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MTV’s Suspect Brings the Drama (Ep.6 Review)

We finally got to see some drama on tonight’s episode of Suspect. I’ve been waiting the past few episodes to see someone blow up/cause drama/throw some shade and it has finally happened…kinda.

Case 1: This case brought Nev and iO to Los Angeles, where they met with a young woman named Shawntel. Shawntel had been worried about her best friend Jasmine. She hadn’t spoken to Jasmine in quite some time and she’d noticed that they’d started to drift apart. She also noticed that her ex-boyfreind, Andre, and Jasmine had been acting a little strange when she was around and that lead her to believe that they were sneaking around with one another.

I didn’t see the outcome of this case coming. It surprised me, but after it was explained, it made sense. I think Shawntel took the news well and she didn’t blow anything out of proportion, but I also think that if she needed any help with handling the news, iO would have been the perfect person to help her sort it out. I’m sure the dynamic of Shawntel and Jasmine’s friendship will changed, but I’m glad that they still have one because I know lots of girls would have freaked if they’d found themselves in Shawntel’s shoes. It was also kind of awkward because it’s a crazy position to be in because you don’t want to say the wrong thing, but you also want to make sure that both parties understand where they stand.

Case 2: This case was set in St. Louis, MO and it was different than all the ones we’ve seen because instead of there being a truth seeker, there was a secret keeper. Nev and iO meet with a woman named Brandiss and she instantly reveals that she has a terrible secret that she has been keeping from her best friend, Paweena.

This was the case that brought the drama and the shade. Although I (Nev, iO and the crew) was glad that a fight didn’t break out, it sure looked like they were about to go at it in that laundromat. It was intense and kind of funny, but I can understand why Kyla was so upset. I was shocked at the audacity of this woman. Brandiss took it upon herself to insert herself in her friends relationship and make decisions. I’ve heard of men and women not liking their friend’s significant others, but I’ve never heard of anyone going as far as she did. I can definitely understand why Paweena was as upset as she was. I would have needed time after that revelation. Even though her ex sounded like a terrible guy, Brandiss still shouldn’t have did what she did because it wasn’t her decision to make.

Overall, this episode was good. The second case brought more drama. I know that all of their guests couldn’t have all been excited to be surrounded by a random camera crew, so it was interesting to see someone call the truth seeker out.

The sneak peek of the season showed some people having fits, so I’m just waiting for those cases. The show is starting to become a little repetitive. There needs to be a change in routine.

What are your thoughts on the season, so far?

Suspect airs on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Amira 😉


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