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ABC’s The Catch (Ep.2 Review)

Episode two of The Catch aired tonight and I’m still a fan.

The pilot ended with Alice staring at her wall, which is where the $12 million painting that Christopher jokingly stated he would give her for a wedding present hung. This is where we picked up.

Alice is still shocked that Christopher stole the painting to bait her, so she asks Sophie, one of her employees, to help her determine the authenticity of the painting and she also wanted her advice on how she should deal with the legal ramifications of possessing the stolen painting. They later find out that Alice is in the clear and that no one is after her. I was shocked at this, but I figured it out after she visited the museum and realized that nothing was amiss.

While all this is going on, Alice and her team take on another client. The client had just been on trial for his wife’s murder, but his case was acquitted because some valuable evidence had been thrown out of court. While the world is convinced of his innocence, Alice still believes he is guilty. She’s kind of going through a man hating phase. She suspects every man is guilty of any crime that they’re being charged for. She states this, but her partner, Val, believes that she only feels that way because of the drama that she’d just went through with Christopher. Of course, Alice denies that and to prove it, she agrees to take the case. This case had some twists and turns, but, they eventually solved it.

Something that I thought was cute was that Christopher still has feelings for Alice. I wasn’t too shocked by that because his actions pretty much proved that, but the thing that did shock me was the fact that she still has feelings for him too. I would’ve thought that she was done with him, but, I guess, it’s not that easy to rid yourself of certain emotions.

After the trick that Alice and her team pulled last episode, Christopher, Margot and Reggie are hurting for money. They have investors to pay back, but they have no money, so they are also starting a new job.

The thing that I like most about this show is the intellectual battles that they’ve had or are going to have. Christopher and Alice are both great at what they do, so, because of that, I’m interested in seeing them outsmart one another. She and her team already outsmarted him in the last episode and she also set up a trap at the end of this episode, so I’m just waiting to see how he’s going to counteract her moves.

I also can’t wait to see their teams go head to head. “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” and they’re all determined to live their dreams. The only problem is that they’re standing in the path of the other’s goal, so they’ve got to battle one another to reach the finish line. I can’t wait to see that battle because I know it’s going to be good.

What are you’re thoughts on this episode of The Catch?

The Catch airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Amira 😉


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