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Famously Single (Ep.4 Review)

This episode started with a couple therapy sessions.

The first session was with Brandi and they discussed the connection that she and Calum have. She (and everyone else) knows that getting with Calum would be like taking a step back for her, but, apparently, she already has feelings for him, so it’s a little too late. Instead of distancing herself from him from the beginning, she continued to hang out with him and that caused them both to develop feelings. I don’t know how she or Dr. Darcy is going to handle this situation.

The next session was Somaya’s. This is the first time that she’s met with Dr. Darcy, so this is the first time that we’ve been given any type of insight on her dating history. Somaya believes that love is love, no matter what, but she still tends to gravitate and connect more easily with women because of her past with her ex-boyfriend. According to Somaya, her ex-boyfriend physically abused her. So ,now, every man that she comes into contact with is lumped into the same category that she put him in and, because of that, she doesn’t trust men.

No woman or man deserves to be physically abused, so I definitely feel for her. Somaya is such a strong woman, so it’s hard for me to picture her being in a situation like that, but I think that situation helped mold her into the strong woman that she is today. She said that because of all the pain that she’s been through, she’s very protective of her happiness. I can see that. Case in point, that argument that she had with Brandi on the first episode.

I’m glad that she was able to get out of that bad relationship and change her life for the better. I just hope she’ll eventually find the person (male or female) that she wants to spend her life with.

About this week’s activity. It was one of my favorites. Dr. Darcy had the house mates pair up and coach one another during a blind date. They had full control of what their partner wore, how they did their hair/makeup and they were also given microphones and ear pieces so that they could coach them throughout the actual date.

This was was so funny to watch. From Jessica only owning clothes that are see through, to Aubrey’s weird obsession with Willis’ large package. I was cracking up and that was before they went on the actual blind date.

Some members in the house (like Josh) needed a coach because he is too uptight. He always feels like he has to do and say the right things while on a date and it doesn’t always have to be that way. Brandi was the perfect partner for him. She gave him the opportunity to loosen up and his blind date was pretty cool about it. She showed him that he doesn’t have to be perfect. Some girls like a guy who is a little out of pocket. It was nice to see him actually enjoy himself.

Pauly D’s date, however, kind of got under my skin. It annoyed me that Somaya purposely crashed his date for Aubrey. We all know that he and Aubrey are ‘dating,’ but, they are also on a show that’s supposed to teach them how to properly date, so they have to participate in the exercises. Pauly was willing to participate, but Aubrey went to Somaya and asked her to sabotage his date because she “didn’t want him to fall for someone else.”

This is why they shouldn’t allow the house mates to date amongst themselves. They’re now throwing the activities so, therefore, they aren’t learning anything about dating. It’s counterproductive. So if Aubrey and Pauly break up, then what? They’d have both blown a chance to learn a better way to date and they’ll, in turn, fall back into old habits. So annoying, but it’s probably all for drama.

Other than that, everyone else’s date went well and I enjoyed this episode.

How did you feel about last nights episode of Famously Single? Let me know.

Famously Single airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉


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