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Famously Single (Ep.5 Review)

This episode of Famously Single was very interesting because it really showed how different men and women are when it comes to dating and relationships.

To start out, the cast had a group session with Dr. Darcy and her team where they discussed looks vs. personality. They asked each member what was more important: looks or personality? I was kind of surprised because the answers were all the same depending on the casts’ gender: all the males said that looks are what catches their eye, but it’s the girls’ personality that makes them stay; and the ladies said that personality is what gets and keeps them in relationships. They mentioned that looks aren’t that important because you can have a great looking guy and he can be lacking in other very important ways.

For example, Somaya said that she dated an attractive man (a model), but he had zero substance; and Brandi said that she dated an attractive man and he was arrogant and cocky. I could relate to the women during this session because I felt the same way and, from my experience, it’s the attractive men that give you the most trouble because of their crapy personalities.

Another interesting part was their activity. The cast mates’ had to attend a dating mixer with blind dates, while being blind folded. The whole point of this activity was to see if the cast was being truthful when they said that a person’s personality is the deciding factor of their relationships. So, because they couldn’t rely on looks to help them determine who they were interested in, they had no choice but to let their conversation and their dates’ personalities decide for them. The results of this activity was also split down the middle: the girls felt one way and the boys felt another.

I was extremely curious why this activity turned out this way. I was hoping that we would get some type of explanation from Dr. Darcy and her team, but we didn’t, so, for those of you who did watch the episode or are going to watch the episode, can you explain to my why this activity turned out the way it did because I’m very curious?

The relationships in the house are still going, which I still don’t think is a good idea. One of the couples actually went on a date at the beginning of the episode. I have to admit that the date wasn’t too bad, but by the end of the episode that same couple had drama because of a promise that was made during that date. The two people in the other couple are both starting to check out of the program. One of them (and I’m sure you can probably guess who) barely participated in the activity, which annoyed the ever loving crap out of me!

I don’t get why they’re even there when they’re not going to participate in the program or allow the other to participate. It’s stupid. You might as well both go home because you’re not really learning anything if you don’t give it your all. You’re wasting your time, the rest of the casts’ time and Dr. Darcy and her team’s time.

Overall, this has to be the episode that I enjoyed the most. As I said earlier, I found the answers and results of the activity and group session very interesting. I also liked that we finally got a chance to hear from Willis at his therapy session with Dr. Darcy and we also got to see Josh open up once again. He’s still a little picky when it comes to his women, so it was great to see him let loose and have a good time.

Tell me what you guys thought of episode 5 of Famously Single in the comment section.

Famously Single airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉


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