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MTV’s Suspect (Ep.5 Review)

Both of the cases in tonight’s episode of Suspect were really good, but they were good for different reasons.

Case 1: This case was a very heartwarming. At the beginning of the search, Nev; iO; Anthony, who was the truth seeker; and the viewer started believing one thing and, by the end of the episode, it turned out that we were all wrong in our assumption. Dustin, the person who was being investigated, had been missing for over a month and was very mysterious and secretive when he was around and because of one incident, Dustin had Anthony thinking that he had unknowingly done something that was illegal.

This case started off very sketchy. Dustin’s actions made it was very easy to believe that he was a criminal. There was, literally, no trace of him anywhere. iO and Nev were actually starting to think that this guy didn’t exist and it didn’t make things easier that Anthony didn’t know much about him. He didn’t even know Dustin’s last name, which I thought was weird, but I also think Anthony called the show for personal reasons. He just wanted to make sure that he didn’t do anything that he shouldn’t have.

What I liked about this case was how far off base we were. We were nowhere near the truth. The truth was shocking, but sad at the same time. I kind of felt bad for Dustin, but I’m glad that he ended up bettering his situation. It gave us the perfect ending and I like nice, perfect, tightly closed endings.

Case 2: This case was cute. It was based around Brendan and Jamar, a couple from Ohio. Brendan was the truth seeker and he was concerned about his boyfriend’s faithfulness. Jamar had been acting standoffish and secretive and it was starting to bother Brendan, so he called Nev and iO to help him figure out what was going on with his man.

I liked how sweet this case was. When Brendan found out the truth, he was pissed, which he had a right to be, but I sort of understood why Jamar did what he did. When we first met Brendan, he made it perfectly clear how he felt about a certain situation and when Jamar ended up being tied to that situation, it put him in a tough spot. He didn’t know how to come clean and still keep his relationship in tact.

After Jamar came clean and explained himself, all I kept saying was “Aww!” Jamar was just so adorable. You can tell that he loved Brendan and that he hated lying to him, but he felt that he didn’t have a choice. Their body language was so loving and I hope that they continue to make their relationship work.

Overall, this was a good episode and, once again, I can’t wait until next week’s. Why don’t you all tell me what you thought about this episode of Suspect. 

Suspect airs on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Amira 😉


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