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Amber Rose Show (Ep.2 Review)

Tonight’s episode of the Amber Rose Show started off with Amber showing her audience and viewers some behind the scenes footage of her on the red carpet at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail the Queens showing. 

We got to see her ask celebrities like Faith Evans, Da Brat and Lil Kim random questions about their sex lives. A couple of the ladies were a little vague with their answers because of who they are and also because of who their sexual partners might’ve been, so it wasn’t too informative. She also addressed the slight controversy that she was involved in earlier this week.

For those of you who watched the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, you may remember Amber’s little karaoke tribute to Salt N Pepa. Well, apparently, that 10 second moment offended a lot of people and they felt the need to flood her Twitter account with their grievances. Personally, I wasn’t bothered by her “performance.” She was showing them love and that’s all that mattered to me. Her singing abilities (or lack thereof) was the last thing on my mind and if Salt N Pepa weren’t offended, I don’t understand why everyone else was. It’s just petty drama and I’m over it.

For her ‘Ask Muva’ session, she brought back Dr. Chris Donaghue, the sex therapist from last week, and her model friend, Tess Holliday. This ‘Ask Muva’ session was a little more informative than last week’s because some of the questions were deeper. For example, since Amber are Tess or both moms, they talked about how sex was during their pregnancies and how they felt about sex in the later parts of their pregnancies. I think those answers couple possibly help another pregnant woman because if she knows that The Amber Rose wasn’t too happy about sex during her pregnancy, than maybe she won’t feel so alone (that’s if she feels alone).

Another audience member asked when would be the best time to introduce her boyfriend to her children and another guy brought humor into the room by asking what would be a polite way to get his female partner to return oral sex? So, as you can see (or read), these questions still involved sex, in some way, but, I thought they weren’t as shallow. Real men/women might really be struggling with these things. What do you think? Am I right or wrong?

Besides Tess, Tip “T.I.” Harris (or just T.I.), also guest starred on tonight’s episode. They talked about his new single, Dope, his upcoming album and, of course, Amber tried to get some insight on his sex life. Now, T.I. was being VERY vague with his answers. She asked him a couple questions and he would beat around the bush and try to avoid answering, but she did find out what was the craziest place that he’d ever had sex at. At first, I didn’t understand what his answer was, because of his accent, but when she repeated it, I was a little intrigued. The first question that popped into my head was, “How did he make that happen without being interrupted?”

Amber ended the episode with a ‘Clap Back of the Week,’ where she addressed the media’s content need to tear down females. She used Jennifer Aniston as her example and I felt what she was talking about, but I heard the same spiel from Wendy Williams a couple days ago, so it wasn’t new to me.

Overall, the episode was good. It had its funny moments and Amber’s jokes kind of contributed to that and, as I said earlier, it was nice to have the questions and conversation go beyond the surface.

I’ll be tuning in next week, will you? Let me know in the comment section.

Amber Rose Show airs on Fridays at 11 p.m. on VH1.

Amira 😉


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