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Jojo Is Back!! (Song Review)


The official art work for Jojo’s new single, “F*ck Apologies.” I do not own the rights to this art work!

The moment that I’ve been waiting almost 10 years for has finally arrived and I’m so excited!!

If you haven’t figured out by the title of this post or by the photos, then let me announce this great news to you: One of my favorites artists of all time, Jojo, has just released the single to her new, upcoming album, Mad Love., which is set to release on October 14!

I cannot even begin to express to you how excited I am for this new single and new album. I, literally, grew up listening to Jojo’s music and I am a proud owner of both of her full length albums (Jojo and The High Road), her mixtapes (Cant Take That Away from Me and Agápē) and her EPs (#LoveJo, III (or Tringle) and #LoveJo2). She is a phenomenal singer and I am so ecstatic that she’s finally in a position to give her fans another full album. I can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us!

Now, I’m going to stop gushing over her greatness and get to the song review.

The name of Jojo’s new single is called “F*ck Apologies.” and it features rapper, Wiz Khalifa. The song, which is 3 minutes and 15 seconds long, centers around a relationship, where one half of said relationship is tired of apologizing just to keep the peace. She/he is saying that since I don’t feel like I did anything wrong, I’m not going to apologize.

A very clever and relatable song idea. I also thought that it was clever of Jojo (or whomever wrote the song) to point out that it has nothing to do with pride because when pride is involved in any situation, a person could be dead wrong (and know, wholeheartedly, that their wrong) and still not say anything. But, with this song, Jojo is saying that I feel 100% like I’m not in the wrong and I’m done taking the blame to help ease the tension in this relationship.

“I’m not perfect, I got pride/that’s not what it is this time/So, f*ck apologies/ I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it.”

As I said earlier, Jojo is a phenomenal singer and she did an amazing job with this song. The emotion and attitude are all there and it’s very catchy and very easy to jam to. She and Wiz Khalifa really fit and they came together and killed this song, so much so, that I’ve had it on repeat every since I downloaded it.

Earlier today, she also released the music video for “F*ck Apologies.” I liked that as well and I can’t wait to see and hear more from Mad Love.! 

Hats off to you, Jojo! We’re so glad that you’re finally back!

Have you guys heard or seen the music video for “F*ck Apologies.” yet? If so, what did you think of them? Let me know in the comment section. Also, how excited are you that Jojo is finally going to release her third full length album?

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: For those of you who are interested, Jojo is currently apart of Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 tour and you can click here to view their tour dates.


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