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ABC’s The Catch (Ep.3 Review)

The crazy game of cat and mouse continues on The Catch and it’s cute, but I wish something more would happen. But, even with that being said, some good things did happen during this episode.

The first new thing that happened was the introduction of Val’s husband, Gordan, and his sister, Susan. We’ve heard Val speaking about her husband before in the past, but this is the first time he’s had some screen time.

They came to Alice and Val because they needed their help. Susan has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and, after being diagnosed, she went to a pharmaceutical company because they said that they had some new drug that might improve her situation. She (and a couple of other people) signed up and got the treatment, but after they received it they all go really sick and ended up in the hospital. One even fell into a coma. They needed Alice and her team to figure out what really happened, so that they can see if they had a case to sue the company in court.

The case was interesting, but it wasn’t the main focus of the show. The main focus of the show was, of course, Alice’s continued pursue of Christopher (who now goes by Michael Throne). He’s still working to gain the Princess’s trust so that he and his team can rob her and, honestly, she’s making his job extremely easy.

Agent Jules Dao (Jacky Ido) has also been trying to get Alice to work with him for a while now and he has finally gotten what he wanted…kind of. We also find out that the reason why he’s so adamant on finding Christopher (or Michael) is because of personal reasons. I feel for him, but I also don’t know how far Alice will be willing to go to help him catch Christopher because of her feelings for him. She seems like she’s determined to handle it on her own, but, on the other hand, I wonder if she’ll do anything once she catches him.

The second new (and interesting) thing that happened was that Alice almost caught Christopher. With Sophie’s help, she was able to track him to a restaurant. She almost had him, but something happened and he got away. I’m not really surprised that they didn’t make contact because I think it’s too early for that. They are going to spend more time trying to outsmart one another before they have that final showdown and we’re only three episodes in, so we’ve got some time before that showdown happens.

But, just because it’s to early to come face to face, doesn’t mean they can’t speak on the phone. This might be a SPOILER, but I’m going to spill it anyway because I think it adds another dynamic to their little game. Christopher called Alice on the phone at the end of the episode and they spoke. Judging from next week’s episode sneak peek, their phone conversations are going to continue up until they meet in person, which we got to see may happen next week.

I’m so excited about that because it’s one thing to outsmart someone from afar, it’s a whole other ball game to do it face to face. I’m curious to see how they’re going to pull this off, especially with an audience. Also, we know that Christopher’s girlfriend/partner, Margot, is very territorial, so they’ll have to interact/flirt without her finding out.

Overall, the episode and the series, so far, is okay. I’m already starting to lose interest and that’s why I said, earlier in this post, that I needed something more to happen. I can’t just watch them solve/investigate crimes (Alice), con people out of millions (Christopher) and chase each other around town (Alice and Christopher). It’ll get old really fast, so I’m glad that there may be some juicy stuff waiting in next week’s episode.

What do you guys think of the show, so far? Is it something that has you enthralled or are you slowly losing interest? Let me know.

The Catch airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Amira 😉


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