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Famously Single (Ep.3 Review)

Last night’s episode of Famously Single was pretty good because it focused on the connections that formed inside the house.

For the past episode or so its become very obvious that a couple of the housemates are starting to form romantic connections and, while it isn’t all that surprising, it is interesting to watch them try to be in a relationship while, simultaneously, being coached by Dr. Darcy and her crew.

One of the couples is Brandi and Calum and, while I like them both individually, I don’t think being in a relationship is a wise choice for either of them. It would be best for them (especially Calum) to use this time to learn from Dr. Darcy.

Calum had a therapy session during this episode and it was very hard for him. He’s clearly still dealing with a lot of stuff from his past and that was made very clear at the house party that the cast hosted. He needs to work on himself before he can even think about being with someone else. Brandi isn’t a saint because she has on own issues with connecting.

She tends to have “relationships” with guys that aren’t available because she’s afraid of being hurt again. So, if she was going to continue to do what she normally does, she would happily date Calum because, after the show ends, he’s going to back to London. They, in turn, wouldn’t be able to build anything permanent, but since she’s trying to change her ways, she’s trying to keep her distance.

The second couple is Aubrey and Pauly D. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because I’ve been reading about their relationship for the past couple months on a couple celebrity news sites.

I’m very iffy about this relationship because I don’t know if it’s authentic. It went from Aubrey not being interested in him to her flirting with him and now she’s falling for him. This girl moves REALLY fast and I’m not sure if she’s for real. Pauly has a really laid back personality, so he’s probably going to have a hard time keeping up with Aubrey and this whirlwind romance of theirs.

To me, it seems like Aubrey is a serial dater. She the complete opposite of Brandi in the way that she has no problem connecting with men. Pauly, on the other hand, is 35 years old and has never made love. He has no problem with sleeping with women, but connecting with them is a problem.

Another thing that kind of struck me about their relationship was right after he admitted that he’s never made love, Aubrey immediately latched onto that. She made it her personal mission to be the first woman that he makes love to. It was weird. I think she sees him as an easy target. She said that she doesn’t have to work hard to get what she wants from guys and I think she likes it that way, so she’s not trying to change.

She doesn’t want to put the work in to better herself (knowing Aubrey, she probably doesn’t think she needs any work), so she’s taking the easy way out, which is getting with Pauly D. She isn’t doing anything different, so I don’t understand why she’s on this show.

Anyway, I thought the episode was good, but I want to know what you thought. Did you think the episode was good?

Famously Single airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on E!.

Amira 😉


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