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ABC’s The Catch (Ep.4 Review)

Tonight’s episode of The Catch has changed the whole layout of the show and I’m so excited for this new turn of events because I was starting to tire of the whole ‘Cat and Mouse’ thing.

The episode started off with Alice and her team taking on a new client. They were hired to help a military contractor find a missing employee. This employee was responsible for creating a very sophisticated technology that can help save lives, but, if left in the wrong hands, it can also endanger lives. This case was ok. It had a couple twists, but, to be completely honest, they weren’t too shocking.

Christopher (or Michael) is still working with the Princess. He and Margot are in desperate need of money, so they came up with an idea that would help them acquire the money quicker. They’re overdue with payments to their investor and they know that it’s only a matter of time before he/she sends a collector, so they were trying to beat him to the punch. Sadly, they weren’t fast enough.

This is so random, but I didn’t speak a lot about the Princess in my previous posts. I like her character though because she brought out a different, more softer side to Christopher. She made him realize that there’s more to life than money and power and I loved her for that. I also liked that instead of trying to get between Christopher and his mystery woman (Alice), she was tried to get them back together. It was refreshing to watch.

Speaking of Alice and Christopher, they came face to face in this episode. The whole scene was not as intense as I thought it would be and I think it’s because they still have feelings for one another. The love that they have for one another outweighs the hate that was once there. It was cute, but still a bit of a bummer.

If you’re caught up with the episodes then you know that Alice started working with Special Agent Dao last week. They seemed to be working out pretty well, in the beginning, but, as I said in my last post, she was kind of hesitant in telling him stuff because of her feelings for Christopher.

I’m kind of confused as to how she can still crave this man after what he did to her. She doesn’t seem mad at all anymore. I don’t think I would have forgiven a man that stole my life savings and lied to me so easily. That’s not something that you can easily move on from, but, I guess, love makes you do crazy things.

Overall, this episode was pretty good, but the ending was the best part. It was surprising, but very touching. I’m not going to tell you why, but I will say that that ending will certainly shake things up.

But, as I sit here and rehash it, I’m not really surprised that Shonda came up with some type of plot twist. She’s constantly doing it in her other shows, so why not do it in this one?

What did you think of this episode of The Catch? Did you see that ending coming? Let me know in the comment section. Also, please follow this blog and/or like this post.

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: There’s also some romance brewing between a couple members of Alice’s team. I kind of saw it coming from the jump, but I’m all about romance, so I can’t wait to watch it unfold. Can you guess who the two people are? Leave your guesses in the comment section.


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