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Like A Boss (Ep.2 Review)

Tonight’s episode of Like A Boss picked up where last week’s episode left off, so instead of writing the whole episode out, paragraph style, I’m going to do what I did for the last review. I’ll list the names and tell you what they went through during the episode and what I thought of their storyline.

Amber Grimes: During this episode, she was still getting a feel for working for Nick Cannon. I don’t think she’s ever worked for anyone like him (or at least anyone who has as many clothes as him). He had her fly to New York, suddenly, and, while there, she had to help him pack for his move to Atlanta and find him a home in the ATL. I like Amber. She seems cool, funny and she gets the work done. Nick had her running around NYC like a chicken with its head cut off, but she kept her cool and still continued to get all her work done. I know that she doesn’t want to be an assistant forever, but she is great at it.

Devin Simpson: He and Blair had a huge argument at the end of last week’s episode, but they’re on good terms again. Blair decided not to fire Devin, but he put down stricter rules. According to Blair, he is going to work Devin a lot harder and give him more responsibilities and after Devin gets his real estate license, Blair plans to work him even harder. I don’t think Devin will be able to take dates in the middle of his workday anymore, which is good. Hopefully, now he’ll be able to focus more and finally get his license. I’m cheering for him, so I hope he straightens out and starts getting things done. Also, that tanning scene was funny.

Rian Parish: She didn’t really have much of presence this episode. She through a party for her daughter (she turned 12), which she left in the middle of to attend Tigger’s event, where he got honored. We also discover that she and Drekia are friends. I think she and Drekia might end up starting some drama with Sammye, Bu’s executive assistant, in the future. They were already throwing shade, so it’s only a matter of time before things come to a head.

Drekia Glenn: She’s still the same Drekia that we saw last week. She just worked a lot this episode. Her a Sammye are still clashing because Drekia doesn’t like taking orders from her. I still think being an assistant isn’t the right job for Drekia. I’m sure most of the attitude that she’s showing on this show is probably scripted, so I’m not really buying all this attitude that she’s giving Sammye.

Speaking of Sammye, it is pretty interesting to find out that she and Amber are best friends. I’m sure the friendships that were revealed this episode are going to be the cause of some drama in later episodes.

Overall, the episode was okay. It definitely had its funny moments (particularly the Cheetos in the closet scene).

What did you think of Like A Boss? Let me know in the comments.

Like A Boss airs on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Oxygen.

Amira 😉


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