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EJNYC (Ep.4 Review)

I haven’t been able to do weekly reviews on this show for the past couple weeks, but, starting tonight, I’m going to start with the reviews.

I won’t be reviewing episodes 2 and 3 because they passed and I’m assuming that you guys are already caught up on those, so I’m going to start with tonight’s episode, which was pretty good.

This episode started with Elisa taking her friends to a cooking class, where they learned a new recipe and talked about her constant need to be in a relationship. If you’ve been keeping up with the show, than you know that Elisa recently broke up with her boyfriend. After her break up, she talked to her pastor who got her to admit that she doesn’t like being alone. They dug a little deeper and figured out that Elisa credits her fear of being alone to her being adopted.

I can see that, but I would also think that she’d be in a good space with her adoption because she has a great relationship with her birth mother, Dawn. Cookie and Magic Johnson allowed her to meet her when she was 18 and, since then, she’s been keeping in touch with Dawn and her birth family. Dawn made an appearance a couple episodes ago and, from the outside, it looked like she and Elisa have a really good relationship and Cookie and her dad seem like they are okay with them communicating, so I would think that that would help ease her feelings of abandonment.

Anyway, Elisa knows that she probably should take some time for herself, but, of course, she’s going to do the complete opposite of what she should do. We were introduced to her new ‘friend’ by the end of the episode. Elisa moves REALLY fast. She is like the complete opposite of me: I don’t know how to be in a relationship and she doesn’t know how to function if she’s not in one.

Speaking of relationships, we also got to see more of Elisa’s friend, Maya’s, relationship with her boyfriend Nick (aka Trassh). She is still dealing with everyone not really understanding what she sees in him. I’ll admit he is a little unorthodox, but she loves him so her friends and family can’t really say anything. And also, apparently, he treats her better than any of her previous boyfriends, so they better make peace with their relationship because they seem pretty serious.

However, that little incident that happened at the end of the episode kind of has me thinking otherwise. I was very surprised at the turn of events because I would’ve never seen it coming. But, I’m curious to see how things are going to work out between them two.

On a more serious note, EJ and Elisa visited their father’s hometown of East Lansing, Michigan. They got to visit his family and take a tour of his old stomping grounds. The people of that town really worship Magic Johnson. He has a gymnasium and a building named after him and he also had his own statue, which, according to EJ, looks nothing like him. It was good for them to see how fortunate they are to live the life that they live and it also made them realize how much more they need to work to create their own type of success.

While they were in Michigan, they also stopped by Flint to help hand out water and food to the people who needed it. If you’re unaware of what’s happening in Flint, the water has large concentrations of lead in it and, because of that, its citizens have been getting really sick. In this segment, EJ seemed to take it more seriously than Elisa did. She was just talking, laughing, taking selfies, and goofing off with the people, while he was actually working. That didn’t really bother me because it seemed like she was brining joy to the people that she was talking to, so, I guess, everyone had a role to play that day and hers was to socialize and lighten the mood.

Before the episode ended, there was a small segment that involved Drew and Sanaz. They took a tour of the city and talked about the little mishap that happened last week between her and Kyle at EJ’s party. It was nothing interesting, so I don’t have anything to say about it, except that I’m still not a big fan of hers. She just seems like she thinks she’s better than everyone else. She has this very bougie air about her and I can see why the other girls have a hard time getting along with her.

Overall, this was a good episode and I can’t wait until next week. What did you think of this week’s episode of EJNYC? 

EJNYC airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉


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