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Like A Boss (Ep.3 Review)

During tonight’s episode of Like A Boss we got to see a couple of the assistants bend under some heavy pressure. It might sound bad, but it was interesting to see them struggle a little. I think it’s nice to see how much they’re actually responsible for and it just confirmed that I couldn’t be an assistant. You are, literally, at someone beck and call. No matter the time, day or difficulty. Whatever they desire, it is up to you to make it happen and that’s not something that I can see myself doing.

But, enough about me. Lets get to the review.

Drekia Glenn: She got to travel during this episode and, since Bu was working with singer/songwriter and model, Pia Mia, she got the opportunity to attend a songwriting workshop. That just means that Bu gathered numerous songwriters and producers to get together and write and produce loads of songs for Pia in hopes of one of them being a hit record. During the beginning of the episode, she did amazing. She was working hand and hand with Sammye. They even seemed like they were bonding, but, toward the end of the episode, she got upset because she didn’t think that Bu was using her to the best of her abilities. That I didn’t get or agree with.

You are there as his assistant, so why are you mad that he didn’t ask you for your opinion in a recording session? I get that Drekia worked with an underground rapper for a while, but that’s not what Bu hired her for. He hired her so that she can specifically assist him and Sammye, so that’s what she was doing. I thought that it was very unprofessional that she got mad and made him and his team look bad. I just didn’t get her position in this and I also recognize that that could have been scripted, so maybe she was told to act that way. I hope it was scripted.

Amber Grimes: We saw her struggle a little during this episode. She had a couple of mishaps, but she came out on top. I still think that she is still getting used to working with Nick and, to me, he seems really needy. He needs her to do EVERYTHING!  And, I think, the thing that she struggled with the most was that he never told her what he wanted or needed. He just expected her to know. I don’t know if that’s also scripted, but apart of me hopes that it is because having the ability to read someones mind is impossible (unless you’re Edward Cullen), especially if you’re still getting to know that person, so expecting someone to know what you want without you telling them is unrealistic and crazy.

Devin Simpson: Devin also had some struggles this episode, but it had nothing to do with mind reading. Blair got tired of waiting for Devin to step up and take a test that would put him a step closer to getting his real estate license, so he signed him up to take the test himself. Devin had a week to study for the test and pass it, so he definitely felt the pressure because Blair was expecting for him to pass. He only had a short amount of time to prepare, so I was proud of him for getting it done. I’m glad he passed and I hope he’ll stop wasting time and take the next step so that he can give Blair a run for his money in the real estate business.

Rian Parish: She didn’t appear in this episode, but she will return next week.

Overall, this episode was okay. We got to see some of the assistants sweat a little, which, as I said earlier, was slightly interesting and we learned that some assistants are capable of the impossible. Maybe one day, when I’m rich and famous (*fingers crossed*), I’ll have a mind reading assistant who will know what I need/ want before I know that I need/ want it. That would be awesome!

Also, I’m open to my assistant having other supernatural talents, like teleporting, flying, invisibility, etc. I’m not picky. (Lol.)

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Let me know.

Like A Boss airs on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Oxygen.

Amira 😉


2 thoughts on “Like A Boss (Ep.3 Review)

  1. I could be wrong but I don’t think Drekia’s behaviors are scripted. She’s not the only person in the world to ever think that her opinion and position was more important than it actually is and that she deserves to be on top before she’s put I the work. Hopefully she’ll learn to be humble and know that you have to work your way from the bottom and just because she worked with underground artist in the past doesn’t mean that she’s got the game figured out.

    I like Amber but I think Amber should’ve taken the initiative to ask Nick what he needed. That’s what makes a great assistant; that’s what makes any good employee actually. The ones who anticipate their bosses needs and is proactive rather than sitting around waiting for their boss to tell them what to do. Yes Nick needed her to do everything but that’s the point of having an assistant in the first place. She or he assists you in completing all of the tasks that you don’t have enough time to do. Amber worked for Bu before,
    and who knows what Bu will require of his assistants as the show goes on, but as of now, he doesn’t seem to require much of his assistants. I think she thought working for Nick was going to be the same way and that’s why she was resting on her laurels a bit. She just needs to be more proactive.


    • I agree. I knew that it was a possibility that Drekia’s attitude was authentic, I was just hoping that it wasn’t. Amber just needs to learn Nick’s ways and what he expects of her. She does need to speak up a little more and, hopefully, now, she will. If she doesn’t than she is going to have more problems than she wants because Nick won’t hesitate to let her know that she’s messed up.


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