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Amber Rose Show (Review)


French Montana and Amber Rose. Photo Credit: Amber Rose’s Twitter.

Earlier this week, I saw on VH1 that Amber Rose’s new show, Amber Rose Show, was coming on at the end of the week, but I forgot to set a reminder, so I missed the premiere episode. I did, however, catch the encore episode, so let’s talk about it.

Amber Rose Show is a 30 minute talk show. Amber (or Muva, as her fans like to call her) is, of course, the host and her show is shot in front of a live audience. She talks about pop culture, celebrity gossip and one of her favorite tops: sex.

This is just the first episode, but it seems like sex is the focal point of her show. In her segment “Ask Muva,” she allowed her audience members, Twitter followers and random people on the street to ask her for advice on sex and she didn’t cut any cards with her responses.

For example, one of her audience members asked should she continue to date a guy who didn’t have the girth and length that she usually prefers her partners to have? Amber told her no. She pretty much said that if you like a man with a big d**k, than you should date a man with a big d**k. You like what you like and you should stick to it, especially if it’s something that’s bothering you. I respected her response and I know the woman who asked the question did too. There’s just something about having that one friend who will freely and openly talk about sex. As we all know, the topic of sex is not usually talked about in public. In fact, most people actually cringe away from talking about sex in a public setting, so it was kind of refreshing to have Amber answer questions without an ounce of shame.

However, it was kind of awkward because the sex relationship therapist that she brought on the show was pretty much irrelevant. Amber completely shut down his responses. Plus, he looked out of place.

In addition to the sex relationship therapist, French Montana also stopped by the show and, of course, Amber asked him about his sex life. They talked about threesomes, his number one turn off in women and he also promoted his new album. French and Amber are friends, so they were pretty open with their conversation. She event took to the streets to find the perfect girl for him. She called that segment “Muva Match.”

Overall, I thought the show was okay. I am, however, curious to see if it’ll get a second season.

It’s only 30 minutes, so it went by pretty quick, but it worked. I really liked how open and honest Amber was. She was also very hands on with her audience and she was constantly trying to provide humor with an endless supply jokes (some were funny, some weren’t), which was cool and also, apparently, Dr. Phil is the one who’s responsible for getting Amber this show. I was shocked to find that out.

Anyway, have you watched Amber Rose Show? If so, what did you think of it? If not, do you plan on watching it? Why or why not? Also, do you guys think they’ll be a second season to Amber’s show? Let me know.

Amber Rose Show airs on Fridays at 11 p.m. on VH1.

Amira 😉


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