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Famously Single (Ep.7 Review)

This week’s episode of Famously Single was mainly based around Aubrey and Pauly D’s relationship with the other’s drama thrown in to add a little variety.

They started out getting their cards read by Jessica, which wasn’t very positive. According to Jessica and her cards, their relationship will contain some paranoia and jealousy in the future. She also mentioned that another woman will be the cause of that paranoia and jealousy. That’s not exactly something that you’d want to hear, but reading cards isn’t an exact science, so maybe what she predicted won’t actually happen.

They each also had therapy sessions with Dr. Darcy. Aubrey went first and she explained why she was so in a rush to commit and how she felt about Pauly not willing to commit. As a woman, I understood where she was coming from (that darn biological clock is ticking!), but I also felt that she should still slow down, for Pauly’s sake. He’s new to relationships, so he’s going to need some time to get to where she is and, let’s be real, guys don’t have to worry about a biological clock, so he doesn’t feel the same rush that she does, even though he’s a couple years her senior.

During Pauly’s session he explained why he wasn’t in a hurry to commit to Aubrey and, I have to say that, his answer made me respect him so much more. I think Aubrey would’ve been more than willing to play by his rules if he’d communicated with her and made it clear why he wanted to take things slow. Pauly has a problem with communicating and, when you’re in a relationship, communication is a necessity, so his lack of communication made their relationship so much more difficult.

Since it was made clear that Pauly wasn’t going to be honest with Aubrey and tell her how he was really feeling, Dr. Darcy had them both come in for a session together and they were able to lay everything out on the table. I was proud of Pauly for finally saying how he felt (even though Dr. Darcy had to drag it out of him) and I was proud of Aubrey for being willing to accommodate his needs. They went on a date at the end of the episode and it was cute. They seemed like they were finally on the same page in terms of how their relationship was progressing.

Now, let’s talk about all the crap that happened with the other house mates.

There wasn’t much drama with Brandi and Callum. Honesty, I think they had the least amount of drama out of every other couple this episode. They went on a date and talked about where they stood with one another. Brandi made it clear that she wanted someone who would put her first and she also made it clear that Callum wasn’t that person. Although he disagreed, he let it go and didn’t argue.

These two are the complete opposite of Aubrey and Pauly. They’re just having fun. They know that their relationship will end soon, so they’re enjoying each other’s company.

Now, this love triangle that Jessica, Somaya and Willis started is just plain comical. If you’re caught up on your episodes, than you know that Somaya and Jessica hooked up last week. Obviously, we didn’t get to see much, but, according to them, it got real. Dr. Darcy decided to blow up their spot in the middle of the group session (messy, messy, messy!) and, of course, Willis (or anyone else in the house) didn’t know what happened, so, when he found out, he was shocked and hurt.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about Willis and Jessica as a couple. They don’t seem like they’d fit romantically, but, then again, I’ve seen other couples who don’t look like they’d fit, but end up getting together and being together for quite some time. Opposites do attract you know?

However, Jessica doesn’t have any romantic feelings for Willis, so we’ll probably never know how they’d work as a couple. She’s afraid of hurting his feelings, so she hasn’t told him how she really feels, therefore, he still thinks that he has a chance with her. She confided in Somaya and Somaya also doesn’t think they’ll work romantically, but I can’t decide if she’s saying that because she has Jessica’s best interest at heart or because she’s trying to spare her own feelings.

Overall, this episode was good. Most of the couples are starting to iron out the issues that they were having early on in the season, so it’s becoming pretty obvious that the show is about to end. I’m even starting to warm up to Aubrey and Pauly as a couple. I’m still not a huge fan of Aubrey’s, but I think that she and Pauly could be really good for one another.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of Famously Single? Did you like it? Also, how do you feel about what’s going on with the couples? Do you think Jessica should give Willis a fair shot or do you think she should go with her gut and let him down easy? Let me know in the comment section.

The season one finale of Famously Single airs next Tuesday at 10 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉


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