them (and their relationship) in the press, I can’t help but think that they were only together to help push the show.

Overall, the episode was a good ending to the season. I thought that the show was interesting and I wonder if they’ll have a second season with all new celebrities.

What did you guys think of this season of Famously Single? Did you like it and, if so, would you watch season two? Also, let me know what was your favorite part of this season?

Amira 😉


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