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EJNYC (S1 Finale Review)

This episode pretty much revolved around EJ’s birthday. He decided to take the gang to the Hamptons for a celebration and, of course, there was some drama, but before they left, he had to take care of some business.

One of his contacts finally came through and he was able to schedule an interview for POPSUGAR. For his first assignment, he recorded an interview with a clothing designer and the agreement was that if POPSUGARS’s staff liked the work that he did, then they would possibly offer him a full time position at their publication. As I said in an earlier post, it was nice knowing that he (and Elisa) still have to work to land a job. Just because their father is Magic Johnson doesn’t mean that jobs just fall at their feet. Well, not all jobs.

We also got to see Elisa realize that she needs to spend some time alone. She ended up breaking up with her boy toy, Jarrod, and decided to take the trip to the Hamptons with her friends. She made a promise not to call, text, or contact any guys during her trip and I was proud of her, but, in the back of my head, I was wondering how long will this behavior last? She’s so used to being in a relationship and I don’t think that that behavior will change so easily.

And now for the drama.

The first batch involved Nick and Maya. Sanaz ended up coming on the trip, which kind of dampened the party mood for a bit. Most of the tension was between Nick, Maya and Sanaz, so when Maya asked Sanaz to talk I was little skeptical, but I was hoping for the best. Things got a little hairy and Elisa and Nick barged in to put a stop to it. That’s fine, but what I don’t understand is why Nick was so annoyed with Maya for trying to talk to Sanaz?

Maya was just trying to squash the beef that was present between them, so I actually thought that that was very mature of her, but he disagreed and he even ended up defending Sanaz. Not sure what to think about that, but, if I were Maya, that would’ve made me slightly suspicious. I just think that it’s kind of off if your boyfriend is checking you for trying to clean up some drama, especially when the drama started because  someone was doing wrong by him. It makes you think that maybe that person wasn’t the one in the wrong to begin with.

The second batch of drama involved Kyle, Alex, Drew and Sanaz. This is a continuance from previous episodes. They’re all suspicious of Kyle and they think that he befriended EJ for the opportunities that his friendship can provide. Kyle did ask EJ for a favor in this episode and even though EJ helped him out, he wasn’t feeling it. I’m not sure what to think about this because I don’t know what their friendship is really like, but if EJ is starting to wonder about Kyle, than maybe Alex, Drew and Sanaz are right.

What do you guys think? Do you think Kyle is only using EJ or do you think he’s really a true friend?

The whole point of this episode was to tie up lose ends and I think it pretty much accomplished that goal. Everyone seemed to end on a good note. They all got out their grievances and accomplished the goals that they set out to. Things even ended good for EJ and Elisa’s parents.

At the end of the episode, Cookie announced that she will be releasing a new book on September 20th that’ll talk about all that she went through while being with Magic Johnson (who finally made an appearance!). She talks about HIV, infidelity, adoption and her children’s upbringing. It just might be an interesting read, so I think I might check it out when it’s released.

Overall, this episode was okay. The drama was kind of stale, but, as I said earlier, it was all about tying up lose ends and making sure that everything was taken care of.

I really enjoyed season 1 of EJNYC. I thought that it was very entertaining and I loved EJ, Elisa and their friend’s personalities. They’re all so full of life and I loved watching them jet set all around the world. To me, this show is right up there with RickKids of Beverly Hills. It’s just one of those shows that you can’t help but get lost in because, whether you want to admit it or not, it gets you hooked!

There isn’t any word, yet, on whether there’ll be a season 2, but, when I find out, I will be sure to let you guys know, so, until then, how about you let me know what you thought of this season in the comment section. Also, do YOU think they’ll be a season 2?

Amira 😉


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