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Like A Boss (Show Review)

A new show premiered on Oxygen tonight and it’s interesting in that “Oh, I could never do that” kind of way.

The show is called Like A Boss and it’s an hour long reality show that follows four individuals who are all assistants. The people that they assist are all very successful in their chosen fields, which, I think, is the main reason why they’re all so determined to keep their jobs.

On the first episode, we get to see how much these assistants actually do for their employers. So far, we’ve seen them wash cars, paint, write speeches and the one male assistant was even ordered to buy makeup for his employer. That would have been nothing for a woman to do, but for a man, who doesn’t wear make up or know anything about makeup, that had to be awkward, but he looked like he was used to doing things that he wasn’t comfortable with.

The episode shifted between each assistant. They all had their own drama, so they didn’t interact with one another, but, at the end of the episode, they showed a sneak peak of the season and the assistants do come into contact with one another and there will be drama, so that’s something to look forward to.

Now, I want to break up the cast and tell you what I thought about each one and their relationship with their employers.

Drekia Glenn– She started working for Abou “Bu” Thiam. Bu has a very substantial resume. He got his start by working A&R for his brother, Akon; he was the youngest Vice President of A&R to be appointed to Def Jam Recordings; and he’s worked with artists, like Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and Chris Brown. Those are just a couple of his accomplishments, so I can understand why Drekia would want to work for him. In order to be the best, you have to learn from the best, and he is definitely one of the best.

However, her attitude kind of threw me off. I don’t know if being an assistant would be something that she can deal with. She has too much pride and ego and, in my opinion, you can’t have those things when you’re an assistant because you have to do whatever your employer asks of you. She talks back and complains a lot, so I don’t know how Bu and his other assistant, Sammye, are going to deal with her attitude. She’s going to bring a ton of drama to this show.

Devin Simpson– Devin wants to be a real estate agent, so he is an assistant to Blair Myers, who he says is the #1 real estate agent in central Georgia. I can also see why Devin would want to work for Blair. However, I’m not sure how dedicated Devin actually is to reaching his goal. He seems to be more concerned with meeting women, than actually putting in the work needed to accomplish his goals. I don’t think he’s as determined as the other assistants.

Rian Parish– Rian wants to become a TV show host, so she is Big Tigger‘s assistant. I actually know who Big Tigger is. I’ve watched him host a number of shows on BET and I also remember him hosting a couple reunion shows on VH1. He definitely has accomplished quite a few things, so, once again, I can see why Rian chose to work for him. Their relationship seems more family like. They seem more like brother and sister versus employee and employer. She’s a mother of three, so I think she is one of the most focused out of all the assistants on this show. However, she did mess up during one part of the show, but Tigger didn’t seem to mind. He just laughed it off and told her how to fix it. She lucked up though because any other employer would have reprimanded her for not being prepared.

Amber Grimes– She wants to be a mogul in the entertainment industry, so she decided to go back to assisting so that she could start working for Nick Cannon. She used to work for Bu, but she left assisting so that she could start helping up and coming musicians break into the industry. Like the other employers on this show, Nick Cannon has a huge amount of success and I think Amber is the best assistant for him.

Unlike the other assistants on this show, she has her own connections and, judging by the first task that she was given, she’s very efficient, but I can already see where a lot of her drama will be coming from. She left her artist to work for Nick, so, I think, that she’s going to start neglecting said artist and that artist is going to start complaining. She’s going to be put in between Nick and her artist. Good luck with that.

Overall, the first episode was good. Honestly, I’m just interested in seeing what the assistants will be asked to do. I know that they’ll probably be asked to do some outlandish stuff, so I’m just waiting so that I can sit back and watch.

What did you think of Like A Boss? Let me know in the comments.

Like A Boss airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Oxygen.

Amira 😉


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