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Stripped by Piper Lawson (Book Review)

*I was given a reader’s copy of this book for an honest review.


Stripped: A Travesty Novel by Piper Lawson

Page: 266

Price: $2.99 (Kindle Edition); Free (with Kindle Unlimited Subscription)

Rating: 4/5

Review: I don’t have a special introduction for this book. All that I have to say is that I liked it.

Ava Cameron is new to New York. She and her best friend, Lex, had recently moved there in order to start their clothing line, Travesty. At this point, they are both full of excitement and promise and they know that The Big Apple is the place to be. So, in celebration of the new move, they end up going to a nightclub.

While at the club, Ava spots a guy from across the room. He was wearing a tailored suit, which is why she dons him with the name “Suit.” He disappears for a second, but ends up saving her from a disaster with another club goer and they end up striking up a very interesting conversation, where she learns his name (Nate). One thing leads to another and they eventually leave the club together. We don’t get any details about the remainder of their night, but we can all guess what happened between Ava and Nate.

Fast forward six and a half months and Ava is no longer the bright eyed, busy tailed newcomer. Now that she’s had some experience living in New York, she’s lost some of her enthusiasm for it. She and Lex have been through so much within that short period of time and she’s starting to realized that New York isn’t the fairytale land that she thought it was.

Earlier that morning she got an urgent call from Lex telling her that she needed to meet her at their lawyer’s office ASAP. So, she makes the trek across the city. After getting lost 3 times, breaking a nail and finding out that she an Lex are about to be homeless, she eventually makes it to the lawyers office, but that only makes her day worse. She finds out that Travesty has been served a complaint, but the messed up thing is that the person who is representing the designer who is suing her is Nathan J. Townsend. If you didn’t catch that, this is the same Nate that she met in a nightclub and hooked up with a couple of months ago. You know, the guy that she nicknamed Suit?

Can you say A-W-K-W-A-R-D?

Right from the jump I felt for both Nate and Ava. That had to be an uncomfortable situation. Knowing that the one person that you hooked up with (in Ava’s case) is also the person who is going to try to ruin your reputation and your business. And if you add on the fact that there is still some attraction there. Yea, yikes! That was one heck of a sticky situation, but I liked how it was handled.

Ava was my favorite character. She is one of those women that I’ve always envied. She’s smart, sassy and outspoken. She says whatever comes to mind and it was quite entertaining. Ava also didn’t like to show weakness, so I think her candidness was her way of protecting her true feelings. Her opening up about her emotions was made so much sweeter because of her usual bluntness. It was sweet to read and, from the descriptions, she also had a really great sense of fashion, which would make sense. I mean, she is the one that designs all the clothes for Travesty, so her fashion sense would have to be on point, right?

Nate was a great as well. I think I felt for him more than I did with Ava because he was in desperate need of a friend and, sadly, if it hadn’t been for Ava he would’ve never gotten one. His family is like royalty in New York, so they are always thinking about what they can do to make themselves look better in society, so his wellbeing came second to society and I felt bad for him. He was also dealing with his own tragedy and Ava truly saved him because it was clear that his mother and father weren’t going to do anything. Until Ava, he had never met anyone who genuinely cared for him, so when they finally got together, he held on for dear life.

There was a couple secondary characters too and they were great. I mentioned Lex earlier, but I didn’t mention Jordan, another member of the Travesty staff, and Dylan, Ava’s younger brother. They all brought something to the book, which was great. I loved the dynamic between Ava, Lex and Jordan. They were all take charge women who were all willing and able to run their own business.

If you didn’t know, Stripped is actually the second book in this series. Schooled was actually the first and it’s Lex and Dylan’s love story. You don’t have to read Schooled if you don’t want to. I haven’t read it and I was still able to keep up with this book. I have a feeling that Jordan’s story will be next, which I am excited about. I just hope that she doesn’t end up getting with any of Ava’s friends or siblings. I hate when authors do that in a series. I prefer it when they go outside of friend and family circles to find love. Bring in a character that’s new to everyone.

Anyway, this book was pretty good. I did find myself skimming toward the end though. It just seemed like the ending was drawn out for far longer than it needed to be, but other than that it was good and I recommend it.

Have you read Stripped or Schooled? If so, what did you think of them. Let me know in the comment section.

Amira 😉


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