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Wild For You by Jennifer St George (Book Review)

*I was sent an advanced reader’s copy of this book for an honest review.


Wild for You by Jennifer St George

Page: 193

Price: $3.18 (Kindle Edition)

Rating: 4/5

Review: The first thing that drew my attention to this book was the description. I like the whole ‘opposites attract’ thing, especially when there is a strong and sexy military (or ex-military, in this case) man involved.

The story started out with celebrity fashion designer, Madison Mills, unknowingly being dumped by her ex boyfriend, Jack, on camera. He used their breakup as a way to boost the ratings on his new reality show. She was so distraught by what happened that she demanded that her assistant, Holly, book her a trip far, far away from New York City, which explains how Madison ended up in Tasmania, Australia hiking alongside her leading man and tour guide, Daniel Black.

I liked Daniel’s character. Although he was broody, demanding and standoffish, he was still interesting to read about. He had a couple of things that he was struggling to deal with and I think that’s what made him and ‘Maddie’ so perfect for one another. She seemed to get things that other people didn’t (or couldn’t).

When they first met, Madison was also struggling with a couple of things and not just with the breakup. She was stuck in a creative rut that she couldn’t seem to find her way out of, so she desperately needed a change of scenery. So, taking some time off was the best thing for her. While spending time with Daniel she was able to put herself back together and help him start the process of doing the same.

The author discussed some very heavy issues throughout this book. There was talk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), death and loss, so at times this book was a little emotionally heavy. It wasn’t heavy enough to draw tears, it just made me feel for the characters, especially Daniel. I was glad that he met Maddie because she was the only person who was truly able to help him.

Although I liked the characters individually, I thought the romance was rushed. The hiking trip was only six days long and by the end of the trip the characters were in love. That was a little too fast for me. I’m the reader that prefers a slow and steady build up to love, so I don’t really care for instantaneous love that was present in this novel. I know you can argue that this love wasn’t exactly “instantaneous,” but it happened in less than a week and that’s pretty instant to me.

I also had a problem with the transitions. There was no break or indication that we were going to change PoVs, time or locations, so when it did randomly happen I had to reread the paragraph to clear up my confusion. I’m sure this problem was taken care of in the final edits, but I just wanted to mention it, just in case.

Overall, this book was good and I recommend it. Just keep in mind that majority of the book happens over a couple of days, so if you’re not into quick love than this book may not be for you. I must say that the epilogue was adorable. It tied the story up with a nice little bow and I enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the descriptions of the scenery. I’ve never been to Australia, but the details that the author provided were beautiful.

Wild for You is now available for purchase, so just click the link above and it’ll take you right to Amazon. If you do purchase this novel, come back and let me know what you thought about it. I love hearing from you guys, so feel free to comment.

Amira 😉


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